What is hyperplasia?

Has anyone been diagnosed with hyperplasia of their gums?

I don’t have any of my back teeth due to not having dental insurance 10 years ago and it was cheaper to have the teeth pulled instead of getting root canals. So I’m missing about 3 teeth on each side top and bottom.

November I had to have excess skin growth on those areas of my gums on the top and biopsies sent to make sure it wasn’t cancer due to the growth and pain. That’s what came back as hyperplasia which my dentist said was like pre pre pre cancer.

I just had one side of my bottom removed and a biopsy sent to test for cancer and the hyperplasia again.

I was wondering if there was anything I could to to prevent it from coming back since my dentist said it’s possible for everything to grow back and I would have to keep getting it removed.

He didn’t really have an answer about anything I could do to prevent it aside from getting implants put in, which even with insurance would cost me about $4000 out of pocket per tooth. (My front tooth is an implant so I know what cost is already)

Please tell me there’s something I can do to prevent it, or even delay it. I can’t keep having oral surgery.

Thank you ladies.

I work for an oral surgeon and I think your dentist is right. The only way to totally prevent it is putting something permanent in its place, ie an implant.

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