What is it like being induced?

The doctor told me by Thursday if I don’t give birth they will induce me I’m only 37 weeks tomorrow. But their saying she’s only 4lbs and it’s better she doesn’t pass 38 weeks I’ve never been induced and I’m scared.


It’s ok it will be ok. 37 weeks is mature. Have they done an amino?

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Relax mumma it isn’t early

What is their reason? I wouldn’t do it unless they have a good reason


Being induced does intensify contractions

Had my daughter at 35 and 3 days, this is her today. You will be okay :grin::grin:


Getting induced hurts a lot more… :sob:

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Why are they inducing?

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If the baby isn’t growing, it’s safer for her outside your body than inside. Relax momma, 37 weeks is considered full term even if early term. :heart:


I wouldn’t induce before 40 weeks unless they have a good reason. The longer they bake the better. However if she has to be born at 37 weeks she will be ok. They will take good care of her


Had my son at 37 weeks with a csection you gots this mama!

They told me both my babies would be 5 lbs and they both ended up being 7 lbs I’m curious why they are wanting to induce early?

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I was induced with my first and only kid. As someone who hasn’t done it naturally, I can say it wasn’t that bad. … After the epidural.

For the people saying “don’t induce before 40 weeks”, I’m sure there’s a health reason as to why she would be induced before hand. They don’t induce early “just because”.

As far as being induced goes, it’s not so scary. I was induced with both of my children and it went smoothly. They will do pitocin, break your water if it doesn’t go on it’s own, and you’ll be in labor. Ask for any pain management you need if you decide that route.
Good luck!


Had my youngest daughter at 37 weeks and there were only minor complications. My baby girl is 2, happy, healthy, and smart.

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IUGR. Intrauterine growth restriction. It’s fairly common and it’s normal for them to induce a little early because of it. I worked in L&D for a few years and saw it a lot. You’re at a perfectly safe gestation to deliver and when doctors want to induce you early it is because that is the best possible outcome for you and baby both. Don’t stress, it will be okay. Remember that they do this all day every day.


I had second child at 39 weeks by C-section and she came out to be 6lbs and 15oz

I have had 3 children, 1st and 3rd were induced. I was induced 3 times with my 3rd, never again. Was very painful then my second child who was Natural but in saying that, they will not induce early if there isnt a good reason to. My daughter stopped moving so had to be done, the pain is completely forgotten about when you have your baby on your chest. You got this mumma! Just listen to your body, breathe and if you need to push, push. Your body, you will know what to do.

Its fine theres nothing weird about it they just stick a needle in your arm and you have her

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I’m being induced August 20th with my son and I’ll be only 34 weeks! My water ruptured when I was 31 weeks and I’ve been hospitalized since then

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Sending you and baby prayers

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So being induced is not scary and prayers safe delivery if go with that route.

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I went naturally at 39 weeks and my oldest was just over 5lbs… But ok ow what they use to induce because they had speed up my second labor.

Why won’t they let you go any longer?

Please watch The Business of Being Born. :exploding_head:

Sounds like there’s more to the story that you’re not posting or there’s more to your health condition or the baby’s health condition the doctors aren’t saying to you. If they deem it necessary to induce you at 38 weeks it’s probably because the baby is not thriving and gaining weight in your womb.


37 weekers are notoriously poor eaters/feeders, so if you’re going to nurse, all for extra help! Why are they inducing you? ACOG standards are 39 weeks at the earliest unless there’s a placental problem or issue with mom/ baby.

I was induced at 38 weeks due to preeclampsia, I only dilated to a 3 and stopped, then had to have an emergency c-section. Being induced is not as scary as it sounds I promise. You’ve got this mama!

This makes no sense to me. If she’s only 4lbs why would she induce so early? What are we missing?

Mine "was seven pounds " he was born at 9lbs 8oz


My first was IUGR which sounds like yours may be. Her measurements were correct and closely monitored by a Perinatologist. They scheduled induction for 39 weeks but she came on her own at 38 weeks 6 days.

My second was closely monitored for the same reason. I was not seeing a Perinatologist this time just my midwives and regular growth scans. The measurements weren’t as accurate because of it. They thought at 37 weeks 4 days she was 6lbs 4oz (2 weeks before that she was measuring 4lbs 14oz and 15th percentile)… well… she was born at 39 weeks 2 days only 6lbs 3oz. So almost 2 weeks before that was my scan which she had to of been WAY smaller than measured. Midwife said they would have induced had they known. But she’s healthy none the less!

37 weeks is “technically” full term. To which most babies born at this point don’t need any intervention. But, if there’s no real medical reason…the safest place for baby to continue growing is inside mama.

I was induced with both my first and second. My second was born at 37 weeks 2 days weighing 7lbs 10ozs. He’s now a happy healthy 4month old. If they’re inducing it must be for a reason and they will make sure u and ur baby r ok. This is my chunky.


I was induced due to gestational diabetes. It’s nothing to be worried about, they give you a small chewable pill and the process starts.

My daughter stopped gaining weight while I was pregnant. So I was induced at 39 weeks almost 40. They estimated her to be about 5lbs but she was 6’3 at birth. So it’s perfectly fine!! And the induction I can’t comment on. She’s my only and I ended up with a c section after laboring for 39 hours🙄

I’ve been induced twice it’s nothing to be scared of it just brings on labor that’s all. My first was induced at 38 weeks and my second was 36 weeks

I was induced with all 3 of mine. Its definitely intense but I made it thru all under 5 hrs & no epidural. It will be ok!!

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I was induced with my 2nd as my water broke but I didnt go farther then 5cm cause my sons head wasnt far enough down. I was exactly 41 weeks tho, they gave me a needle in my hand oxitocin on a drip so speed up contractions. I had my son 3.5 hours later.

What? :scream:why they need to induced you and not just wait ?unless you and the baby’s health are at risk? :no_mouth:


They had to induce my sil baby wasn’t gaining weight, I think it’s a good thing.

I cant believe they’re waiting they took my son right when they seen he was underweight

You’ll be fine I had to be induced at 37 weeks. Vaginal birth with no complications. I wouldn’t change a thing.

I’m 35 weeks and my baby is 3.75 pounds, I wonder if my doctor will tell me the same thing :thinking:

Try to hold her in as close to 40 weeks as possible. I was induced at 38 weeks and my daughter was born with RDS, Respiratory Distress Syndrome. She was transported to Lucile Salter Children’s Hospital at 10 hours old and remained in ICU for 6 weeks.


I feel like something is not fully being said here…


I know it’s an uncommon opinion but have you thought about getting a second opinion about this? Unless you have pre eclampsia I don’t understand why you would be induced this early?


Being induced isn’t that bad I had to be because I had genistatonal diabetes

The sizing can be wrong. I was told with my first she would be close to 8lbs. She was only 5lbs 9 oz. We spent 6 days in the hospital due to her jaundice and I was having trouble nursing but otherwise she was perfectly fine! My second was born at 36 weeks and was 7lbs 4oz and my third was born at 37 weeks he was 6lbs 15oz. My last two went home within a couple of days.

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If weight is the only issue why would they induce. Babies gain about a pound a week in the last month?! What’s the actual concern?

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I had my daughter at 37 weeks. They said she would only be like 4 lbs by then. She was 6 lbs 5 oz and perfect. Ultrasounds aren’t spot on. It’s basically an estimated guess on the weight.

The same here. Doctors wanted to induce me at 37+5 for lack of amniotic fluids. Today I’m 38+0 and still nothing. I have another appointment tomorrow

Rest , put your feet up. Your going to be okay. Your baby will be okay. My last one was induced. Fast labor. He’s 19 years old now , healthy going strong. Blessed.

Dont be i was induce and it just means u having u baby now.

My bonus daughter went threw this. They were going to induce her bc it’s beneficial to your baby bc of lack of nutrition your baby is getting inside the womb and it better for them to be in the outside :relaxed:and induction is nothing to be scared of :revolving_hearts:

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My first I was told she was 7 pound and she was born at 9.9
My second they said 6ish pound and was born 9.4 they can be way off for sizing.

Chances are your placenta is calcifying early which is causing lack of nutrients to pass to baby.
This happened to me and my daughter ended up being 5 1/2 lbs.
I was induced, it sucks but all that matters is that your baby girl is ok.

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Why are they inducing you?? Unless the doctor wants to go on vacation or something. Or the baby is low on amniotic fluid perhaps. :thinking:

It’s not so bad hun
They waited until I was 42 weeks to induce me and baby ended up being too big
If the weight is right then baby can come.
Birth will be easier on the both of you at this point

Trust the Doctor I am sure they have a reason for this. Congratulations on your new family May god bless you.

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No worry’s I am as well. My baby at 34 weeks was 7 lbs baby could be 10lbs by 40 weeks. I’m being induced the 19th or 20. Also my sons birthday

37 weeks is technically considered full term. Although most drs don’t just induce at 37 weeks unless medically necessary. Have they mentioned anything to you concerning your baby? It sounds like maybe your baby stopped growing in the womb so therefore they induce early because the baby has a better chance of growing outside the womb at this point. My sister in law went through the same thing

If she is only 4 lb at 37 wks, then she is what is considered IUGR, & that means the baby isn’t getting any nutrition & etc. And we will leave that at that. The baby needs to come out

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Dont worry everything be alright.

Hello! My baby girl was induced at 37 weeks 5 days due to having IUGR. They estimated her weight to he 5lbs 4 ozs. When she was born she was only 4lbs 13.5oz. The induction was not bad at all! I’ll admit that nothing went the way U had wanted it to, but they got my little one here safely. Make sure they ripen your cervix before giving pitocin, stay open minded about pain medications, and be kind to nurses who are going to help you more than anyone else. They will most likely want you on continuous fetal monitoring. With the external monitors I was allowed to get out of bed to go to the bathrooms, but they had to switch to internal ones for me which left me bed-bound. The internal monitors, according to them, are more accurate and I genuinely preferred them to the external ones.

Why are they inducing you if your daughter is only 4 pounds and your not even to term yet

It is scary but try to think about the beautiful angel that will soon be in your arms to love even more. Best of luck. (((Hugs)))

So they think she isnt developing fast enough in the womb so they want to induce early? I was induced with my son and had my daughter naturally I recovered so much faster with my daughter