What is a stress test?

So this is my 2nd pregnancy and gonna be my 1st time having a stress test 2 times a week every 2 weeks then every week… Can someone explain to me exactly what it does ?? My Dr. Told me today but having a mommy brain I already forgot lol :joy:


It basically makes sure baby is doing okay :slight_smile:

It’s the straps that they put on your belly during labor, that track movement and contractions. You literally just sit back for 30 mins or so while it tracks everything. It doesn’t hurt and it’s not uncomfortable. Just boring and your butt might hurt from sitting for so long! Lol

You’ll wear fetal monitor for a while, you push a button when you feel baby move. It will monitor movement, heartbeat, and any contractions if any.

Its just to make sure baby is moving and grooving and healthy ! I had my son Aug 10th 2016 and my daughter Aug 27th 2017, with my daughter i also had to get stress tests twice a week. This was my son and I during my stress tests❤ good luck momma!

I had it done once, and I went from laughing to crying every couple minutes. I was just so nervous. But it’s nothing bad, just making sure little one is good :heart:

They hook these up to your belly and monitor baby. I had them 3 times a week!

They just track babies heart rate and have you do a kick counter. They also track contractions. My non stress test is how we found out I was having contractions all the time from 28 weeks till I gave birth.