What is an antepartum?

I’m 31 weeks pregnant and on Saturday I had low baby movement n was told to go in and be seen… After being there everything was good n was sent home on my online account they said I was there for antepartum… I’m due June 1st but I just checked my up coming appointments and see that April 18th has been schedule for up coming delivery… I messaged my doctor to see what that means … But was wondering what is an antepartum n how long after that did you have your babies?? This is my second pregnancy but first time seeing this… Help please and thank you


Did it say anything else after antepartum ?

Im 35 weeks my first baby and I’ve noticed she’s been really low a lot. I was so worried thinking i was going to have her early but my dr said its normal? So im following…

It’s means before labor.

If it’s used alone it means time before birth.
Antepartum bleeding means you have bleeding and they are watching it. But youd know that. And antepartum care is when they monitor you on bed rest. But it sounds like they’re just stating that your close to your delivery date. But if not due until June and they have it as April they probably just marked in the system wrong

Antepardum means you’re still pregnant. I heard that term a lot 9 yrs ago when I was put on medical bedrest with twins I was put in an antepardum ward where there were about 10 of us. I asked what it meant back then I was told it means before birth like post pardum means after birth. I wouldn’t worry at all. Babies at that gestational age tend to not move as much or as roughly as they are becoming constricted. It could also be that your baby is like mine and moves a lot at night when your asleep.

Maybe they documented on the wrong patient chart. I would contact your Drs office

Antepartum is before baby born, postpartum is after you give birth.

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The term antepartum is conception through birth. As far as the appointment, I would talk with your doc!

Antepartum in labor terms essentially means that you aren’t giving birth. It’s not a diagnosis.

Antepartum is ANYTIME before birth. Could be 6 months, weeks, days, or hours… It is just time before birth. So an April appointment would be labeled as an antepartum appointment.

I had low movement about a week or 2 before he showed up.