What is going on with my husband?

I’ve been with my husband 10 years, married for 2 years. I knew my husband wanted to go visit family this weekend and I have no objections to that whatsoever. He failed to tell me his best friend would be dropping him off at his mom’s house. I was under the impression I was taking him since we only have one vehicle and I needed to do some things today. The issue with this is where he is going. His mom lives in a sketchy neighborhood. He knows most of the people in this area. As a matter of fact, on Thursday he tried to call a girl on messenger that frequents that neighborhood. I asked him why he would try to call her and he acted like I was making a big deal about it but never really answered me. So anyway, I find out his friend is taking him literally less than 3 minutes before he leaves. It was actually when his friend pulled up in our yard to pick him up that I found out. His excuse was he thought he told me. Let me also add in yet another reason I feel some type of way. Last night I asked him if he could get the trash together in the garbage can today and also get the trash up outside that a dog got into and he said he would. It’s his only “chore” for the week, every week. He didn’t bother doing anything before he left so I just done it while having a torn meniscus in my knee. He’s going to act like I shouldn’t be pissed off, but we usually have great communication so this is really making me feel some type of way. How would y’all handle it? Am I wrong for feeling like he failed to hold up his end of being a husband today?


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Why couldn’t you go with him to visit family ? Your married so it’s also your family ?

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What your gut tells you is probably correct.


Maybe he just forgot the trash… and wanted to catch up with His buddy. Sometimes we look into things and get ahead of ourselves when it’s something totally innocent. Just hit Him up when He comes Home, don’t attack, just ask. Surely your sanity is worth mentioning it.

I think it’s def sketchy…. Even if he’s not doing anything it sounds like he’s interested in another female.


I’m starting to think this page is fake, all day I’ve been seeing posts from days ago….


Sounds dodgy af yo but there is always the possibility he’s just on a sneaky bender. Which is perfectly acceptable.


Can we stop sharing these tra$h ass posts already

Reading this made me think I was in high school again.🤦 So much Drama.

Instead of wasting time writing this “novel” out, figure out your life first. Pick your battles, stop over thinking and don’t come to the internet for advice


Lol one of my exes used to come down from another state to see his family and would always contact me to try to “hang out”. Meanwhile he had a girlfriend who was sceptical about it but still trusted him to do the right thing. (I tried telling her, which in reply she just told me that I was trying to steal her boyfriend so she can suffer in her knickers) Hopefully your husband is doing the right thing and not being a pathetic little boy.


You’re suffering with a major health issue and he couldn’t take out the garbage, that’s a load of … he just didn’t care. Then he doesn’t tell you until minutes before that his friend was driving him to his Mom’s and that he thought he told you that. Sounds like he’s gaslighting you. I would be doing some pretty hard soul searching if I were you. His behaviour sounds highly suspicious to me.


I honestly don’t care these days if they don’t have any intent to do anything with a female they may try to call and hang out with. The fact he did it and is doing all this without actually giving you a heads up is bs. He should respect you enough to let you know. And I’m to the point that no female is going to be hanging out with my man without me having to have met her first. Doesnt sound like you know this chick and he may have a sexual past with her he doesn’t want to tell you about. Sorry too many secrets here and he’s gaslighting you to make you sound and feel crazy. You’re not crazy. He doesn’t care and he’s living a cushy life if his only chore is the trash. Girl you can do this without him if he can’t shape up. Communities or not this guy has secrets from you.

Sounds suspicious asf.

Follow your gut! Show up at his moms with lunch🙂. I’d also investigate like I’d call or text said friend and question him. Sounds like your husband is up to no good. He’s most definitely hiding something.


It sounds like you complain a lot and probably tell everyone yalls business… let him be, if he’s cheating you’ll eventually find out. Hell he’s probably trying to plan a surprise birthday party for you.

Pack his clothes and drop them off at his moms.
Your life will never change, so unless you want to deal with this the rest of your life, deal with it or get on with your life.

Children playing house🤦‍♀️