What is it like being induced?

Hello all,

I am getting induced in a week, I’ll be 38 weeks, because of a weight issue but I was curious what should I expect? This is my first baby and no one I know has been induced so I was curious for any insight of what may happen? Thank you!


Every experience is different. I was induced at 37 weeks and it was easier than being pregnant for me. I loved giving birth


I had a great experience! I was induced for the same reason. Progressed as I should. Started pitocin at 6:30am and had my baby at 4:58pm😊 but really, everyone’s experience will be different as nobody’s body is the same. Just pray about it/think positive thoughts and hope for the best😊 you got this mama!!!

I was induced with the both of my babies (my body doesnt like to go into labor on it’s own, and with my second they were worried my son would get too big by my due date)
I went in around 6 am. They started a pitocin drip not too long after I got there. Every few hours they would come back to see me, check my cervix and they broke my water. The contractions did hurt but other than that everything went smoothly. I would rather be induced because I know what to expect. I had my first within 12 hrs after the pitocin started and with my second I delivered about 7 hrs after they started.

Same as Emily. They gave me some medications to start the dilation. Maybe another for the water to break (not sure) but was beyond easy. Both of mine were induced at 37 weeks.

2 of mine were induced, more pain and longer labor. My last, he came without being induced, less pain and was here in about 4 hours instead of a days worth of excruciating labor!

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If your getting induced get the epidural, it makes the birth way more better, its diffently a waiting game when getting induced


Hated being induced. Labor was longer for me than when I went naturally with my 1st. It was uncomfortable and painful. Not a fan.

Where do I begin lol first of all, you know your body the best. You have to be your own advocate. If you feel something isn’t right, say something. If you feel you aren’t being treated right, SAY SOMETHING.

with that being said. I was induced with my first and then last baby. Both experiences were terrible. I hate being induced, however remember that ALL inductions are different.

First baby: the nurse gave me tooo much pitocin so I didn’t get to gradually go into labour. I went from a 4-10 quick. My daughter got stuck and the nurses had to jump on my stomach, I had to get cut down there and when my daughter was born, her cord was wrapped around her neck twice, and her body. Her heart rate was declining and she had a hard time breathing after birth.

During my last induction, they gave me the cervidil and I was already in early labour. It worked immediately but they told me to go home. As soon as I got home, I had to go back. I gave birth 20-30 minutes later. It was quick but extremely painful.

I was induced with pitocin. It almost killed my son & me both i was rushed back to emergency c section. I will never get induced again unless i have no choice. Pitocin cause my heart rate to plummet which in turn caused his to plummet. My oxygen levels went dangerously low. Every birth is different and so scary.

My first labor was the longest ( 12 hrs) then ever baby after that was like 3 hrs

I went into labour at 35 weeks and reached 4cm but didnt go any further than that for 40 hours but was still having contractions. We decided to induce and went from 4cm to 10cm within 3 hours and did an hour of pushing than bub was out. It was very fast, intense and damn painful but after 2 days i just wanted it over .

I have 4 girls induced with 2 of them . the first time went amazingly was given pitocin at 9am had her at 5:46pm the second one sucked was induced 6pm on the 22nd had her via emergency cesarean at around 7pm on the 23rd
I was induced at 37 weeks because she stopped growing around 34 weeks

I was induced at 3pm on Feb 18 with Cervadil (spelling) and I was at 1cm dilated. Contractions started at 9pm and it was all back labour. Water broke at 1am. Cervadil fell out at 3am. Epidural was given at 3cm dilated which was around 9am on the 19th. Pitocin given around the same time. Reached 10cm dilated at 1pm. My son was born at 243pm! Overall in labour for 17.75 hours. Besides the back labour which I would never wish upon my worst enemy, I had a great experience being induced!

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Was induced with my 2nd (he was only one that stayed in til his induction date) I have 3 kids. Anyways… I have a very high pain tolerance. So it depends how u handle pain to. For me my experience was extremely easy and I loved every min. They got me in my room and started everything IVs in vitals ect started meds at 745am exactly. And they let my body do rest. They checked me bout every 15 to 30 mins. I got an epidural about 1130am by noon I was 10cm. They put my butt down and let my son work his way down. By 150pm nurse went to check me and could see my son’s head so Dr and nurses got every thing ready and set up by 229pm my son was born! Good luck to u! Praying for safe delivery for u and baby!

Get your epidural before they break your water

I was induced twice and nothing happened. It was an awful feeling going home without a baby in the back seat. Just be prepared that it may not work.

I got induced all 3 boys! Goes faster!

I was induced Monday morning at 8 am and had my daughter Wednesday afternoon at 1:02pm. It took forever but I’d much rather do it that way lol I only pushed for 20 mins also. I thought it went good lol

I was induced at 38 weeks for blood pressure reasons and my process was actually great! I first got the pitocin at 11:00 AM July 18th. They broke my water at 1:30 AM July 19th because I wasn’t in active labor yet. I pushed for 25 minutes at 5:00 AM and then he was here! I liked getting to the hospital not in a rush and could ease being in labor rather than anticipating any moment that I could start at home or work.

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Being induced sucked. Your body isn’t going to respond naturally doing it so you get the contractions with less progress. You should be perfectly fine but labor will not go smoothly if it’s anything like mine. 3 out of 5 were induced. 2 because my water broke early and the other because he was late. It will pass and you will have a beautiful baby in your arms. Safe delivery is best. With that said the epidural didn’t always work for me. Made a few parts of my body numb but not the patrs the mattered the most and another time they got their so late I just gave birth with out it. Thought I was tough after that and didn’t want the epidural with my third giving birth to 8 pound 9 ounce baby and I did. Didn’t work with the fourth at all.

Yes i have its an iv drip and they do it slower, so you just start to have cramps like your period and now if you can have that thing where they put medince in your back and it numbs u down there you shouldnt feel anything my daughter did it and she didnt feel anything i was shocked if u want to talk to me i live in syracuse my no. Is 5745518033.

I was induced 2weeks early(I was 41yr old) they said it was safer given my age…65 hrs later I had my son by c section :woman_shrugging:t3:he didn’t wanna come out at 9#1oz

I was induced at 38 weeks.
In labor for 36 hours. I didn’t progress past 5cm.
I had a c section due to the baby’s heart rate dropping from my labor.

Being induced was hell for me. I ripped out my iv’s because they said I couldn’t shower. I was in so much pain I screamed, I have the right to refuse treatment!! After that they were willing to let me shower, but boy was that pain terrible. Giving birth was easy tho, but I had an epidural.

I’m a worst case scenario person but honestly it was a wholly positive, if not unexpected, experience.

Only one baby but I went in for monitoring around 10a.m., ended up needing induction (38.5 weeks) but it was storming with a tornado risk so they weren’t trying to rush labor, had two doses of Cytotec 4 hours apart that did nothing, then pitocin drip starting at 9:30p.m. Water broke on its own about 4:30a.m. had epidural ASAP because those contractions were unbelievable. But as soon as the epidural was in, I felt literally nothing. I slept from 5-9 cm dilation. Pushed less than 30 minutes and baby was born at 3:14 p.m. Labored (post epidural) for right at 10 hours.

I chose to be induced for a couple different reasons but anyways…I got to the hospital at 5am they hooked me up to monitors and said I was actually contracting on my own so they just watched my progress for awhile. My doctor came in at 7am by that time my contractions weren’t increasing so they turned on the pitocin. The doctor checked to see if I was dilated more from the week before when he seen me and I was so he gave the ok to get an epidural so I got it before contractions became remotely close to uncomfortable (pitocin makes them happen faster and stronger) and this was my 3rd child and 3rd time being on pitocin so I knew what to expect. As soon as they gave me the epidural I was in absolutely no pain during labor or delivery. If I could’ve done it with my first 2 I definitely would!

I was induced at 5 am and had my baby by 1 pm . It went really fast for me . I didnt even feel my contractions until my doctor broke my water about 8:30 am

Walk walk will help with being induced even if you feel contractions keep walking more. It will make labor a little easier. For me being induced was a piece of cake. I rather have a planned pregnancy. I opened a lot slower not being induced the labor was a a bit of ring of fire feeling.

I was induced with my last baby. my water was broken at 7am and the drip started. my baby was here at 10.59am. I had a good experience though not everyone is the same.

I was induced with my youngest at 41.5 weeks. Started the iv at 9 am and he was born at 9:59pm. I honestly did not have a bad experience but I think from what I know now- I could have waited to have baby all on my own, no induction. Just my personal preference