What is it like being induced?

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Anybody been induced with fully closed cervix? What was ur experience? I’m not dilated or thinning


I was. Went quickly and easy

I was. It took 36 1/2 hours, but she was my first.

It could take hours or days depends how you respond to the cervix ripening stuff they’ll use and once you dilate some they prob do pitocin

I was dilated 1cm for a week, started the process of induction and ended up going natural. Every body is different.

did cervidil, cytotec and pitocin. 45 hours, made it to 3.5 cm. had c section

I was barely a 2 when I went in but they didn’t induce they did a cervidil to soften my cervix and make labor occur naturally but those have to stay in 12 hrs and I had to have 2.

I did. I was a week past my due date. Went in to be induced at 8pm& i was in labor a lil over 48 hours! but had a very successful vaginal delivery :sparkling_heart: Walking is key! Lots of walking!

I was induced 3 times, (14 kids). I hated it but I did what my doctor thought was best.

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I did and the doctor eventually broke my water and my labor still never progressed and I ended up having a csection

Had it done 2x. And 2 went into labor on my own. They all 4 took me all day lol

Went in Monday and got induced at 8am. Didnt have my daughter until 102pm on a Wednesday

I was. Did Cervidil (2 doses 2 days) then pitocin and he was born naturally like 8 hours later.

Yep fkn hurt like a bitch and took almost 3 days

Yes. Mine was awful. 29 hours of labor and over an hour pushing

Yes induced at 37 weeks they first did cervadil over night (12 hrs) it dilated me to 1/2 cm then did pitocin but after over 24hrs of both not working ans the pitocin putting my daughter in distress I had to have an emergency c-section.

I got induced with a closed cervix, had the balloon and overnight I got to 3cm and was only in labour for 8 hours

I was a 1-2 and induced. They gave me pitocin but I didn’t progress much on my own. They broke my water which kick started my labor big time. I wanted an epidural but the anathesologist was in surgery so I had to wait. I labored over 2 hours in a lot of pain. If you want an epidural I’d make sure the anathesologist is available first. They told me after I now knew what a natural labor felt like🙄. Once I got the epidural I was good. Labored like 3 more hours and I only had to push 3 times. It was pretty quick, that was my second.

I was induced with my cervix fully closed
They had to force my cervix open, induce me and after 6 hours break my water
My son ended up being too big for me though and I got an emergency c section

I was induced and it didn’t work so I had a c-section.

My water broke and since I was only at a 2 they put me on pitocin. 15 hours of labor, an epidural, and my baby’s heart rate radically dropping I made the choice to have a c-section. Cord was wrapped around her neck twice and she might not have made it if i wanted til it was an emergency

Omg its hell mine ended in c-section

Me. Both labors started out actually with a closed cervix. First son my water broke, no dilation. I was induced with pitocin and labored for 22 hours and almost had a c section. My second son I was induced with a thing called cervidil, it softens your cervix to prepare it for labor. Sometimes it starts labor by itself and that’s what happened to me. I didn’t need pitocin and he was born in 15 hours.

That being said I would wait for labor to start on it’s own unless you or baby have something medical going on and its necessary. Induction increases your risks and risk of c section.

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Yep. His heart rate kept glitching (it would drop then rise) so they refused to do Cervical. They inserted a balloon catheter into my cervix. Then started pitocin.

I did, I went in at 7 PM not dialated or anything and had my little girl the next day at 3:22 PM

I was and I was in labor for 72 hours it was my first child

They finally had to do an emergency c section because j wouldn’t dialate any after 6

I had to had cervix opening mess for both of mine. I was only in labor for about 1.5 to 2 hours for each after being given epidural

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Yes. I went in at about 8am they used some gel to get my cervix to thin and I was dialated to 3cm in about 9 hours. They broke my water and the contractions started nonstop I had my son a little after 9pm the same day. I refused to have pitocin due to bad experiences of some people close to me.

I was barely a 1 and almost 2 weeks late. They tried 12 hours of cervidill that did nothing. Wanted me to go another 12 hours on a second dose. I opted for pitocin that finally got me going but what really got me progressing was them breaking my water.

I felt like it came on hard and faster then regular birth

I was indouced at 39weeks bcuzz of high blood pressure i went in thinkin i was finna have a natural birth but i was wrong i was no where close to being ready and if they triwd diff things to help ot would take to long so csection for the 2nd time it was…

My body didnt do anything they didnt try petocin just some pill did nothing. No labor ,no contractions,no thinning…They were going to send me home and then decided to do a csection i was week overdue. The nurses said cord was wrapped around twice but according to someone in this group forever ago thats supposedly “normal” but the nurses were overheard saying “good thing they decided to do a csection on her the cord was wrapped around his neck” no one ofcourse said anything to me untill day after.

I was. Ended up having her less than 8 hours later with only 5 minutes of pushing. It was not bad at all.

I was, they started me with cervadil for the first day, I think I went to a fingertip dilated. Then they put me on pitocin for 2 and a half days. They also had to break my water, that happened 23 hours before I delivered. This was all my first child. Good luck!

I was induced because the blood flow stopped in my daughter cord. They induced me at midnight and i had her at 5.49 that same morning. I didnt need pitocin and my water broke on its own. My birth with her was pretty easy going and i disnt have any problems having her own my own

With my first I was, I was 40 weeks 1 day being induced and it was a great experience. She was here 6 hours after starting pitocin

I was 41w1d not dilated or effaced at all. I went through 4 different induction methods. I was put through hell for 2 days. After delivery I hemorrhaged and ended up in critical care. :woman_shrugging:t2:

First baby 39 weeks, was closed. Cytotec twice, followed by cervidil, followed by pitocin. When checked after cervidil i was 1 cm. When checked after 4 hours on pitocin I had closed back up and she was still floating very high up!!! I had been in labor 36 hours at that point and my anxiety was ramped up to the max. I looked at my doctor and nurses and said “CUT me” she was out less than 30 min. Later. (She had no complications during 36 hrs, I was just mentally ready to be done) she is happy, healthy and beautiful and I have no regrets in asking for c section

I was just induced at 35 weeks, two cervidal, and then pertocin, labor kicked in with the first cervidal, the second one helped to finish the thinning and pertocin finished the job. Contraction to birth was about 12 hourse for me

Everyone is different. I was induced 2 different times (both at 39 weeks). First baby, 14 hrs total from time hooked up to when he was born. Second one 13 hrs. Both I only pushed for a small amount of time.

Yup. Took them 3 days to get her out. They tried multiple ways to get my cervix to dilate. It was not until I took the epidural that my cervix finally dilated. They were going to make me go fourth day I told them no either get her out tonight or give me a C-section. I was pretty much done by that point

Yep. Got induced twice. Never got past 3cm. Ended up with a c-section.

If there’s nothing wrong and youre not overdue (41+weeks) I say just wait, the baby with be ready when he/she is ready.

I wasn’t dilated or thinned when my water broke with my 1st (it broke at 5:30am). They started pitocin at 8am & i had him at 3:55pm the same day. I was 35w 3d

I was and it took a little over two days after being induced for her to come :woman_facepalming:t2:

Yes. And after 12 hours of hard labor I only dilated a half a cm. Ended up having a c section