What is it like being induced?

I’m being induced at 39 weeks Becasue of my high blood pressure and I just wanna hear some of your stories about being induced :blush:


I was induced 6 weeks ago at 2pm and had my baby at 11:12 pm

Was a breeze but also had voluntary C section

It is so much more painful that is one thing I want do again unless I have to.


I don’t wanna scare you…


First baby induced at 8am, he wasn’t born until 8:30pm. No drugs, very painful! 2nd baby induced around 12:30 because water broke, she was born at 8:08pm. Epidural, easy breezy! It feels like transitional labor the whole time! Get the epidural!

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I wouldn’t do it again that’s for sure.


I was induced at 37 weeks for high blood pressure and it didn’t work. It was an agonizing 24 hours of constantly checking and rechecking to see if there was any progress. I had an emergency C-section and was so relieved that it was over! I am pregnant again with the likelihood of high blood pressure again so I am opting for the C-section this time to avoid the entire induction process. I hope it goes well for you!

Went in for my inducement on the 26th didn’t have him until the 29th. It was a long hard labour

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I was induced at with my daughter who was 9 days overdue. Had her naturally after about 6 hours. Don’t let everyone scare you it will be bad. Everyone’s experience is different, mine was great. Just keep yourself moving if you can and breathe! Good luck to you!

Induced at 40 weeks due to high blood pressure at 9am had 3 rounds of cervidil and pitocin the whole time and at midnight after so much pain had to have a emergency c section because they kept losing my daughters heartbeat due to stress

I’ve been induced 4 times, they say the contractions are a lot more painful but I can’t say because I’ve never gone into labor on my own. I mean obviously it’s going to be painful regardless. My shortest labor was 9 hours. Longest was 18 hours. Good Luck! :blush: I’ll be getting induced again April 1st.

I was enduced woth all 3 of my kids. All 3 of my kids i had natually. Every pregnancy is different. Dont scare ypurself by aski g fb. You will only hear the bad. You got this

It’s a lot more intense xx


I was induced with two of mine and yeah whilst it is painful ( which it could be if you wasn’t induced ) at least ya know you will be holding baba sooner good luck hunni let us all know how it goes xx

I was induced and it was easy for me! Now I did have a great nurse who told me to ask for drugs at the first hint of pain so I never was in any real pain.

I was induced 10 days early for the same thing. Mine was pre-pregnancy. Induced July 6th 2017. My doctor tried to break my water at around 730-8am. I say try bc my daughter was super low so we were sure if she did. Found out 30 minutes later. Started pitocin about 30 minutes or so later. I chose to do no pain meds. I got one dose of nubian. It doesn’t make you not feel the contractions. You just don’t care. I wouldn’t have got that but since I was in labor, my blood pressure got higher than they liked. So they said I needed to rest but I wanted to walk around. Made several trips to the bathroom to stay up lol. At about 8pm I was at 9 1/2 Cm so my doctor told me I could start pushing a little to widen it the rest. I guess it was my hips spreading or back labor. The contractions were intense. They would go out and just sit on my hips. I asked for a little more nubian before 8pm but she said they had to check me. I knew I wasn’t getting anymore. I was 8cm when she checked me so the answer was no. At that point, I didn’t care about resting. I had to move. Back to pushing. So I pushed a little then it was time for the grand finale. I pushed for about 45 minutes. My doctor is a rockstar. I love her so much! She did perineal massage. She also numbed a spot that she thought may tear. At 9:04 PM my babygirl was born. Lillianne Grey 9 pounds 2 ounces. 20 1/4 inches long.

I was induced with my last pregnancy compared to my first birth it was a lot easier and quicker my first pregnancy was over 24 hours had to go natural lot of complications . Then with my induction I was there at 5 a.m. had my daughter before noon contractions were a lot stronger but delivery was a lot easier don’t stress over it everybody pain tolerance levels are different everybody’s deliveries are not the same if I was able to have more children I would want to be induced rather than go on my own

Was induced 5 out of my 6 deliveries, all necessary . I don’t do epidurals either only with my first. You will be totally fine. High BP is nothing to mess with. Meditation is so helpful <3

I was induced with all 3 of my kids. First one 3 weeks early because of pre-eclampsia. Was induced at 8am didnt have her until 257AM. Very difficult delivery. Had 2 voluntary inductions with my other 2 and it wasn’t too bad. I wish I would have went into labor on my own though

Epidural because I didn’t have one for the first 3 days of induction that’s right three days if I would have had won the first or second day I would have been able to tolerate the contractions I also had to be manually dilated with a little balloon against my cervix because I wasn’t progressing because I couldn’t handle the contractions from the pitocin once I got epidural I couldn’t feel anything they were doing or the contractions I was finally dilated enough for them to break my water and he came quickly after

I’ll just say I was glad I said YES when the nurses offered medication! It may not be easy but so worth it :heart::heart::heart: Good luck to you. I’m sure you’ll do great and before you know it you’ll be holding that precious little angel :angel:t3:

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Ended in emergency c section but no pain. Everything went well

I had bad back pain when I got induced I was a week past my due date though. I was induced with my first also a week later they had to induce me again both I had bad back pain with had an epidural with my first only

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I got induced with my 2nd baby. I was really nervous but then when time came out went by extremely fast and easy.

Every single person will be different so really you can’t compare. Had two inductions. One major back labor and our last at 39 weeks went amazing. Good luck!

I prefer being induced then going into labor. I went into labor with my last and that was the most painful labor I went threw out of 3 kids

I was induced at 39 weeks for high blood pressure started the balloon catheter and pitocin. If you plan on doing the epidural I suggest getting before they use a balloon catheter. My experience with pitocin was that they set it high and my contractions were back to back with no break to breathe. It was tough. If I had to go back I’d get the epidural sooner (which I asked for it at 2am Saturday morning an then they finally sent them in at 8am to place it. )… and I would have tried waiting longer before being induced. Overall it was too bad. Just rough.

Induced at 41 weeks cervadil at 7pm Monday water broke 2:30am Tuesday went to take cervadil out 7am Tuesday and no where to be found, must of came out when my water broke, patocin 8am Tuesday then instant contractions they had to give me something to slow then down the ended up having my son 7am Wendesday

I went in on Easter night with my now almost 13 year old daughter they put cervadil in me at 9 PM and planned to start pitocin the next morning . I woke up at 2 am thinking i had to pee my mom
Was in the bathroom and i thought at first i peed in the bed but it was my water it had broke on it on and she was born 7 hours 44 mins later at 9:44 am

I won’t give you all the details, because it sucked. It took me from Saturday afternoon until Tuesday morning to give birth…but here’s the scoop: It’s going to be hard and tiring, but you can do it! At one point I begged for a c-section, and my doctor told me no. And I am so happy that she made me push through! You got this!:muscle::muscle:

I was induced with all 4 of my kiddos. I went from 0-7 in 1 hr! The first 10 hrs was annoying and then BAM here comes the munchkin. 1st kiddo 30 hrs, 2nd 14 hrs, 3rd 10 hrs and 4th 7 hrs.

I was induced 3 weeks early because of high blood pressure and it was a very difficult delivery that ended up in me having a c-section. I labored for about 30 hours and then had a c-section which last around 3 hours.

My hospital popped my bag to try and trigger labor. I labored for 20 almost 21 hours, the pitocin did not work for me and I had to have a csection anyway. I have a few friends the pitocin did work for and a few that it didnt. I would talk to my dr about it early on and decide if you want to try and labor or just opt for the csection early. Good luck momma and congrats!

I was induced and they stopped my labor 3 times because they couldn’t find my daughters heartbeat.

I was induced with all 4 of mine…i liked it…it went fast because i didnt get epidural…you can get pain meds in i.v…you def have to go to a place in your breathing and head to get through the pain when you get more dilated…but i got through it…good luck!

I got induced with my second child. He just wouldnt drop or i wasnt dilating. I went in at 5am, they administered the medicine in IV at 7:30 and i had my son at 10:28. I guess i just needed a little kick start cuz my water broke after an hour and the contractions really kicked in

I was induced on a sunday evening and out he came early tuesday morning…i waited until I was at 6 for dialation before i asked for an epideral

I was induced because of high blood pressure at 38 weeks, had to wear the oxygen mask but other than that no problems or complaints , it was my first baby, I pushed her out in ten minutes!!!

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Induced at 41 weeks! Had cervadil inserted at 10pm and it feel out at 9am the next morning, was started on pitocin and after a certain amount of time they stopped it because they can only give you so much! I labored for about 30 hours after that but didn’t make it past 4cm no matter what they did… I just had a stubborn baby :laughing: Ended with a csection! Good luck mama and congratulations :kissing_heart:

I was induced with both of my girls. First because of high blood pressure (PIH) second due to preeclampsia. I’m one of the lucky ones and labor went quickly and so did delivery. For I was induced with cervadil. Labored for 6 hours pushed 3 times. Second time I had my water broke and pitocin. Labored for 4 1/2 hours pushed for 5min. I have an epidural with both

Easy. Induced with both my boys. Got meds around 9 with both. Active labor for a half hour with one. Other was 3 minutes lol

I was induced with pitocin with all 2 of my 3 because my water broke but I wasn’t getting contractions. The biggest difference is you pretty much got straight into hard labour. If baby is in position for delivery and if you have a week or so before delivery day, take evening of promise pills to soften your cervix. I had trouble dilated with my first 2 and labour was over 24 hours. I tried this with my third and I had her about 2 hours after being induced. I cleared it with my doctor first of course. Good luck mama!

6 and 7 hour labor’s. Painful yes but went smoothe

I was induced with both of my babies and I had no issues at all, my first labor was 8 hours (that’s from right when I got there to when I had him) and my second was only 12 hours not bad at all :slightly_smiling_face:

I induced on april 16th because of high blood pressure. I was at a normal appointment and she told me to go home and pack my bags and meet her at the hospital and had my son the 17th. His due date was the 26th. I think i had a great experience honestly

Honestly it was horrible it made my contractions 10 times worse they broke my water too I dilated too quickly that my son went into distress because he basically fell and I tore bc I went to fast for them to cut me I couldn’t feel myself pushing and it took forever

I was supposed to be induced at 38 weeks from high bp then went in at 31 weeks and and thhen they wanted to induce me at 34 weeks i made it 5 days before i was rushed in for emergency c section be very careful momma and good luck to u and baby

I was induced with my daughter. I got the pitocin, within 3 hours I was at 7cm and my water was broken. By 5 hours I was pushing. An hour later, my daughter was born. :two_hearts:

I’ve been induced 4 times. Each story is a little different. I suppose I could cover the similarities. Went into l and d. They do a ton of paperwork before they install the IV later meant for pitocin. 3/4 times I’ve had cervidil because my cervix wasn’t dialated at the time. It softens and ripens the cervix. It’s suppose to be there for a few hours before they check you. The drip of pitocin will be cold at first then you will barely notice it until they try to pump you with more. It causes contractions. When the cervix is dialated enough your water will be popped. It’s a waiting game after that for baby to get into position to push. That’s the basics. For my 4th child, my 3rd induction was the absolute worst. I wouldn’t dialate. My water was popped 2x. They used a balloon on my cervix. That was extremely painful. It was the longest induction I’ve ever had lasted almost 36 hours and they literally did everything to me to help me along since baby was being monitored and fine I didn’t need a csection. Besides the 36 hour induction (4th baby, 3rd inductuin) counted at time of them breaking my water my other inductions were 9 hours (1st baby 1st induction), 5 hours(3rd baby, 2nd induction), and 12 hours(5th baby, 4th induction). All timed after breaking my water not when medicine was first administered.

I was induced 9 days ago, had my water broken at 8:30 in the morning. Had my babe at 11:33 that night! I was induced at 38+5 because he was small!

Induced twice with pitocin and had the mag drip, also got epidural both times. First labor and delivery went perfect, the second my epidural only took to one side but and i felt 95% of my contractions.

I was induced with both mine the first was 16 hours with three of pushing and the second was 24 hours 5 minutes of pushing

Mine went great. I was induced at 38w7d for gestational hypertension. I went in the night before, started pitocin and my antibiotic. They broke my water at 8a and he was born at 122p. If I ever get pregnant again, I want an induction. They’re lovely.

Induced at 7am they broke my water at 4pm and ended up having a c section at midnight due to him being to big to fit past my pubic bones.

I was induced at 40+4 due to pre eclampsia and honestly every thing was fine. It was very intense but she was her in about 6 hours after they broke my water. But only put the drip in 3 hours before i had her. It was amazing and only needed gas and air and if you use it properly it works amazing. I got my mum to tell me when it was getting stronger so I could puff :joy: x

Ended up having a c-section anyway. Wish I had skipped the induction.


I was with 2 babies. It went great. They started the stuff, when it hurt I got my epidural, babies were born within 12 hours.

I was induced at 33+ for preeclampsia in labor for 40 hrs. No epidural. Gave birth at 33 and 6. He tore me but he was 17inches long and 4lbs 4oz

Got induced with both of mine. First time was worst then 2nd time labor from start to finish lil over 3 hrs!

GET THE EPIDURAL WHEN THEY OFFER IT. I was super sensitive when it came to anything being up there. I couldn’t have sex without being in pain, couldn’t get checked to see if I dilated without tearing up or squeaking. It’s a lot better with this second pregnancy but my first I couldn’t have sex at all or have anything up there.

Both of my babies were induced. I was induced at 36 weeks with my daughter due to pre-eclampsia. I wasn’t at all dilated. They administered the pitocin at noon, gave me the epidural at 3, popped my water manually around 5… I was holding my daughter at 1:34 am. They had to manipulate her to breathe at first… but everything turned out fine. Didn’t feel any of the labor. My daughter is 8 now.

Induced last month (exactly a month today) with my son at 39 weeks. I was 3 cm dilated already. They administered pitocin at 2 am. I held off on the epidural until I was about 5 cm dilated (7 am). Anesthesiologist came in right after I was checked and as he had me lean forward for the injection my water broke naturally. They got the epidural in and checked me again and I had progressed to 7 cm in just a few minutes. The epidural didn’t work. I felt all of my contractions and the catheter. Got super woozy and shaky, thought I might pass out. The nurses kept rolling me from side to side. I was holding my son at 7:32 am. Had issues pushing because the epidural numbed my legs and arms. Wish I had just decided not to get it.

I got induced with my oldest at 36 weeks due to preeclampsia and my son is perfectly healthy and everything went great :slight_smile:

I was.induced for high blood pressure got contractions that were in 4-5mins of each other as soon as they put it in the drip, was in labour from 9am-6:30pm ended up having to have an epidural cause my body was pushing when it wasn’t meant to then ended up having to have an emergency c section

I was induced and had the baby on my due date. When it came time to push, my doctor wasn’t there and the nurse refused to get her until I had already started pushing. My baby almost wasn’t caught. Please make sure that when you think it’s time to push, your doctor is there.

I got induced with my second and like it. My labor was three hour and only push for 10 minutes!!

The pitocin made me vomit repeatedly between contractions. On an empty stomach. The pill that they stick in your cervix to dilate you is the size of a birth control pill and they have to shove their entire hand up there to place it, TWICE. My first epidural didn’t work, my second one was too much and I couldn’t walk for 10 hours after having my daughter. And when I told them I couldn’t feel my legs, they ignored me and sent in a frail, old nurse to move me to recovery and I fell on the floor. While wearing a catheter. Being induced is nice because you can schedule it, but hopefully you have a smoother experience.

4 kids & 2 inductions…
I had gestational diabetes with the last 2 and it was either have the baby or go on insulin for the last weeks of my pregnancies… So we had babies!
The 2 that were induced (my youngest 2 boys) were such calm deliveries in comparison! Good luck :purple_heart:

Oh man. My water broke christmas eve and I had to be induced because I wasn’t going into active labor. All I have to say is being induced gives your body less time to adjust to the pains of labor. It is very fast acting and most women, myself included, go from feeling like they can handle it to immediately feeling the worst part. I ended up having to get an epidural because I was dealing with that sudden change on an empty stomach and little sleep. So I would say do the little practices for tolerating the labor pains now. (Such as holding ice in your hand for 30 seconds.) Being induced is intense, so make sure you are prepared for it.

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