What is it like being induced at 39 weeks?

Can any mommas tell me there experiences with being induced at 39 wks? My dr said he would do it at 39wks if I wanted to. I’m just looking for yalls experiences with it, and pros/cons. Would you do it again? I’m having mixed feeling s about it. I have 3 under 6 that all came exactly on their due dates, and I would like the same for this one, but part of me thinks it’d be easier to have it scheduled so i can plan accordingly and not have to find a last minute babysitter, but I also am worried it would cause more complications and I’m afraid of getting her out earlier than intended. Part of me would like the scheduling and being able to know exactly when she’ll be here, but I also really want it to be natural and her to come when she’s ready, I just worry I won’t be able to find a babysitter for my kids, and also my due date is mid week which is when my husband works, so if she decides to come on her due date I worry I’ll be doing it all by myself. Any personal experiences, good and bad would be really helpful!!


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I was induced at 37 no complications at all and actually liked being induced didn’t have to worry about my water breaking somewhere and being rushed to the hospital

I had one spontaneous and one partial induction and while scheduling was nice, the induction one was a lot more painful and uncomfortable.
I’m high risk so my 3rd will be an induction and I’m going to try to trigger spontaneous labor before my appointment if I can.

I was induced with all 3 of my kids and it went good everytime but the last time I didn’t get to get the epidural it was too fast

I’d refuse. Induction should be for medical emergency only.


I went spontaneous at 39 weeks and ended up needing to be induced a few hours later. It was soooo freakin painful. I was in labour for 29 hours. It sucked

I wouldn’t get an induction unless it was absolutely necessary


Induced here!
Is it just me, after induced, it was so so so cold?:face_in_clouds::face_in_clouds:

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Induced here!
Is it just me, after induced, it was so so so cold?:face_in_clouds::face_in_clouds:

I was induced with my 4th at 39 weeks. I was dilated to a 5 to 6 for a bout a week and I love 30 minutes away from the hospital so I asked my doctor about inducing me and she sent me straight to the hospital about 10:30ish am and my son was born by 11pm that same night. They even let me eat lunch and dinner, which was surprising. Even being induced, my husband still couldn’t get anyone to watch our three older kids so he could be there. I went through it completely alone. I balled my eyes the entire time just wanting my husband there. It wasnt his fault though and he was just as upset. But him and our older three showed up about an hour after he was born so they could all meet him. He’s 3 now and a force to be reckoned with. Lol.

My older three all came on their own at 38 weeks and 2 days for my girls and exactly 38 weeks for my older son. My second baby I was half induced because my water had broken before we got to the hospital, but I was progressing so much on my own that they stopped the pitocin.

Good luck Mama! Enjoy all those baby snuggles! I sure miss it!

Longer labor and more pain . Induced twice (24 hours ) 7 hours ) without being induce (4 hours ) and everything moved along alot faster .

I had my first born natural didn’t have an epidural with her at all and I was induced with my second at 37 weeks for being high risk and I will NEVER EVER do it again! It was the worst pain of my life it was worse that the actual labor. My vagina was so so sensitive that I refused to have them check me to see how far I’m dilated My whole plan that I wanted went out the window I didn’t want an epidural but I was in tears and screaming bloody murder every time they checked me that I needed to get one in order for them to check me again. I will never get induced again.

Do what feels right to you. Every mom can answer this and each one have a different answer. Most of the time it’ll be just fine, but if baby isn’t ready, may end up getting a c section at the end. My first was induced at 38 weeks and refused to move down so after 20 hours (4 doses, 4 hours apart didn’t work) I opted for the c section.

Your baby is considered full term at 36 weeks. All their organs are developed. The last four weeks is when they do most of their growing so if anything your baby could be on the small side unless they are measuring big. Sometimes full term babies can have complications and babies that are early do not. If your doctor is ok with it then I don’t see why not! My youngest was born at 38 weeks due to some other things but other then some of the complications we already knew about, her lungs and major organs were fine.

I was in labor but my son didn’t want to help so they induced me and broke my water. Didn’t work. Had to have a C-section cause cord wrapped around his neck.

I was induced with both my girls, the first at 41 weeks and the second at 39 w 1 day. The second was so much easier than my first, I was just open with my Dr’s about what I was hoping for in terms of labor and delivery. I was in labor for about 10 and a half hours and I barely felt my contractions and 10 min of pushing and she was here. Good luck mama!

Remember even with a scheduled induction you can go into labor earlier. My last pregnancy was scheduled induction and she was born 9 days earlier. It is nice to be able to have a sitter available but just remember things can change. Personally I don’t like being induced, but mostly because I’m the person that won’t go to the hospital until I know it’s time… Lol. All experiences are different. My first I was induced I think it was two weeks early and that was just a terrible experience, he wasn’t breathing when he was born and the doctors and nurses weren’t listening to me about my pain, probably because I was a first time mom. Was also induced with my third at 41 weeks 2 days, and that experience was much better.

In my experience in what I have seen in family and friends, it prolonged labor and there were complications with delivery, so my sister had an emergency c-section.
Increasing contractions and they can be much more painful. It starts labor yes, but will prolong it.
Unless medically necessary it should not be needed.
Full-term is 40 weeks, even 41 weeks is okay.

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Pitocin is a nightmare. Don’t do that to yourself If you don’t have to. My first came on her own and it was easy breezy. My second had to be induced and, no. :expressionless:

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I got induced with my second at 41 weeks because he just wasn’t coming out and I will never get induced again lol…Words couldn’t describe how painful it was, my first came out on her own and that was a much better labor and better recovery also.

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I wouldn’t ever do induced again. The labor lasts so much longer . Unless it was medically advised , I wouldn’t.

Was induced at 39 weeks, labored for almost 35 hours and lost 2 liters of blood after delivery from my uterus tearing. My sons heart almost stopped. But we are both happy and healthy now. He is almost 9 months.

I was induced with my second (not planned, it was medically necessary to get her out). The only thing that was different than my first was the pain came all at once rather than gradually. I would say it was more painful but it was also faster.
My third was a scheduled C-section (medically necessary) and I have to say, having it planned made everything so much easier as far as making arrangements for my other two kids.

I was induced at 41 weeks and it was fine. I got to the hospital around 11am and had my son before 8pm with no complications or anything. Labor actually wasn’t as bad as I expected at all, but I did get an epidural. I don’t really have anything to compare it too, as far as how it would have been if I hadn’t been induced, because he’s my only child.

I was induced both times at 39 weeks. If I have another I’ll ask to be induced at 39 weeks again. Yeah I was in labor longer but I slept through most of it. The pitocin didn’t bother me because I have a really high pain tolerance. I had no issues with being induced. I was in labor longer but that didn’t bother me either….

I would never be induced again it was miserable for me but everyone’s different.

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Induced with first at 40 on due date, 12 hours later had her. No issues. ROM with second at 38 so had to be induced upon finding out about rupture. Took about 24 hours but no issues

My first was bad but that’s because they didn’t let me walk around, they gave me the epidural as soon as I got there. The second was induced and I walked the hospital until I was ready for the epidural. There were no complications in either of the labors. First was induced at 39 weeks and second was on the due date. I would definitely get induced again if I had another. It makes things at home so much easier. You can plan everything.

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I’ve been induced with all my kids except #4 was a C-section due to complications but if I could do it over. I would of loved to go into labor on my own just once. Maybe with this pregnancy but it’s probably gonna be another C-section. My first 2 induction were so painful from pitocin. But my 3rd I didn’t feel anything until I was in the last 2 hours of labor…trust your gut you will know what’s right for you and your baby. Best of luck :blush:

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I was induced for both my boys after having going into labor on my own. Both of my inductions where easier and faster then my first. I won’t be having anymore babies but I would always choose to be induced I had such a good experience both times!

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My first son was induced and it hurts a lot more but besides that it was a quick labor for me . My induction was medically necessary if I could have chosen to do it naturally I would have just bc I would have preferred that experience.

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I got induced twice. With my last two kids. I prefer it honestly, had no issues , was way easier for me since I live an hour from the hospital.

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Is there a reason for induction at 39 weeks?? Inductions are painful not always successful and if baby doesn’t tolerate it well… it can result in a c-section. As long as there are no concrete medical complications with you or baby… leave her in there until she is ready to come out… it is better for your body to go into labor naturally than have it forced into labor. Forced labor is full of interventions that aren’t necessary… best of luck mama…xo

3 girls oldest on own my 2nd at 42 weeks induced stubbornly born was due April fools.my 3rd induced as well stubbornly also over due by week she was due July 3or4th came tenth and the had to have me sit Ina warm bath with her to help that’s how stubborn. It helped me my 2nd after being induced got up walked 2laps and I was ready to pop

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I wouldn’t induce unless you have to. It’s a harder labor. I had three induced labors.


My first I wasn’t induced. My 2nd I was. You couldn’t pay me to be induced again. The contractions are SOOO much worse. I was in tears at 5CM being induced. At 5cm with my first I was sitting in Wendy’s parking lot eating before I went to the hospital.

Let your body do it naturally as long as inducing isnt medically necessary.

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I was induced at 39 weeks. He came in a few hours! Everything went smoothly!

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Being induced kinda pushes the body into labor. Things are usually a little more irregular and slower to start with, but they usually fall in line with natural labor after awhile. I was induced with my daughter because she was 10 days late.

I wouldn’t do it again I ended up with a emergency c section because of it :pensive:

I wouldn’t do it. I was induced at 39 weeks with my daughter. She didn’t tolerate it well I was stuck at 3cm for 3 days they eventually gave me Pitocin which got me to 7cm then they turned it off she stopped progressing which resulted in an unnecessary c-section. If there is no medical reason for it I suggest against it.


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It really depends on your body. So many people told me it was horrible, painful and lasted so long. In my case it was my easiest of 3 labors. One and a half hours of active labor, no pain meds and the doctor literally had to catch him after 2 pushes. I also bounced on the medicine ball until it was time and that helped a lot with pain and pulling him down faster.

Our first three kids came exactly on their due dates. With our last I was 30 and my doctor asked if I wanted to get induced early. I agree because that pregnancy was really hard on my body. She was due on April 20th. They had already set my induction date and on April 14th I went into labor myself so I never had to get it done. However once we got to the hospital they saw that I had the induction planned. They started giving me pitocin. This is the first time I have ever had pitocin. At one point my husband looked over and told the nurse there was something really wrong my blood pressure had bottomed out because of the pitocin. The nurse called the doctor and basically told me that they had minutes to get my blood pressure back up or I’d be going in for an emergency C-section. They kept giving me shots of something I’m not sure what it was because I was so in and out of it but it ended up bringing it back up but in the end the pitocin stalled my labor. At least that’s what the doctors told me. She was born almost 10 hours after my water broke which is why they said pitocin slowed my labor because apparently the more kids you have the faster it goes. I can say my second and third child came within 4 hours of my water breaking and not using pitocin.

You should be fine. Make sure you eat well before. I was starving! If the induction takes awhile they will not let you eat anything… Dumdum suckers would be a nice thing to have. Take something warm blanket, nice thick house coat, or both will help you to relax more. Music you like to take your mind off everyone else. Takes time alot just be prepared. Mines took 18 hrs but this was my first child.

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I was induced with both of mine, for health reasons. But I think you should let nature take its course. Allow your child to come when it’s ready

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Longer labor being induced

Two of my three were induced. I hated it both times but it was necessary.

I was induced with my daughter she was late, she still is to this day at 26 :laughing:

It wasn’t bad at all!

I was induced with my first at 38+3 due to being high risk. He was in my arms within 22 hours from the start of induction. I was dilated to a 1 and maybe like 60-70 % effaced when they started. It was a really rough labor, I was in very bad pain even with the epidural. I would say if you had your previous ones naturally without being induced to try it that way with the new baby also. It will probably be easier recovery and an overall easier labor / delivery. But, at the end of the day follow your gut and do what you think is best :blue_heart:

Increases the risk of needing a CS. If not medically necessary, I wouldn’t do it.

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If no medical reason then I wouldn’t. I was induced at 38+3 and it was extremely stressful and just so much more pain than progressing naturally.

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Both my girls were 39 weeks and 37 weeks is full term. Both my girls were born healthy and fine

My first wasn’t scheduled and labor was brutal for HOURS. My second was induced because I was high risk and went easier and faster. My third was induced also because of me being high risk and was the easiest of the three. It was helpful being able to know when it was going to happen. It took some stress out of my mind because I wasn’t worrying about the other kids and the “what ifs” because I could plan everything out and make sure my husband was home because he is a truck driver and gone alot. I would absolutely do it again. Just follow your gut though. You are the only one that knows what you feel. Do what makes you feel better momma. :purple_heart:

Just let nature take it course.

I was induced at 34 weeks with my son & it was soooooo much easier & less painful than my spontaneous labor with my daughter at 35 weeks.

Let this one come on it’s own time too! I was induced with my oldest child and it seemed to take FOREVER & was a harder labor than with my son who just so happened to come 7 years later on his sister’s birthday :joy: he was determined to be a butthole for her from day 1! Labor with him was so easy. 3 pushes and done.

It was painful but it was also very quick labor and delivery.

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I have 4 kids the first 2 came on their own the other 2 I was induced but I had to b and no I wouldnt do it unless needed. I was in labor for a long time my last one I had to have an emergency c- section

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I loved being able to schedule so we were more prepared, but I do wish I would have waited because I was in labor for 23 hours.

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If no medical reason please dont induce.


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You will be fine. If it was or is done earlier than this, than I would be concern. But your baby is what we consider at term


I have had it done and def wanting to do it again this pregnancy. That said, just because you re getting induced does not baby will come at that time and there is always a chance of c-section.


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Took just as long as it did at for the one at 40 weeks but baby was bigger and ended in c section.


I was with my first two. It went great! My third came fast and ended up being all natural… I was happier with the all natural one. But, my first two were easy peasy…no pain being induced.


It can go good or bad either way. I was induced at 39 weeks with my first because he was big and growing fast. He wasn’t very cooperative, didn’t want to come out lol 22 hrs later, moments from an emergency c section, he was born. Very distressed. If I had it to do all over again, I would still do it. As hard as it was, I couldn’t imagine him being any bigger. I would’ve had to have a c section for sure.


I was induced on my due date because of my health risks (my age, history of hemorrhages, and I have had more than four children putting me at high risk of bleeding, as well as prenatal ultrasound showed swelling on my daughter’s brain). Being induced was a first for me, I was scheduled for an induction with one of my sons prior however he was born 5 hours before induction time on induction day. With babygirl I went in and she was still up very high and I was only at about 2 or 2.5 cm dialated. I was in labor for 9hrs after they induced me at 7am that morning. (My other babies were born much faster) the induction made me feel nauseated, also I had to stay near my bed for monitoring so I was only able to place back and forth by the bed so they can monitor baby due to possible distress from pitocin. I also bounced on labor ball and was on all fours on bed trying to get her to get lower so they could break my water. Once she got lower they popped my bag of water and by that time contractions got much worse. My back labor was very rough as she was sunnyside up. About an hr after they broke my water she was out. After she was out they left the pitocin on at a lower dose for placenta delivery. (About every 30 mins during labor they upped the pitocin.)

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