What is giving birth like?

I’m 38+6 days pregnant, 2 cm dilated and 70% effaced and scheduled for induction Thursday at 8 PM. I’m completely terrified to have a c section but also having panic attacks about giving birth. I’m a ftm, idk how to calm myself down and prepare for this. I need word of encouragement and positive stories from other moms? Did any of you have to have a c section who were similar?


Just because your being induced doesn’t mean you’ll have a c section. I was accidentally induced and I was only in labor for 7 hours

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I have had two inductions that neither one ended up in c-section! Enjoy your last few days of sleep, and pamper your self while you can! My births always went rather quick but I also allowed pitocin to speed it up and epidural. You’ll do great! And I’m sure with your dr you’ll be in great hands!!!

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I had irrational fears of csection. I ended up needing an emergency csection and it went fantastic. I had already had an epidural so I got to be awake for the birth and it was amazing. If we ever have more kids I will opt for the surgery.


My daughter went into fetal distress after I was induced with her due to preeclampsia. 4 hours after the induction I was wheeled back for an emergency c section. It was scary at first honestly but it wasn’t that bad. It went rather quickly and she came out pretty much fine minus a bit of oxygenation issues from being 23 days early.

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I’ve gone through 2 induction and never had to have a c section. I’m 38+3 today and sound like I’m going to have another one this week. Don’t worry about it momma. Your going to do great. Soon ur going to be holding ur baby and this will be behind u. Get some rest when u can

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U don’t have a c section unless you or the babies life is in danger after induction

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I have had 3 kids. 3 inductions. And zero c-sections.


I had an emergency csection. My body was working just fine and csection was never even on my mind but in the moment you don’t actually care. As long as they get your baby out safely. I am not eligible for VBAC so I’m having a repeat section in May… the sooner you let go of control the easier it will be. All that matters is you and baby are good

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Why are you being induced Momma?

I’m a 2 time c section mom. I promise you, even if you do have a c section you have nothing to worry about. It’s quick and you’ll have your baby in your arms!! I have a bleeding disorder so I was terrified both times too. But once I was able to set my worries aside i realized I was ok. Both of my c sections were so different too. First being emergency after 20 hours of labor and my second being a scheduled c section, which I was put asleep for (because of my bleeding disorder). Once I held my sons everything went out of my mind and made every second worth it!!

What helped me most was theres only 2 ways the baby is coming out :woman_shrugging: you got it.

I was induced with both my babies… first time I went in and wasn’t dilated/effaced, second time I was at a 3… Both times he said “you have a high chance of c-section”… first baby, it was perfect (thank you epidural) and I slept for 8 hours til I had to push… second baby, epidural didn’t work but it wasn’t horrible. I had him like 3.5 hours after I got started on pitocin. I am pregnant with my 3rd and still terrified to give birth even though I’ve had 2 already. (Lol sorry) Just know our bodies are made for this and no matter if you deliver vaginally or by c-section, everything will be fine! Good luck!

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I was freaked too. That’s natural. I got the epidural and it was nothing like i expected. I was really big and it was tiring. When the epidural wore off… Oh buddy it was uncomfortable. But it was nothing like on tv. Lol. Try to relax, which i know you probably won’t :relaxed:, but it probably isn’t going to be add bad as you expect. If you plan on doing natural… Well, more power too you, but i highly recommend the epidural.

I had to have an emergency c-section. The healing process sucks more than the surgery itself. It’s not really that bad and It took them longer to prep for the c section then it did to get my baby out

I was idcduced with my son who is bout to b one next month… I was induced at 715am and got the meds. By 9a I was 6cm 10a broke my water got my epidural by 1045a by 1230p I was 10cm. They put my butt way down and let my son slowly make his way down. By 145 they were getting everything ready and I pushed less then an hr 229p had my son. It was seriously easiest labor lol… My 1st (daughter) was the exact same way. I’m due in April and plan on getting induced also.

You dont HAVE to have a csection just cause you’re being induced. Don’t let the dr bully you into it.


All 3 of mine were csection and it’s really not that bad, you feel pressure but no pain, they give you a spinal tap and you’re numb from the chest down and it’s over fairly quickly

I had an unplanned, emergency c-section after being induced because of full blown eclampsia almost 30 years ago. Horizontal biniki cut. A friend of mine had her baby by normal delivery about 18 hours after I had my baby. I actually walked to the nursery to check on both babies before she did. If you have to have a c-section the best thing you can do is follow doctor’s orders and get up and walk as soon as you can. It helps with soreness, after surgery constipation and gassiness. My bikini cut scar is hardly noticable. When my husband asked about my scar, my doctor tried to be funny and basically said “if you can see her scar, she doesn’t need to go out in public without putting on more clothes”. Good luck.

It will be over before you know it and once they hand you that beautiful baby you wont remember a thing!

I had a csection but i was hospitalized for 12 days before they induced me as 33 weeks pregnant had complications me and the baby had emergancy csection but i wasnt worried because i was just so ready to be done

I was induced and did not have csection, I was terrified of c section, was induced 7pm Monday and had my son vaginally 7am wendesday, dont be nervous it’s so worth it in the end weather you have a vaginal birth or a c section

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C sections are so easy. Piece of cake.

I’m being induced on Monday and it will be the second time for me, and the first one was a normal delivery I was induced due to eclampsia that turned into peripartum cardiomyopathy. Just keep in mind that the doctors would never do anything that isn’t necessary, I know you’ll do great and at the end it’s all so worth it.

Giving birth is a piece of cake! Just remember to breathe!
And get pain meds if you want. I never did but it’s your choice and right.

I’ve had six natural births no problem. I’m scared to death of being cut open. C-section is my worst nightmare.


I had a HUGE panic attack the night before I was induced. Like hyperventilating thinking I was gonna die panic attack. I was 41 weeks & 4 days when I was induced. Luckily my sister was there & she helped calm me down.
The best advice I ever received from her was: this is what our bodies are literally designed to do.
My story is a little different, I gave birth completely natural but it’s honestly not as bad as everyone says it is.
Just take deep breaths & just think, you’ll be holding your baby within a few days. :two_hearts:
Good luck sweetheart.

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I was induced with my first baby and it was 24 hours of zero sleep and discomfort with no results. After 24 hours of no luck, I had an emergency c-section and it went perfectly and I was finally able to meet my daughter! The first few days are brutal, but forcing yourself to get up and move around is crucial. I noticed the longer I wasn’t moving, the more painful it was when I had to get up and move around. I am pregnant with Baby #2 and we are skipping entire induction process and going straight for the c-section. It’s certainly not easy, but worth it!

My boys were both induced due to gestational diabetes with both and preeclampsia with my first. Please don’t take this as I’m trying to scare you, but know that your and your baby’s life is in good hands with the technology we have. Even being induced and having a epidural, listen to your body and give yourself pep talks. I even went to the extent of writing down positive affirmations on flash cards that I read during labor. Labor is a beautiful experience. You can always ask questions and ask for advice from a nurses point of view. Your body had completed a beautiful life and you are going to be so proud of yourself when you hold your baby. You will feel like the richest woman on the world. You are beautiful and a rockstar. Much love❤

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why would you go for a induction if you aren’t 40 weeks yet? its much safer and way less chance of a c section if you go into labor naturally

I didn’t have a c section but had to be induced with all four of my babies it is scary your first time but like someone else said on here you won’t remember none of it when they hand u your baby and weather you have the baby natural or c section your gonna do great good luck

I always said I would never be a mom because I was so terrified of giving birth either way! When the time came, all reservation was gone. All that mattered was she was here and she was safe. I ended up with an emergency csection.

I was 5 cm for a month and had a csection because baby was big. Longer recovery but over all…not a bad experience. You gotta get baby out one way or the other!

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I was induced, but ended up having a C-Section. I don’t handle pain very well. It took me about 3-4 months post op before I felt normal again. I felt like every move that I made ripped me open, but it didnt. Listen to your doctor when they tell you to get up, walk and move around. It really does help. I wished that I would have paid more attention to that advice.


It’s only in your head …these days its every day drs do this …you will do great :slight_smile: just relax

I was induced and in labor for almost 2 days and i was still able to have a natural birth.

Our bodies are made for it :muscle:
Csection aren’t to bad. Recovery is painful but that’s expected with major surgery. It will all be worth it.

I had a c sestion scare with all three of my babies, but they all came with getting induced.
1st 8 hrs in labor
2nd 4.5 hrs in labor
3rd 7.5 hrs in labor

I just had a c section November 24. Honestly it really was not that bad surgery wise . The anesthesiologist was really sweet and they explained everything . They gave me the epidural and my legs got hot and tingly then I couldn’t feel them. They told me I was going to feel pressure when they started , when they took him out and when they closed me up. I felt nothing . I just laid there and talked to my husband the whole time . Then I heard my son cry and I broke into tears . Recovery was not bad , it just felt a lot like strong abdominal pains like after you work out . I could never imagine doing birth any other way. I’m 9 weeks pp and I feel great. I’m going to the gym for the first time today :slight_smile: good luck momma

Take deep breaths and think about that precious little baby wrapped up in your arms. You’re going to be okay.

All of your feelings are very normal. Just think about the beautiful outcome. Having my daughter want a piece of cake but it was better than I thought you will be great! And you will have a beautiful blessing :two_hearts: stay prayed up and trust God.

I’m being induced Monday and I have my fears as well but I just keep telling myself that this experience is just the means to an end. We will finally be done with pregnancy and have our little ones in our arms! Its nerve racking but we got this and we can do it for them! What’s keeping me calm is just telling myself no matter what happens I’m just gonna go with it and look forward to seeing my son!

When i was induced i was bored lmao i just sat there and waited to be fully dilated so i could start pushing. Pushing is the hard part and then you have a baby! Youve got this and im positive your nurses will help you a lot too. Dont be afraid to ask questions. If you can move move dont be bullied into back birthing. Ask for a ball to bounce on


I was induced twice both vag births- first time was wonderful second I wished they would have let me have a CSection, I get it though I had a panic attack with my 1st I cried to my dog and told her I can’t do this at about 35 wks. There’s one thing you can’t change that baby is coming out one way or the other so just try to relax trust your drs and getting worked up isn’t going to make anything better :heart: congrats momma trust me you’re going to remember it all but holding that sweet baby will make it all worth it

I had a c section in July at 32+ 5 due to preeclampsia. This is my first child and I was very nervous. I ended up with a blood clot to my lungs, my iv was left in to long and got infected and started a blood clot in my arm. I stayed in the hospital for 12 days. I wasn’t able to see my baby for 4 days. I left the hospital with a picc line and 30 days of iv antibiotics. The c section pain is manageable by pain medication and walking made me feel so much better. Almost two months later I found out I had an aneurysm of the spleen and had to have surgery. I’m saying I’m pretty much an exception to the rule and I’m not against having a second child. You got this mama hang in there. Prayers for a safe delivery.

U will probably have baby vag unless something goes wrong usually the pitocin works it makes contraction really intense just fyi but if u get epidurial u will be okay i was induced qith my first very long labor 22hr got epiddurial bc contraction were insane but my sec i didnt know i was in labor and gave birth at home 3 was fast drove myself to hospital qith 3 min apart contraction had hin when i got up to room my last which was finnaly a girl i had a csec i much rather do vag anyday i mean the pain fron it my lord i can tolorate pain but the morphine didnt even help one bit i also had tubal removal on top so they say it makes it worse but either way u will be pkay our bodies r ment to do this if u can try to get yourself to go into labor id say would be best have sex look up stuff that medicine make cotraction insane but it will all be okay when u hold ur baby every once of pain will be gone and it will all be worth it

Sorry I do not see the need to induce when your body is already doing what it’s supposed to do and that even before your estimated due date!
Why induce before the due date? You’ll barely be 39 weeks.
Is there an actual medical need to induce?
While an induction doesn’t mean you’ll need a csection, it is an unnecessary intervention.
Since your Doctor has been able to schedule you a little further out it doesn’t seem like there is a medical need to induce.
ACOG has a lot of information.
The picture included is from ACOG (American College of Obstetrician and Gynecology).
If there is absolutely no medical need to induce I would cancel :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Just keep in mind our bodies are made for this! Men could never handle childbirth :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’ve had 4 naturally and the pain doesn’t last long, once baby is out the sense of call and relaxation washes over you!

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At my 36w apt for my twins my dr came in the room and told me well go over the the hospital and we will get you induced. I had enough time to call all my family and go home and walk my dogs before I had to be there. The nurse I had was super nice and was joking with me and had me laughing and it made me very relaxed. Just take deep breaths and think about getting to finally see your baby. The only part I freaked out on was the epidural. I hate needles and they have to try 3 times before I went numb. But the nurse was there with me the whole time and kept telling me I was doing great… I had my girls vaginally so I cant give any info on csections… best of luck.

I had a c. I have one child, and he was my 4th pregnancy. I lost all the others. Found out he was breach. Was so scared. After it was done it was not a big deal. It’s way worse in your head than in real life. You got this momma!!

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Try to relax rest do you have music or a diffuser for some lavender

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2 c-sections. :slight_smile: If that is your journey you will be just fine. Block out the negative noise from everyone else. You do you. That little bundle of joy is coming whether you are ready or not.


2 c sections here… First was due to failure to progress after 21 hours of labor, 2nd time I opted for a repeat section. Recovery went so well both times… My only real issue was with the anesthesiologist first time around, I still swear he did something wrong bc they tried 2 Epidurals while I was in labor and neither worked. Then the spinal didn’t work for my c-section. So I had to be put under general anesthesia and wasn’t conscious for my daughters birth :sob: 2nd time was a different hospital, and it was an absolutely fabulous experience.

I ve had all my babies by c section first emergency next 4 planned your recovery is a bit harder move around as soon n as much as u can after n drink lotsa fluids afterwards. Healthy happy mum n baby is all that matters. Its a bit scary but honestly just remember to breathe good luck xo

Had an emergency c section at 35 weeks it really isn’t that bad it was worse mentally than physically I had freaked myself out before hand but honestly it was easier than I imagine labor would be

Do not let them induce you. Be the boss of your own birth. You do not have to agree to induction. It just makes things easier for the doctor NOT YOU. Inductions cause csections daily…I am one of them. Do not let them induce you.

I had an emergency c section after 27 hours of labor. My labor was not to uncomfortable because they have good pain management. My baby was 10 lbs 6 oz so he was to large to push out, i freaked out about the c section, but it really was quite simple and i didn’t have any pain. I wished they would of went ahead with the c section earlier. I was very surprised at how smooth it all was, i think it’s the anxiety that affected me more than anything else. Don’t worry, and dont be afraid to manage the pain.

I had a c section but I was 40+6 days over, but only becus they wouldn’t let me go naturally when I felt I needed to push with the contractions I was on 3cm dilated then went up to 7cms, but anyhow I wasn’t scared I was on diamorphine, an gas an air hadn’t a clue I had an epidural in the labour suit, then took down to theatre an they gave me another epidural an a spine blocker also I was paralysed but felt nothing obv but when it wears off your doped up on pain relief an the pain is forgotten about when you have your bundle in your arms, I suffered with aneixty too but it was all forgotten about when is my wee lady in my arms… good luck try not to worry yourself, I know it’s hard but honestly you worrying your aneixty will go thru the roof an you’ll start to stress the baby also…

Grab this book, read as much as you can. You are in control. You can do this. You have support.


i freaked out about the c section. i ended up pushing my baby out only 9cm dilated because I was that afraid of having a c section. tore so bad I had 7 inches of stitches. honestly It felt like an out of body experience. so scary but so worth it. when you have your baby in your arms you’ll realize you would go through it over and over again for them.

If there is no medical reasons for u to be induced then do not do it. Induction ending up in a c section is extremely high. Ur not over due until ur 42 weeks

Epidurals are wonderful and really dont slow labor down…i was panicked about delivering a baby but it really was never as bad as i thought it would be and would definitely do it over again.

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Girl c section is the easiest!! No pain at all and you dont have to wait long to see your sweet lil one.

My first son was vaginal… We had an issue with him getting stuck which resulted in 6 hours of pushing. He had to be revived but, was healthy and went home 2 days later and is now a healthy 2 year old .
My second son is 8 weeks old. He was a c section. He chose to have him via C section because, our first was 7lbs 3oz when he was born and according to my last ultrasound which was the night before we had him he was estimated to be about 8lbs… but that could be off by a lb either way so he could have been 7lbs to 9lbs… We went in they gave me a spinal tap… had my husband come In started the c section baby was born an hour later… He was 7lbs even. It took then an hour to out every thing back and glue me up. It was wonderful. Out of both my birthing experiences my c section was the easiest for me. I got back to my room they brought him to me as soon as I got there and he latched on to my breast right away. I did have a massive headache from the spinal tap and possibly the morphine they had to give me at the end… Th at didn’t go away… I got sick a few times but, that’s normal with recovery… they bad to give me benadryl to knock me out for about 2 hours that help me a lot with the headache… the next morning I was out of bed walking no problem no pain nothing… We went home 2 days later the ride home didn’t hurt and they sent me home with pain meds but I never had to use them after being home for 2 days… my scar has been hearing great… it was a lovely experience compared to my first… my next baby I have an option for v bac or c section and I loved my c section so I will probably go with that again!

Birth is nothing to fear. If you go into birth scared and terrified then your body will play on that giving you a much harder time…the key os to relax and breathe slowly…when you breathe slow everything around you slows down too…I am due to give birth any day and have no fears as what will be will be. Just remember your body was designed for birth :blush:

I was absolutely terrified of giving birth but I was induced at 37 weeks, and I had so many friends telling me not to do it but my Labor and birth was a breeze. And I had a big bubba.

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Keep your eye on the end goal…healthy baby and mama. That was my birth plan…do what you need to do to get a healthy baby in our arms. I was induced due to high blood pressure. Had to have a c-section as she didn’t like contractions. Everyone has a different birthing experience. Just keep focused on the prize. Good luck!

I was induced at 41 weeks, no dilation, not efaced at all. It was fine! They started everything the night before, and by 3:30am I was in labor. I had my epidural at 7:30am and even went back to sleep for a bit. Baby was here midday no issues. This isn’t everyone’s story, but the horror stories aren’t everyone, either it sounds like your body is getting ready, and as long as the reasoning for induction work for YOU, you are going to do great! Congratulations, Mama!

Basically, everyone is different and each pregnancy/labor is/could be different. C-section or vaginal. No pain meds or pain meds. Epidural or IV meds. You can’t go by what one women said happened to her… Pain meds slow some labors and not others. Some babies get stuck vaginally while others had horrible C-sections. One womens story doesn’t mean it will happen to you. Labor is unpredictable. Relax and do what your gut says along with advice from your Dr. Don’t make a decision based off of someone’s bad labor. I had 3 uncomplicated labors. All 3 different. #1 went into labor on my own, epidural-slowed labor down, born healthy. #2 induced, epidural -didn’t take, didn’t slow down, born healthy. #3 went into labor on my own, IV meds once -slowed labor, no epidural, born healthy. All that matters is after it’s over you will have beautiful baby to hold! DO NOT stress over one women’s story! You listen to all of us telling you to relax and honestly enjoy baby still on the inside :dizzy_face: haha Once labor starts you will know how to deal with it. You will find your own way to cope with the pain. It’s the most amazing thing you will ever do. Looking into those beautiful eyes and that seeing that perfect face! Good luck mama! Congrats!