What is it like being induced?

Hey mamas!! I have a question… I’m going to be induced on Thursday this week because I’m over my due date. So they are doing something called a Foley catheter and I’ve been googling about it non stop but I want real experiences. So it says that after they insert the Foley catheter they send me home and I wait until the next day to come back into the hospital to actually give birth. My question is, has anyone ever gone into labour directly after this thing was inserted? Or does it usually happen a day later like they said? If anyone has had this method done please share with me your experiences​:pray:t4::purple_heart:


I had one … worst pain I’ve ever felt … then had 30 hours of unproductive labour before an emergency c-section … hopefully yours works better than mine 💁🏼


They call it a foley bulb. I’ve never actually seen them send people home with this. I’m a NICU nurse so we are constantly in the charts reading progress notes on laboring moms just Incase the come to us and I’ve only ever seen this done in house at the hospital. But other places may be different. I’ve seen women progress in a couple of hours getting to like 3-4 and then they pull it and start pitocin

The o ly time I had one was with my son. I was 3 days overdue and once it was in I could not get up. Of course I was leaking fluid for 3 day prior…then that ended in an emergency c-section

Never heard of someone being sent home like this. I would call your OB nurse line or the hospital for clarification on this.

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I had a foley bulb with my induction, however I wasn’t sent home with it. After it was inserted the nurse checked me every 15 minutes or so and tugged on it a bit. It was out within 2-3 hours and I dilated 5 centimeters with it.

I got the Foley. Never heard of being sent home…it’s literally like a balloon animal balloon. Long and thin that they blow up on the inside of your cervix and tape the rest of it hanging out to your leg. They told me once every hour or so they would yank on it to see if it made me dilate. At 4cm it should fall out. It doesn’t make you go into labour it’s just another tactic to help the baby get things going. Only s(he) can make labour start. It sucked but I was lucky and it was in for less than 1 hour but then 10 hours of oxytocin.

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Praying for you girl. Just being honest, that was the WORST pain I’ve ever felt in my entire life!! Almost 30 hours of labor that damn near ended in a csection but thankfully didn’t!! I’ve had 4 children (being induced with my 5th tomorrow) and my first they used the Foley and I swore I would NEVER allow them to again! It was terrible. I’ve only ever been induced with pitocin since

If it’s the balloon catheter it hurts more than labour and delivery

I had one… after six hours they removed it started pitocin seven hours later no progress and baby heart rate dropped so emergency c section

I’ve had it twice, they always inserted mine at night then took it out at 7AM the following morning (I stayed at the hospital)…had one baby at 11AM(41 weeks) the other at 5PM (37 weeks). My sister had one and did get sent home with hers, she went in the following morning and started laboring from there.

I’ve never ever heard of it. It doesn’t sound pleasant. Good luck.

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I had it done with my first and it did nothing but they didn’t send me home after inserting it.

I had 1 and it hurt so bad they filled it up to much n it popped n made me bleed. I wouldnt recommend it

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I never had one, I have 4 daughters. From these comments, I don’t think I’d do it personally.

Let mother nature do her job labour is painful enough without adding more

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They do it in the hospital and you will not be sent home

Had one at 7am. Its was very painful when I first stood after it was inserted, but after that wasnt too bad. It falls out when you hit a certain dilation. I had my girl at 149pm

You won’t be sent home…they will put it in and you’ll stay and they will prolly put you on pitocin also…google is not always the answer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: should’ve asked the doctor when you talked about induction how it was going to go…I had one done with my last and had no issues with it but my anesthesiologist did a great job with my epidural and I was in literally no pain what so ever during labor or delivery

I had one, I firmly believe this is the only reason my dilating progressed. I wasn’t dilated maybe 1/2 cm when they put it in, which was super painful-not gonna lie- but no they should keep u in the hospital while it’s in, you shouldn’t go home unless it’s with a baby! They put mine in at 4:30 on Tuesday, took it out at 7 am the next morning after a night of painful contractions and uncomfortable pressure(they gave me ambien and I still couldn’t sleep), they also gave me butorphenol (think that’s how u spell it) in my IV for pain, then when they took it out I was 5 cm and they did the epidural- I was drunk from the injections so it didn’t hurt. I was dilated enough So they started pitocin to make contractions stronger, I kept dilating and was pushing by 1:30 that afternoon, had my girl at 1:49pm.

I had one with my third. It was in for a couple hours then it fell out at 3 cms and they let me sit for a couple more hours to see if i would continue labour. It stopped so they started oxytocin and in total i was in labour for 17 hours. They did say something about inducing me and sending me home i said hell noo. I was being induced because of preeclampsia detected at 40 weeks 4 days

Never under estimate the work of God… best u can do is wait for it naturally…

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They put mine in after I had my epidural (since you’re numb from waist down you can’t feel when you bladder is full). So this takes care of eliminating urine. I believe they take it out before you start pushing. I never felt mine because of the epidural so my experiences with it was fine

I had that done for my induction. I went in for pre e at 630pm, the Foley was placed at 830p, it was out by 12pm. They would pull on it every so often. My husband and mother got me something to eat and the hospital gave me something for sleep. They came back in at 0500 and started pitocin and ramped it up every hour. By 330pm my son was born.
My advice? After you get the Foley, walk. Walk as much as you can. It will help you dilate because the weight forces it down and they don’t have to pull it so often, if that’s how they do things.

I’ve had one child, cervical cancer and a complete hysterectomy. The hysterectomy hurt worse than the foley, but the walking right after helped both tremendously.
And if you need it, don’t be afraid to ask for the peanut pillow between your knees. And try to turn from one side to the other once in a while. Pitocin is a potent drug, but it may need some physical help. I almost ended up with a C section, if it weren’t for that one nurse who kept turning me like a rotisserie chicken

I’m curious as to why they are inducing you that way. I was induced twice. Sweeping the membranes sounds way less scary.

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4 years ago my Dr stripped my membranes and it worked. Not even 12 hours later my son was born. Some say it doesn’t work but it sure did for me.

I was supposed to have this done and was so scared I skipped the induction appointment :joy::joy::joy: my doctor was not happy! I didn’t need it the next day.

I work in anesthesia, the ones who actually do the the cath insert. At our hospitals you don’t go home after it, but it’s also not used for post due date induction. That’s a fairly “old school” practice, it can dilate you but the rate is unpredictable which is why most docs won’t due it now, you could deliver at any point after. If I were you I’d tell them the second you get there you aren’t going home without a baby. Sadly a lot of smaller hospitals still hope people don’t research and hope for the best. We had a mom the other day who got a foley on Friday and got sent home. Not 30 mins after discharge life flight was called to transport her to a hospital. Hold your ground, and stay put, once they do ANYTHING


it was literally one of the most painful parts about being induced! :confused:

I had the Foley catheter put in and the bulb burst so they put a new one in. It was painful. There were some contractions on the way home but they never amounted to anything. It was very unpleasant to use the bathroom or go from sitting to standing. Given the choice I would not do it again. I was induced with Cervidil the next day and that worked.

It’s so painful and it didn’t even help even after having it 12 hours

I had one. It caused immediate and strong contractions for about an hour and a half. Then they stopped. Took a nap. Then I couldn’t pee. The pressure was building up and it was very uncomfortable. In fact, I asked to be straight cathed twice to relieve the pressure from all of the IV fluids I was given that made me have to pee a lot. I ended up having a c-section as I just would not dilate past 5cm…despite having Pitocin.

They did one when I had my daughter. They kept me in hospital but also it didn’t work for me it was just very uncomfortable. I still ended up having a csection.