What is epilepsy?

My 4 yr old was diagnosed with epilepsy yesterday. looking for moms who are dealing with this as well. what are you doing to help your little one? I’m looking for any tips, suggestions, support. I’m feeling a little lost.

thank you!

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My children don’t have it (yet at least) but I do. A great way to help with them is CBD oil! It helps amazingly! I havent had a seizure since January when I switched from the horrible medication to the CBD oil

My grandson was diagnose with at age one he is on meds and his seizures are under control and he go to therapy once a week for ot pt and speech

Look up the Chelsea Huchison Foundation on FB. Wonderful list of resources etc.

I heard CBD oil helps. Alot for people that have seizures

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I have epilepsy had it since i was a baby. If she wants to contact me she cN

CBD! Friend of mine hasn’t had a seizure in 5 years!

Get an appointment with children’s hospital my grandson has it he is 13 now they will figure out what kind of seizures he is having and go from there. Also don’t know where you are located but Tennessee has hospital that can prescribe cbd oil for children not all states will allow the use unless prescribe by doctor lots of legal issues if child is hurt and not prescribed and you have taken them off prescribed medication we found out the hard way unfortunately.

My daughter was diagnosed with BECTS epilepsy at age 4. It is a form of childhood epilepsy that most children grow out of by puberty. She is 8 years old now and still medicated daily. Her seizures normally happen while she is asleep though. We are hopeful when she goes back to the neurologist next summer her EEG will be clear and the meds can be removed. There are so many different forms. I am not sure what type your child will be diagnosed with, but just wanted to share my story :blush: I hope everything will be okay!

It looks a lot like small “harold” patches. I get them whenever I have a virus. If so, they go away with the virus, and are harmless.

Look into cbd oil, Charlottes Web specifically…it is completely legalized