What is better for teething?

My baby is teething badly almost a year old would you recommend Tylenol or Motrin which do you prefer and why? 


Both and rotate. Tylenol kicks in faster but wears off faster whereas Motrin/ibuprofen takes longer to take affect but stays in the system longer. By rotating them they always have something in their system.

I used a frozen wet wash rag
They love to chew on it n suck the water out of it

Tylenol. But you can also rotate them.

Frozen wash cloths or frozen pacifiers fill with water and put in freezer takes about 20 minutes to freeze

I try the natural way before using any medicine, I only use medicine in emergencies or out and about if she needs

Ibuprofen always seemed to help my son way more than Tylenol.

Some little ones really benefit from those beaded necklaces… can’t think if name

Tylenol is easily tolerated by little ones and frozen wash cloths to help numb the pain

Tylenol and Motrin. Rotate them every 4 hours. Freeze a wash cloth And let them chew on it or Make your own ice pops (there’s molds on Amazon).

Always ask your pediatrician first but motrin seemed to help my daughter way more than Tylenol.

Tylenol is often recommended as the first line of defense since you can give it to younger babies and Motrin may cause an upset stomach in some kids. Tylenol may be tolerated better by your little one, but there’s no major difference in effectiveness in treating teething pain with either medicine.

Rotate Tylenol and Motrin. Give Tylenol first and then wait 2 hours and start motrin.


Massage the gums with your finger when they are sore it does help.

Rotate between the two, I have found the hylands teething tablets to be of help.

Ibuprofen for inflammation.

Hyland’s teething tablets