What is a silent miscarriage?

:warning:Trigger Warning :warning:

I just found out today that i have had a silent miscarriage which means that i still have pregancy symptoms and have had no blood loss, the baby hasnt grew anymore and the heart beat is gone, my question is what is the best sort of method to go for, i was offered, a tablet that will bring it on quicker, wait for it to pass itself or surgery?


I just want to say im so very sorry

I had a silent miscarriage yrs ago… I let it happen on its own after I was told by the Dr… It was scary it hurt really bad and blood loss was awful… I knew in my heart i wanted to do it natural but honestly i wish i wouldn’t have…

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I had this happen a little over a year ago. I was offered the same as you. My doctor warned me that if I took the pill or just let things happen naturally, some of the things that would come out of me would look very familiar. That was a traumatic thought for me. I opted for surgery. It was quick and easy. I was only in pain for 24hours after surgery.

I had the same thing and did the tablet it helped it pass which helped my come to terms with it, mourn and move on in a way. But everyone is different.

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I’m so sorry that you are going through this, I have lost 4 so I understand. As far as the best way to proceed, that is a very personal decision. You need to just do what you feel most comfortable with.

I had surgery the first time happened to me and went for natural passing the second time … second time was awful and still ended up in hospital so surgery was better for me was in and out in a day a little uncomfortable for a few days x

Someone I know tried to do it at home and almost bleed to death from complications

I had a D&C when I was 19. My doctor had recommended it to be sure that everything was gone. She was concerned that only some would pass, while some would stay behind and cause infection. I was under anesthesia and it was all over quickly. So sorry you’re going through this!

I had one back in 2015. Baby stopped developing at 6w. We found out at 8w and by 12w my body had not miscarried on its own. I used the pill and it passed so I did not need a d&c. I know it’s heartbreaking mama, but it’ll be ok. I now have a healthy, happy 1.5 year old.

I had the surgery but it left ne with alot of scar tissue that caused it to take 9 years to get pregnant again. Not everyone has this issue but i just wantes to share my experience. You will choose what is right for you hun. It’s so hard i have been right there with you im so sorry

I had the same thing happen to me twice I let it happen naturally both times

I’ve had two missed miscarriages and went for a D&C both times. I really wanted to feel like it was ‘over’. I don’t regret my decision either time and would have another if I had to make that heartbreaking choice. Just know no matter you choose, it’s your CHOICE. And you did NOTHING to make it happen. :orange_heart:


You have a lot of options to weigh. Surgery can result in scar tissue which could lead to difficulties in the future. With the pill, it helps speed things along, but isn’t always effective. I had my miscarriage naturally. I didn’t even have the option to choose any other way. I was 12 weeks and 3 days. They monitored me to make sure they did not need to intervene medically. I was literally and figuratively a mess. I was physically not able to leave my house and bled for 2 weeks; if I left I had to have a change of clothing in the car. When I went to the doctor for a follow up they said that the fetus and sac had stopped developing around 5-6 weeks. It took my body that long to realize something was wrong. I fell ill the day before, and woke up the next morning to the bleeding. Talk with your doctor and weigh your options.

I went through the bleeding and wound up with surgery anyway…its extremely traumatic and devastating. Sorry for your loss

The same thing happened to me 7 years ago. The sac kept growing, but the baby only grew for one week and basically evaporated. No blood loss, pregnancy symptoms. My doctor performed a D&C. Because if I would have waited any longer, I would have died from hemorrhaging.

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I let it pass like a period. I had enough trouble getting pregnant I didn’t want surgery and run the risk of damage to my uterus.

I had one june17th 2017. I went for the tablet. It was extremely painful and I seen the baby when it came out. I was 7weeks. Sorry for loss.

I chose to have a d&c, rather tan just wait amd be scared and axious and in pain at home, waiting for my baby to pass.
A d&c is a fast procedure and the healing is very minor pain amd almost no down time.

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D&C with hysteroscopy sothey can see that they have gotten everything out.

I had to do the tablet whenever I have it was called a belated opium and what that is is to where you still have the sack but the baby turns back into tissue. I will tell you it is going to be painful if you have to take the tablet it will basically be stronger than regular cramps and then you will start to bleed it will feel like contractions and labor. Do what you think is best for your own self but I’m just giving you my opinion on what I did with the tablet good luck and I’m very sorry for your loss

I had surgery…I’ve had 3 children since… X

I’ve done the wait the tablet and the d&c id recommend the tablet. I waited and wound up having to go with the d&c after nearly bleeding to death. After 3 miscarriages I’d take the tablet and if that doesn’t work you’ll need a d&c. Sorry for your loss momma :broken_heart:

Prayers for God’s comfort to you and every woman that has experienced this horrific situation. :pensive::pray:

I had a silent miscarriage 3 years ago this month. I waited for a week and then opted for the tablet and a d&c the next morning. The labor was horrendous and I thought I “passed”(lack of a better word) the baby and all that morning so I opted out of the d&c. I hemorrhaged a week later. It was very traumatic and the next time I did get pregnant I was terrified the entire time.(he’s 2 now) if I ever go through this again and I pray I don’t but if I do I will opt for the surgery. Sometimes it doesn’t happen naturally, my body didn’t so I had to make a choice. Whatever you choose please make sure it’s what’s best for you physically and emotionally. I’m so very sorry you are going through this and you’re in my prayers. I would never wish this on anyone

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Please do not take the tablets, I lost a baby back in March at 11 weeks and 3 days, the baby stopped growing at 8 weeks and 5 days so I thought if my body didn’t catch on that the baby passed I would need assistance. It was the worst pain of my life, I passed the baby into the toilet and it was just 100x harder on me having done that. I then had uncontrollable bleeding (was filling a pad every 15 minutes) and was hospitalized because of the tablets. I wouldn’t wish that pain on my worst enemy

I chose to have it happen naturally

I had surgery in October which I recovered quickly from, the same thing happened to me which your going through. I then miscarriage 3 weeks ago and I’m still physically and mentally recovering from this. I would opt for surgery if I was you X💙

Wait get a second opinion

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Personally I would have surgery. I would hate to sit, wait and feel heartbreak. Better to be done with it so the process of healing can begin. Once again this is a very personal decision. But taking a pill…waiting… bleeding… that is not for me.

I had or thought I was having a miscarriage and opted to do it naturally. After 3 weeks and nothing happening, i went back to Dr. I was being positive because I could see and feel my uterus was being. Well I ended having to have a D&C because it was a molar pregnancy, which is rare.

That pill they offer is a horrible experience. The same thing happened when i went in in for my 13 wk checkup with what would have been my 3rd baby. They offered that pill as an alternative to surgery, i had never had a miscarriage before and thought id try it to avoid surgery and that excperience scared me for life, i was in 12 hours of actual labor and for last 4 hrs my contractions were so intense i could not move and i hemoraged twice. NO MEDS except motrin were given. Try to let it pass naturally or get the D&C . I very sorry for your loss.

I had a miscarriage as well. I think the choice is personal and you should pick the one that will be best for your mental, emotional, and physical health. I chose a D&C as the waiting was destroying me. I needed to reach a place where I could process the loss.
On a side note there is a Facebook group miscarriage sos that has been a great place for support. I highly recommend. All women who miscarried and get what you are going through.

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I personally would get the surgery. I would want to be monitored because miscarriages can mean a lot of bleeding. So sorry you’re having to go through this.

I waited twice. With my fibroids I was told that a D&C would cause scar tissue.

Mentally it’s very hard feeling pregnant and knowing that nothing good will come from it is depressing so I would get the D&C

Let it happen naturally. Your body knows what to do. :heart::heart::heart:sorry for your loss

I recently just went through the same thing almost, I opted to miscarry naturally so no pill or D&C. I went to my last appt on a Wednesday and started bleeding the next day and by Monday I was fully miscarrying. It was so painful but I’m grateful I was able to do it naturally… I was suppose to be 11 weeks but was only showing 6 weeks everyone is different and I’m pretty sure it depends on how far along you were. Get a second opinion if you feel like you need it and do whatever you feel what’s best for you!! Praying for you!!

I had a misscariage december 5th, I was 12 weeks.Went to my ob for a follow up and was told my ultrasound still showed i had remaining tissue,so she gave me pills to pass it but that did nothing.Had to do a d&c.If they gave me the option to do the D&C first before having to experience the pain and the nightmares i have till now…I would have done it.Im sorry for your loss.

I did the pills. Allows you to be in the comfort of your home and around loved ones so you can grieve. I feel your pain and am so sorry!

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I would do a D&C . I lost my baby on my own and when I tell you I passed clots for at least two months after that , IT WAS HORRIBLE!!! All it did was make me lose myself even more bc all I could think of was my baby every time I seen one of those clots. I lost myself so bad. Prayers to you🙏

I waited happen on it’s own

I had the D&C for mine almost 2 years ago. My baby had stopped growing at 9+1, I was 12+5 when I had the d&c done (the day after finding out baby had passed away). I had a natural miscarriage a few months after that, if I had the choice the second time I would have opted for the d&c again. It’s less painful and much quicker, I preferred just having it done and over with asap.

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I had a D&C with mine and got pregnant right off and have my son.

i was 13 weeks and told he baby stopped growing around 8 weeks. i got the D&C bcause i felt i couldnt handle doing it on my own with two toddlers at home. I dont really know how a natural feels like, but i hardly bleed and only slight pain so i was able to just grieve without the added hurt of it happening over time.

I had a missed miscarriage where the baby’s heart stopped beating at 8 weeks and I didn’t find out until my ultrasound at 12 weeks so I had the option of the tablet or surgery. My body still thought the baby was growing. I opted for the tablet. It was quick but painful.

The medication makes your uterus contract so it’s basically like labor pain. You will likely be passing a lot of tissue which can be hard physically and emotionally. You may have to collect some of the tissue for specimen at your follow up appointment. If not then faced with the decision to flush the remains. I’ve done it both ways and honestly for me the D&C is the way to go vs miscarriage at home.

I went with the surgery when I lost my son the same way. I could go through passing him on my own, and I couldnt handle letting him pass naturally. The surgery was scheduled for the next morning. I had some complications during, but otherwise it was a choice I dont regret. It helped me start the grieving process faster.

I had the same thing a couple of years ago :sob: I opted for the tablets and had started bleeding at home not long after getting back from hospital…i think it took about and hour in total to pass everything xx

My dr. Gave me methotrexate

I also had a missed miscarriage, baby’s heart stopped at 8 weeks and I didn’t find out until I was 16 weeks. I opted for the d&c because I felt that way I wouldn’t be worried about when it would happen and I know they got it all. My sister used the pill for one of get miscarriages and it didn’t expel all of the tissue so she had to go in for a d&c as well

That’s called a missed miscarriage. I had the same thing.

Id wait. I was told my daughter was dead and i told them id rather pass it on my own. Go back a week later cause i didnt cramp or bleed and my daughter was bouncing around and was fine.


I took the pill and still had to have a DNc. My advice would be to get the dnc. It will save you more heartache as I suffered for a few weeks trying to pass my baby.

I was 13 weeks but baby was small so the hospital let me go home as my body was already starting the process (bleeding), my only advice to you is that if you miscarry at home please pay attention to your blood loss and your gut feeling…
I wouldn’t stop hemorrhaging and I wasn’t sure what was normal (I had only given birth and not miscarried before), as soon as I was felt light headed we went to hospital - about 4 hours after birthing. I had some tissue stuck in my cervix so my cervix wouldn’t close, hence the excessive bleeding. I had to have an emergency D&C, I just escaped a blood transfusion - please pay attention to you body, be careful, all the best.

I took the pill and suffered a miscarriage for 2 months passing pieces of all sizes when I notified the dr he scheduled a d&c after the holidays which really sucked
Just get a D&C done

I had the surgery because I didn’t want to see it happen. With the surgery, they remove it all and scan you so it’s all done and over with, without you having to see anything that might make you feel worse. It was a bit uncomfortable during the procedure but it was the best way for me.
Do whatever you think is best for you, go with what your gut tells you.
I hope everything goes accordingly and that you are able to heal emotionally and physically. Sending love x

for something as serious as this you should be talking to your doctor about best options for you. Its good to get others experiences and opinions but ultimately talk to your doctor.

I chose surgery I couldn’t mentally take waiting for mine to happen and I didnt want the pill because I dont think I could handle the bleeding at home

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We did the dnc bescause chances are you do the pill you almost have to go back

How many weeks are you? If it’s after 12 weeks get the surgery. I feel the pain you are in for losing your little one. :frowning: I had to go through the same thing

That depends on how far along you are. I’d go for the surgury, but you got to remember that this kind of thing happens ALOT and you are not alone.

I chose to do it at home and it took a week to fully lose the baby. Was a long miserable week and baby passed right as kids were about to get out of school so I had to suck it up and do carpool 5 minutes after passing baby. Still had to go to my ob office and have her remove a bunch of tissue that didn’t pass on its own a few days later. If we had better insurance, I’d have done the d & c. Waiting and not knowing when it is going to happen sucked.

I just did a d&c with my missed miscarriage.

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I had a missed misscariage had to get a d&c done because otgerwise the sac would still grow n i could get very sick from it give it a couple days if nothing happens u may have to have it removed

Just get the d&c to be sure.

I had the same thing happen. I did the D and C. For me it was less painful to just be done and start working on mentally and physically recovering from losing my baby. So sorry about your loss…

Dnc would prib be best bc if u dont pass everything they will have to do that afterwards so id just get it done…and miscarriage us painful i was 16 and 12wks when i had one it was very painful 12 hrs of major cramping an thrn passing huge clots my father wouldnt take me in until dr office opened i should have been taken to hospital that night instead of them making me suffer until 9 the nxt morning i thought it was worse than my labors in my experience

I had the same thing happen in June 2018. I had to have a D&C due to how far along I was. Do your research mama, everyone is different.

I’m so sorry for your loss hun. Praying for you

I would go pill. So much easier to be at home for me.

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Go for a 2nd opinion before you do anything. My friend was told this at 9 weeks and offered the pill. Her son had his first birthday 2 weeks ago :heart:


One time I did the tablet. Once a d&c. For me it would depend on how far along I was. If you get the pill be sure they also give you something for pain

So sorry for your loss

Don’t wait for it to pass, that can cause infection. I’m speaking from experience

I’ve never had this happen personally but I would never opt for the pills. I just would not be able to handle that at home by myself. And to be able to see my baby pass especially if you were a little further along. God I am SO very sorry you have to be making this decision. I personally would elect for the d&c. And the pills are not guaranteed to work so you may end up having to go for a d&c anyway. Once again I am so very sorry for your lost!

I actually went into labor and delivered my baby at 18 weeks. He wasnt viable but I had to have a D&C because the placenta was still attached to the uterine wall after 4 hrs of pitocin to deliver placenta. Have the surgery.

This was on my page link for sciatica and lower back pain relief

Idk what to say since I’ve never been in your situation. I’m very sorry about your loss :broken_heart: