What is going on with my husband?

I’ve been with my husband 10 years, married for 2 years. I knew my husband wanted to go visit family this weekend and I have no objections to that whatsoever. He failed to tell me his best friend would be dropping him off at his mom’s house. I was under the impression I was taking him since we only have one vehicle and I needed to do some things today. The issue with this is where he is going. His mom lives in a sketchy neighborhood. He knows most of the people in this area. As a matter of fact, on Thursday he tried to call a girl on messenger that frequents that neighborhood. I asked him why he would try to call her and he acted like I was making a big deal about it but never really answered me. So anyway, I find out his friend is taking him literally less than 3 minutes before he leaves. It was actually when his friend pulled up in our yard to pick him up that I found out. His excuse was he thought he told me. Let me also add in yet another reason I feel some type of way. Last night I asked him if he could get the trash together in the garbage can today and also get the trash up outside that a dog got into and he said he would. It’s his only “chore” for the week, every week. He didn’t bother doing anything before he left so I just done it while having a torn meniscus in my knee. He’s going to act like I shouldn’t be pissed off, but we usually have great communication so this is really making me feel some type of way. How would y’all handle it? Am I wrong for feeling like he failed to hold up his end of being a husband today?

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