What is it like being induced?

I’m due April 8th and my doctor is going out of town the 6th and 7th. She mentioned inducing me before so I can be sure to have her as my doctor. I’m pretty scared of being induced because I’m not sure what to expect at all, but I don’t want to take the chance of going into labor and having my baby when she’s not in town. My baby’s also a little big so I don’t want to take the chance of going late anyways. So do any of u mama’s have any story’s about being induced? Is the pain alot worse? How long does it usually take to be induced? What method did they use? Were you still able to have a natural birth? I don’t personally know anyone who had to be so I can’t get advice or stories from anyone I know.


I was induced 10 days past with my first. I don’t have anything to compare to, but I didn’t think it was all that terrible. My labor was 18.5 hours. I also had to get a c section, but she finally decided to come with the pitocin so I didn’t need the c section. Everybody’s different, but don’t freak out to much

If you don’t have to do it, dont. Everyone’s experience with induction is different and I wish I would have just waited and let it happen naturally.

I was induced both times at 15 & 18 my boy didn’t have any issues I was 40wks with 1st he was 9lbs 8oz and 39wks 5day with 2nd he was 8lbs 2oz. I showed up, got my water broke, I got an epidural so I slept the whole time,labor was 8 hours with 1st and 6 hrs with 2nd woke up pushed 30 min with 1st only pushed twice with 2nd. I had no problems at all. Good luck and congratulations

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I was induced twice, once with twins. I had natural births, no more painful than one where I wasn’t induced. Everything went fine

Please try to avoid being induced unless for medical reasons. I was induced my son was breech and weighed 9lbs. It was a awful experience :disappointed:

I was induced for my oldest but ending up having an emergency C-section. My youngest wasn’t induced

I was induced both times. With my first it was 12 hours 8 mins from start to the actual birth. My second it was 2 mins shy of 8 hours start to birth. We broke water and started pitocin. With my 1st I got epidural at 2cm with 2nd I got it at 4cm. With my.son (2nd) I felt contractions way more.intensely then with my daughter (1st) I liked being induced bc I knew the process. I gave birth vaginally both times. Tore hella bad with my 1st but almost nothing at all with my second.

I was induced with all 3 of mine. Had all of them in under 5 hours. Never had an epidural… It is intense but I much rather gone thru what I did vs some of the stories I have heard going in labor natural lol
I had vaginal births with all of mine. My last 1 I wanted to be induced because my 2nd one I struggled with a little & didn’t want my 3rd to be bigger than her. I wouldn’t change my choice for induction for nothing! I had an amazing mid wife & she was also going on vaca & i didn’t want anyone else either.

I was induced early and I had an IV drop type thing started at 8:30pm I had my son at 1:58 the next day I honestly have no complaints about being induced just suckrd waiting to get the epidural( I chose to have one cause I couldnt with stand the pain) for me it took a while to become dialated but I was induced at 36+4 weeks had a vaginal birth that didnt go bad at all, due to being born a couple weeks early my son was born at 5 pounds and is 4 months and healthy as ever !

My first I was induced 12 hours of labor and 3 pushes. 2nd I was scheduled to get induced but had him a day early 10 pushes. 3rd natural half a push. 4th natural she literally fell out dr caught her with no gloves on but I warned her all my births were easy. Drs say I have good child bearing hips. Oh and the 3rd and 4th it was getting close to a c section because the umbilical cord was wrapped around their necks and their heart rate kept dropping.

I was induced both times. With my first I was brought in at night and labored all night and had the baby at 1030 the next morning. With my second they started my drip at 7am and I had the baby 6 hrs later. After they broke my water things moved very fast, so fast my epidural couldn’t keep up and it didn’t work. But things go slower your first time.

I wouldnt work my baby’s birth around my doctors time and schedule. It’s God’s timing… Mine tried to induce a week early because he was supposed to be off the week of my due date… The odds werent in his favor.

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No let it happen naturally.
Hell, your body is going to do the work.


i was induced with my first, total nightmare. 28h labor, she went into distress and i almost died. they had to forcefully remove her because i was bleeding out and she was in distress. was in hospital for 4 days, couldn’t hold her without help for 2 months due to recovery and was too weak from blood oss (no transfusion given) and she had a noticeable ‘kink’ in her neck for months after. my second and third were both natural, un-medicated and perfect and we were allowed to go home same day. my third they told me they may have to induce me as labor wasn’t progressing. that scared the crap out of me enough that he was born within an hour lol

I was induced with my last two kids but I live an hour and a half from the hospital and from start to finish it only takes me about 3 hours to have a baby. My husband didn’t think he could deliver them so I got induced. If you don’t mind who you have for a Dr i would just wait to go naturally. I know people who have had issues getting induced. I never did but that doesn’t mean you won’t. My labor with my son was way easier then my labor with my daughter.

I was induced just this January with my 1st baby. I was in labor for 10 1/2hours and got to have him naturally. As far as being induced it wasn’t a bad experience. I did have several contractions that didn’t stop just got less painful for a second(but still there) and then spiked back up. I ended up getting an epidural at 5cm because I couldn’t handle the pain anymore.

This is long lol

I was induced the week before I was due.

I went to the dr on Monday 7/9 for my weekly apt, and they swept my membranes. That afternoon, I did some walking and ate a good lunch. I ended up cramping BAD, and it kept getting closer together. I went in with my husband and was a 3. I was told I was a 4 earlier that day! I was so confused.

Anyways, they let me stay for an hour and walk around some more and I didn’t progress. The nurse that helped us told me, “we are going to induce you becAuse the baby’s oxygen levels keep dropping… that and I know you want to meet him :wink:”. It made me feel like she Was only inducing me because I wanted to have him. That wasn’t it. I didn’t mind waiting, I was just frustrated because I was in pain.

Well… it’s already almost 11 I’m on 7/9 still and they finally move me to a room. Midnight comes and they start. By like 2-3, I went to. 5 and was 80% effaced. I was starting to feel really bad and in some pretty tough pain so they give me morphine. By 8 am, I’m dilated to an 8 and 90% effaced!! Absolutely shocked

By that time I’m hurting so bad I can’t stand it and ask for something else to ease the pain, they give me something else not as strong and immediately have to get me on my hands and knees because my sons oxygen Levels suddenly dropped and I got so scared. I was sooo sleepy though, I could barely hold myself up. My husband woke up and was scared. They get it under control, and by that time the pain was taking my breath away. Come to find out the anesthesiologist was in surgery so no epidural :sob::sob:

At that point I didn’t care, get this baby out! I had him an hour later after pushing a good 5 times!! Still can’t say that was the worst pain I’ve been in, but boy it was tough.

I was induced it wasn’t a bad experience. When labor finally started boy it started but everything went smoothly.

I was induced with my 3! Everything went great!

My water broke naturally but I never really went into labor, so I had to be induced. Water broke 12am, was given pitocin 3am, progressed slowly till 3Drs discusses doing csection. But wanted to give me another hour for my body to try, by 4 pm I was fully dilated and after 4 pushes he was out. I had an Epi but was a super smooth labor, only thing I would change was stopping for food on the way in, I was starving mid morning and wasn’t allowed to eat!

Uh do not get induced with your first child. They have a high rate of resulting in c section bcuz your body doesnt know what its doing.

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Karen, I have had two induced pregnancies. I had both of my kids naturally. Yes they had to break my water but I did get to have them naturally. I hope you are able to as well. Good luck momma.:muscle:t4:

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Labor will be longer that’s about it

I was induced because I was well beyond 40 weeks. Once they applied the gel, I was in active labor an hour later, and holding my baby less than 3 hours after that. Looking back on it now, it seems like my labor came on so quickly, that my child might’ve been coming naturally that day anyway, but I was sick of being pregnant, and my obstetrician telling me to stick it out. I wouldn’t have changed my decision, though, if I had to go back and do it again. And, yes, my birth was natural.

I was induced for all 3 of my kiddos and was 39 weeks each time. My first two were pretty quick and pain wasn’t bad but I’ve only ever been induced. My third was completely different. My doc doesn’t limit who is in the room. For my first two it was only 2 others. For my third I think I had 5 people by time it came time. If I could do my daughters birth again I would totally limit my stress and people. Someone I had there had to start shit and it upset me and they had to stop my induction.my first two it was literally a few hours from being induced to having them my daughter was 23 hours cuz of all the stress and almost ended with a c section because of how long I was in labor. I agree with the comment about nurses tho. For all three my kiddos I had amazing nurses. I have friends who had shitty nurses and made her experience not so great. Im so glad I was able to have my doc there for my birth.