What is a normal size for a toddler?

Curious I have a 18 months old boy. He weighs 21 pounds maybe 22 pounds. I have never put much thought into asking his doctor but everyone says he’s tiny. He eats very well and walks everywhere and keeps up with his five siblings just fine. Has anyone else just had a little baby?


My daughter is almost 3 and only 29lbs and dr says she’s perfect. I wouldn’t worry at all.

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My babies always been little.

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If the doctor isnt worried, dont worry. Some babies are just small. Some babies are big. As long as they are healthy other peoples comments dont matter.


My 20 month old is 25.2 lbs. she’s little, healthy and advanced

My little one is 2 and currently 23 pounds, and this little girl can eat as much as a grown man. Some babies just happen to be petite

He is fine hunny… it could be his activity plus metabolism… .my son at 7 weights about 40 lbs and eats me out of house and home

My kid was 28lbs until she hit three and all her doctors said she was fine.

mines 19 months and 22lb. its normal my oldest daughter was always heavier. kids are all different

My son is 3 and my daughter is 1.5. Shes 2 pounds lighter. Their dr said they both on a healthy weight.

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Mine is 2 and is just now hitting 26lbs. Sometimes kids are just small. If his doctor isnt worried than I wouldn’t worry about it

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No worries. My lil one will be 7 years old in August and weighs 38 pounds soaking wet. And only 40 inches tall… some kids are meant to be small…

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Thank you guys this made me feel so much better!

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My youngest tettered around 24 pounds for over a year and she fell off the growth chart. She’s completely healthy and happy. She’s 4.5 and just hit 33 pounds. Some kids are just little peanuts! :slightly_smiling_face:

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My son is 19 months and he just hit 22lbs he has always been low on the growth charts but he is following his own curve. He has a healthy appetite he is just short and little :blush:

I have a little baby as my third. Shes 8 months and just pushed 15 lbs. Her dr isn’t worried, it’s me asking for weight checks, but I hear ya. Each baby is different and has their own way, if everything seems okay developmentally, dont stress over ounces xox

My son is 18months old, he weights 23lbs the last few check ups. his doctor said hes normal weight

My daughter is also just over 18mo and 22 lbs. Its healthy

I have and 18 month old and is also 20 … 21 lbs

He sounds fine to me.

My sons pedi said my son still isnt on the charts. I had him at 33weeks and he weighed 3lbs 11ozs he is now 18months(16adjusted) and weighs 22lbs. His pedi has me doing toddler formula to keep him gaining weight quicker.

My daughter is the same , she is tiny her doctor isn’t concerned at all some kids are just smaller then others , my daughter has a small figure, she is almost 1 and walking amd doing everything earlier then most kids her Age, she’s 100 on her charts if ur doc didn’t say anything then he’s fine :slight_smile:

I have a 2 year old daughter, 3 in October and she weighs 25lbs. Shes just tiny.

Yes now she’s just fine!!

My son is 2 and weight 24lb

My son is 2 almost 3 and only weighs like 25 lbs my daughter who is 1 weighs 20 lbs the doctors aren’t worried cause they were little when they were born as am I as long as ur child eats they don’t really worry too much

My 3 year ols is 32 pounds. If his weight is right for hos height and doctors are not concerned your ok. :kissing_heart::kissing_heart: ask the pedi what percentile hes in.

My sister’s 2 year old is like 20 sum pounds lol she’s short and linky but chubby lol if that makes since lol she is always eating my daughter too all they do is eat and run around lol

I had a tiny daughter same weight at that age. I was worried everyone said she was too small. When I asked her doctor he said she is fine. Then he asked why do you want her to be heavier? Smaller babies, crawl and walk earlier. Then he asked me a question— Have you ever seen a healthy heavy set adult ??? He then stated he didn’t understand people thinking heavier babies were cute or healthier than thinnier babies !! I never worried again ! That was 41 yrs ago and she is fine.

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My almost 4 year old is only 25 lbs! She didn’t hit the 21-22 mark until she was almost 3

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I did my third one was smaller,I have two boys and a daughter. I was told that he would never amount to much and that he wouldnt grow…well he is now 6’4" serve as a Marine and joined the State Police and he is built wonderfully. Girls are all over him and he is awesome. So don’t listen to anyone follow your heart and if nothing else talk to your doctor…don’t listen to anyone who gives you bad info and makes you worry…he is happy and that is all that matters…enjoy your beautiful boy.

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Iv always Wondered y they put sizes on clothing and weight , (for infant clothing) bc my daughter is almost a year amd can were some 3-6(but now not 3-6) 6-9 ( of course oncies not buttoned and depending on brand some brands run a size bigger ) but also fits a 12-18m lol her body is small but tall and she is 100% healthy , but I ust to wonder if there was something different with my little girl bc she has always been little but her doctor says shes normal just a smaller figure child she is very smart she was almost walking by 9m amd fully walking at 11m lol her charts are fine as well , anyone else on here that commented with smaller baby’s/toddler that there child could fit smaller clothes then there age ??

My youngest didn’t reach 20 lbs until she turned 2. Shes still a little shorter than most of her friends, but not super small.

My son was by far the smallest in his class all the way up until grade 10. Then he shot up 8" in one year and continues to grow even now at 20. He is 6’2" now and taller than every man in our family.

Mine is the same age and size shes just tall and lanky

My son is 3 and he’s small. All my children are small because I am small too. A former pediatrician kept doing blood work on my 3 year old, hoping to find something wrong but never did.

You know what? I am SO TIRED of people telling me my daughter is too small. And asking how she eats. Bc honestly the answer is EVERYTHING. She eats full size chicken strips on her own. She eats table food and baby food and takes a soppy cup of formula after. Her doctor is so pleased with her weight gain(she WAS small early on even at 40 weeks). If you’re doctor hasn’t brought it up you shouldn’t be worried

My 3 nearly 4 year old still fits into size 2 and 1 in some clothes lol shes a tiny girl but shes tall everyone is different x

My 3 yo is 30 pounds and the height of a 5 year old :woman_shrugging:t2: every kid/baby is different

Our son weighed in at 25 pounds at 17 months. Everyone different. As long as they are healthy.

Your doctor tracks this.
As long as he eats And more importantly drinks
He will b fine ‘ he may end up being the toughest of all! Pediasure is a great supplement ! Chocolate and strawberry are the best :wink: vanilla too.
Twice a day will fill the gaps for nutrients , vitamin , and healthy weight.
Your Doctor will tell you if they see an issue. Sounds perfect to me.
Mom of 3
My first two were 9+ lb babies boy and girl
My last was 6.13 oz little girl she is 4 now 42 lbs
She was 20 -35 lbs till now!

Yup. Our midwives and pediatricians kept saying my daughter was too small for her age (birth through 9 months). We had breastfeeding issues right off the bat, but quickly got her what she needed. They just kept insisting she needed to gain weight. We stopped worrying about it. She was happy, healthy, meeting all her milestones, vibrant and active… so just continued what we were doing and at her 1 year check up she had jumped to 90th percentile in weight.

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My son is 19 months and is about 22 pounds. But, he’s what I call proportionate. He’s not tall and lanky like some kids or short and “chubby”. For his height he’s right on target with his weight. My daughter is 4 almost 5 years old and just barely hit 40 pounds and she’s almost 4 feet tall. She didn’t go forward facing until she was 2 because she hadn’t hit the minimum weight, I don’t remember what she weighed then. Kids grow at their own pace. As long as his doctor isn’t concerned and he’s growing properly then I wouldn’t worry about it.

My son is skinny af, he eats like a damn trucker but he just has a fast metabolism and doesnt get fat. :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

Both mine were small. And still to this day my 13 yr old is taller and bigger than my 14 yr old. Crazy. But it’s always been that way. At one point they were the same size (only 13 months apart) but they eventually grew lol the Dr even went as far as to testing her and it came back ok.

My son just turned 2 and weighs 23lbs my soon tp be 4 year old weighs 34 and my soon to be 6 year old weighs 42lbs… if they eat they a well balanced diet they are just fine…

:raising_hand_woman: my daughter is 19 months and is labeled “slow weight gain” she’s about 22 lbs and well stays at the same weight for a long time. Took her months one time to gain a pound. All kids are different she will grow

I do. My son is 10 months old and 17 pounds. I worry he’s too small but the doctor’s say he’s doing just fine. My other son was huge though so I guess I was just basing my worry off of how big he was at this age.

Yes. My first one was in the 20th percentile his entire life. Now he is a welder and competitive MMA fighter.

Everyone is going to have their own opinion, just run it across your pediatrician, I’m sure he’s a healthy child…

My son will be 2 in 3 months and he only weights 20 lbs lol hes just long and lean. He has a huge appetite too, he will eat anything and everything lol. Our doctor says hes perfectly healthy.

My six year old is just nearly 40 on a good day and still in a 4t . She’s been in the less than one percentile since she was a month old. Happy healthy and tiny! She’ll grow when she grows every kid is different

My 2 year old only weighs 25. His doctor isnt concerned. He eats when he wants. People always say something about him being skinny but he is healthy. People would say something if he was chunky. People always talk, as long as you have a healthy child don’t worry about other people. I have had to get that through my head because it use to bother me when someone would say my son is so skinny.

A baby should stay pretty close to the same percentile. You should be hearing about where he falls on the percentile range at his checkups. As long as he is, he’s fine. If he’s not, your doctor should be talking to you about it.

My son is 10 months and is 24+ pounds. Don’t worry about what people are saying as long as hes happy and healthy that’s all that matters

My 17 month old grddaughter weighs 20 pds she is perfectly healthy she eats fine and is very active

My girl is 14 months and 14-15 pound shes tiny but fierce :joy: my almost 3 year old is 24pound and my almost 5 year old is 33pound my kids arent very big, if they happy and healthy that’s all that matters

My son is over a year and 25lbs

He’s super tall like his dad though

My boy is 8 months old and weighs 22lbs. I would just monitor his weight and make sure you see consistent weight gain.

In all honesty… I’m from Europe and size and weight of a baby doesn’t ever matter as much as here in America. I feel like people think babies always need to be chubby or a certain size to be healthy but that’s bullshit. Everybody is different and has a different body shape and that shows when they’re very little already! You as mom should be able to tell if your child is healthy or not. Does your baby eat all right? Is he very active and does he do what a 18 month old is supposed to do? Then he’s fine!

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My nephews are peanuts! My 1 nephew is 18mos and 20lbs amd my 4 month out is 14lbs… Every child is different amd if there was an issue the doc would have brought it up.

I have a 1 yr old and a 2 yr old. They both weigh 24 pounds. Ones short and stocky the other is tall and skinny.

my daughter will be 3 on Sept and is 34lbs but that’s just her every kid is different my son will be 1 in Aug and he is 30lbs

I have a little one too lol, but as I was just as small as he is I’m not worried and neither is his Dr, he just turned 2 and weighs 24lbs and is 31.5in tall. I don’t expect him to be very big, but we’ll see since his dad is almost 6 ft.