What is it like being induced?

I’m getting induced tomorrow morning and when they called I had so much on my mind I forgot to ask her questions. For ladies who got induced what was your experience like?


They will ask you a ton of questions and you will have a chance to ask questions before the process even begins. Try to relax and just make the best of it. You are in for a long day but worth it when it is all over. Good luck.

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I was induced with 2nd and third baby
3rd baby after being induced i had full on contractions for 12 hours straight

Contractions came on quick, babies heart rate dropped and ended in emergency c section. Will never agree to be induced again


AMAZING. I was induced with my second. It took five hours. They gave me the epidural at the beginning before the pitocin so literally didn’t feel a thing. I didn’t sleep because I was too excited. I want to be induced again this time around also. :raised_hands:t4::blue_heart::heartpulse:

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Wonderful! I didn’t feel a thing! I got my epidural as soon as I walked in. Only pushed for 45 mins. It was amazing.

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Very very very long process.

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My first I was induced … but this was 21 years ago and they may do different now. I was about a week overdue and the environment around my baby was starting to break down- he needed to come out. I recall they first broke the water trying to get labor to start and then when that didn’t work started petocin (sp?) — it was a long labor but again first kiddo- my second child was a scheduled delivery as far as epidural from beginning before inducing. 3rd kiddo completely natural. Good luck to you. The one thing I didn’t like was one of the drugs to try to help me with pain- I don’t like to be out of touch with myself so the only thing I’d offer is just ask a lot of questions- and remember to breath

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I was induced, no epidural, it was my first and it hurt, but they broke my water at 7 and i had my daughter at 10:32 so it went by pretty fast. Everyone is different though.

Its ok it just kicks in your labor, i had it done and that neen forty years ago.

Induction why?
Medical reason is needed.
Forcing body to trasition faster than it is ready is #1 painfull, then they start the epidual, then baby get stressed…yellow brick road to the OR. Beware!

The longest process ever

Get the epidural before they start you on pitocin lol

I was induced unexpectedly at 37 weeks. Awesome experience! Gave me cytotec to soften my cervix, several hours later got pitocin, later in the afternoon got my epidural and then they broke my water. Didn’t feel a thing pushing, couldn’t even tell if I was pushing lol. Pushed 15 minutes and she was out! And even with pitocin my contractions weren’t bad at all even with them being back to back. Only had one minor skin tear that barely required a stitch after delivery. If I could have an l&d exactly the way I did I would have s couple more kids lol

It did nut work.ended up with csecton

It sucked best wishes to you hun. I had a reaction to the inducing meds. Everybody is different. Best advice is to go with the flow makes it a lot easier.

Induced 3 times, no drugs and I had amazing experiences for each for them. I wouldn’t change anything. All vaginal as well.

Very well process and easy. I was induced 11am my son came out 6pm.
No epidural. I was fine

I’m sorry to say but for me, not good at all. I ended up having an emergency c section. This was my second baby and my first labor came naturally and I had him vaginally. If I had to do it all over, I would downright refuse an induction. I wouldve been better off letting her come naturally. I dont want to freak you out, but honesty is the best policy. And in my case it didnt work out. But for you, all could go well, it has for many. I was induced 9 pm Thursday I labored unmedicated until late Friday night and she came by csec 12:30 am Saturday.

Ended in emergency cesarean.

It’s painful but it’s not the worse pain. No epidural for me. You got this just remember to stay calm and don’t let anyone sike you out. Good luck and congrats

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My experience with this last baby was HORRIBLE!!! I was induced at 39 weeks. Water was broke at 6 and pitocin started. Labor was intense and very painful!! I decided on no epidural smh lol. Baby boy was born at 4:04 a.m. the placenta got stuck and I was bleeding really bad!!! 45min later I was in O.R with an epidural grrr. Ended up having to have a blood transfusion and truly thought I was gonna die. I would do it all again in a heartbeat though. My only regret was not getting the epidural during Labor only to end up with one anyways

Very painful I found, it was worse then labour :-(…

I got induced at 39w 5d due to pre eclampsia.
Which turned into eclampsia went through 36 hrs of labor ended in emergency csection and my daughter in the NICU. So many things went wrong for me. (Things no one wants to hear and im not gonna scare anyone with it) I will NEVER NEVER NEVER get induced again!

Induction is ok just quicker contractions you’ll be fine

Best advice I have for you: stop reading these comments. They’re only going to increase your anxiety. Get some rest and good luck! :purple_heart:

They will answer your questions at the hospital. :wink:


I was started on pitocin at 6:45am. By 12:42pm the same day, I was holding my daughter in my arms. 5 hours of labor, 1 hour of pushing. I dont have any other birthing experiences to compare it to, but I do know I didnt have regular contractions. EVERYTHING was in my back. And I was perfectly okay until they broke my water. Then shit hit the fan, and 30 minutes later I was begging for the epidural.

Heads up. They dont give you the epidural until you finish an entire bag of fluids. So get that started as soon as you can if you want the epidural.

Had all 3 kids natural with no meds…but if your the kind of person that can’t tolerate pain then get a epidural .God bless you and your little one on the way

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I got induced at 42 weeks and I did not have a bad experience at all. With great nurses, come great things. I gave a natural birth and honestly, enjoyed my experience, aside from the pain of course lol. But I just needed a little help with getting labor started.
Don’t listen to all these horror stories, or all of these good stories. It’s just going to worry you and you never know how it’ll turn out for you! We are all different.:sparkling_heart:

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Every ones experience is going to be different. Your journey will be different as well.

I was induced with my first, natural with my second, and induction date is scheduled next week with my third.

You. Will. Be. Fine.

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Mine wasn’t great. In labor 16.5 hours, epidural didn’t work, but I did deliver vaginally.

I was induced at 40w3d and overall the experience was fine. I was given Cirvadil to soften my cervix at 5am, they broke my water and switched me to Pitocin at 11am. The Pitocin was killer on me, the contractions hit like a brick wall but after I got my epidural it was fine. I started pushing at 9:30pm and he was born at 9:44pm.

I had two of my 3 induced due to my heart conditions.
Was more predictable and took less time than the first which was not induced. I would do it 200x’s over.

Short but my contractions were stronger then ever. From being induced it took just over 3 hours for my son to be born.

Easiest labour was absolutely fine. No pain from being induced

Pitocin with my second no epidural labored from 8 am to 6:02:pm. Third was 8 years after second. Got seradil in vag at 7am Friday morning was in full labor three hours later but it didn’t progress…finally offered a csection at 6 pm Monday, she was born before 10 pm Monday

I was induced at 37 weeks, my BP was super high and I was high risk due to my hypothyroidism. I went in Saturday night. They put a balloon thing in me. Accidentally broke my water. Started having horrible contractions. They started pito and finally about an hour I was dilated to a 5, they were able to soften my cervix with the balloon and open it now and took it out. My contractions stopped and about 2 or so hours later I started having contractions back to back and ended up getting my epidural. IDK how long everything took but when I was ready to push I felt nothing, I did 3 practice pushes and when the doctor got There I pushed for a couple more contractions and BOOM she came out. 7:55am Sunday morning Feb 24th Lol easy Peasy. If I knew each time it should be easy, I’d literally have babies for other women who can’t. Haha

Epidural epidural epidural!!! You’re welcome LOL seriously though don’t listen to the horror stories I had two kids that were both induced one took 30 minutes one took an hour so it’s not always bad! best of luck to you :kissing_heart:

I’ve had 5 children been induced 5 times and my labor was short, I got an epidural with all of my children, I had them hook me up an requested my epidural as soon as possible and they gave it to me, everything went off without a hitch, cept my husbands corny dad jokes(he was practicing)

I’ve been induced 3x and 2 natural labors… I’d rather go into labor naturally cuz the contractions aren’t as strong.
With my first induction they started the pitocin at 5am and she was born at 4:15pm… 2 hours of pushing, she was sunny side up and her nose was stuck on my pelvis.
2nd induction pitocin was started at 6am and he was born at 4:42pm. The epidural didnt work and they had to place it 3 more times. After that I decided to take an hr nap instead of pushing when I was fully dialated.
3rd induction, I was 37 weeks, baby was weighting 8.5lbs at 35 week ultrasound, they started the meds at 11am, epidural at 630pm, she was born at 8pm. I have back labor with all my children and it was intensified by the pitocin.

My water broke but I wasn’t dilating so they gave me the medicine to induce me and it helped me get to a 3cm which is when they were able to give me my epidural, that relaxed my body tremendously and made me jump from a 3cm to an 8cm in 30 mins and after that it was only about an hour to push time and I pushed for 30 mins and boom. The contradictions from the induction medicine did give me intense contractions but they are needed and I got through them alright.

I was induced with my 2nd… He was a very easy labor. Got all settled started meds bout 745a got epidural at 1130a and just let my body do rest the work by putting my bottom down and keeping head up. Did 4 sets of pushes he was born at 229pm.

I’m getting induced next Thursday. Hoping his brother will b same :joy:

Good luck!


When I was induced the contractions started straight away at 5 mins apart induced at 9am and my born via emergency c section at 6:30pm he was to big for me 9 pound 2

Write down all your questions so you don’t forget to ask so you’re more comfortable and not worrying.

Every pregnancy and birth is different

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When I was induced i was at the hospital 7 hours before I gave birth but I was in actual labor for 1 hour. I was still working by phone up until they broke my water. Relax…you got this!

My two were easy and quick. First one I got the epidural as soon as I was admitted, given pitocin and my water broken. Was in labor for a total of 10 hours and pushed 11times and out. Second I waited on the epidural (which I regret) and was given pitocin. After not dilating they broke my water and then only took like 2hours after that when I was 10 cm. Was in labor for 7 hours and pushed about 6 times. The lakemay have taken longer had the nurses remembered to lower and keep the pitocin at the right amount. It super jumped my second labor.

Mine was not great. She definitely was not ready to come out. I was in labor for 36 hours and almost had to have an emergency c-section. Luckily I didn’t have to have one

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How long it takes and what to expect depends on how “ripe”, or ready your cervix is. If it’s not opening up or thinning out, it can take several hours (sometimes up to 24 hours) to help it open up and thin out. This can be done using medication (usually cervidil or cytotec), a cervical ripening balloon, or a combination of both of those. Once your cervix is what we medical providers (I’m a nurse) call more “favorable”, then pitocin (the synthetic drug for oxytocin, which is the body’s hormone that causes you to contact) and possibly an AROM (artificial rupture of membranes or breaking your water) are used to help you continue to progress into active labor.
Try to be as patient as possible. It can be a long process, especially if you’ve never had a baby before. Some people surprise us, and just a little encouragement makes their body start to do everything on it’s own! But for most, oxytocin is necessary to keep things going.
My labor need to be augmented with my oldest when I had a high rupture in my bag of waters and wasn’t contracting. I was 1cm and 90% effaced. It took 9 hours to get to 4cm. By then my water had completely broken and my body took off! I went from 4 to 10 in an hour and pushed my daughter out in an hour and 20 minutes. I chose elective instructions at 39 weeks with my other 2 kiddos (I had rough pregnancies and was so done.) I was already 5cm when I got to the hospital for my inductions with them. They were 3.5 and 4.5 hour labors and pushing took minutes. Usually subsequent labors (and pushing) don’t take as long, but once again, it depends on how ready your body is. And sometimes how big your kiddo is. Every baby and every labor is different!
I got epidurals with all 3 of my deliveries before I was uncomfortable. This helped me a lot because I have a low pain tolerance and the epidural helped me completely relax and my body did what it needed to do. If you’re planning an epidural, don’t feel like you have to wait to get it until you’re in horrible amounts of pain. My fellow L and D nurses and I often see epidurals do wonders for labor progression because it helps women relax. But if you want to go unmedicated, you rock that!
Hope this helps!


I was induced on my due date with my first. I went in at 5 pm, they took me back let me get comfy then the doc came in with a tiny pill that he put up next to my cervix to open it. (They will only do this if your cervix is completely closed.) then the next morning they started the pitocin. Unfortunately I didn’t progress that much throughout the day so it had to be redone. That night another pill in my cervix then pitocin the following day. I maxed out but unfortunately still was not progressing so had to have a c section. I know a friend of mine had her water break and then stalled she had pitocin and it worked fairly quick so maybe yours will to! Prayers! :heart:

Got to hospital 4 am broke water at 830 had baby by 920

Honestly. It was horrible. And I will NEVER do it again. I would personally opt for a csection before being induced ever again. And I’ve had 2 csections so I know what I’m talking about for me on that one.

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I was induced with my first and it went really well! I started cervidil in the am and delivered my son at 11:53pm that same day. When I started I was not dilated or effaced at all.