What is it like being induced?

I’m a first time mom, I am due Saturday the 18th but I am currently not dilated or effaced at all. I had to schedule my induction for next week. So I have two questions: what are some things you did to help you with dilating? If any. And if you were induced what was your experience? I’m very nervous about getting induced. Any advice or positive experiences are welcomed. Thanks ladies!


You cannot force yourself to dilate. But I’ve herd walking helps brig it on faster. I had my membranes swept a day or two before. And then I was induced at 40 weeks and it didn’t work. I was sent home. Had him a few days later.

More than half of inductions wind up as c-sections. Mine did.


You might not dialate until the last minute. Everyone is different.

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You can’t make yourself dilate. The best way to help yourself is to stay as active as possible.

Lots of sex and lots of walking lmaoo
But i was induced with my first. Went in and started pitocin around 9 pm, water broke at 930 the next morning and had him at 1137, easy peasy lemon squeezy

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What makes a baby brings a baby “sex” sperm has natural pitocin to soften the cervix

Evening primrose oil! One capsule orally in the morning, one capsule vaginally at nighttime :blush: yoga ball squatting, walking, sex, just don’t overwork yourself!

Yoga ball, walking and stretching. When it’s meant to be it will happen!! Prayers and hugs.

I would wait another week ATLEAST after your due date before being induced. Walks, dance, sex all help but give your baby a chance to come naturally before you get induced.


I was induced 0cm 0%effaced. Went in on a Tuesday at 8pm started the cervadil for 12 hours then pitocin for 12 hours(Wednesday) and dilated 1cm. The contractions hurt like period cramps during the first 2 days but they gave medicine in my IV that helped. Wednesday night I had to take a pill to help my cervix soften more. On Thursday morning around 730 am I was put back on pitocin and my water broke on its own around 10 am got the epidural at 11am and baby was born at 335 pm. It wasn’t that bad the worst part for me was trying to sleep with the monitor bands on my belly.

I swam ALOT. I lived by the ocean so I would go out there and just swim for hours. But I don’t guess it helped because she was a week overdue. Lol

I was induced at 37 weeks (high blood pressure), and it was a cakewalk. I checked in a midnight. I was only a centimeter dilated. They vaginally inserted a pill (cytotec) to soften my cervix, and started me on pitocin a couple hours later. I labored for 23 hours, pushed for less than 5 minutes, and boom, healthy baby.💁🏻

All 3 of mine were inductions. My labors were quick & smooth sailing with absolutely no issues. All 3 of my kids were born perfectly healthy.

Have your Dr sweep your cervix

I went to the hospital at 5am for a scheduled induction. I was 2cm dilated going in. They started my pitocin at 6:30 broke my water at 11:30am and had my baby at 4:29pm. This was my 5th baby and induction isn’t fun at all it’s painfull since its making you go into labor and have contractions. Good luck

I was induced 2 weeks ago. I had the cervical balloon thing and pitocin. Pitocin makes the contractions come hard and fast!!!

I was induced with my second. It was great. I wemt in they hooked me up on the monitors and after a couple hours they broke my water and it was really quick and easy for me. From thr time i pulled into the hospital to the time i had her was 5 hours

Eat cinnamon, bumpy roads, sex, walking.

I was induced. Labor was 15 hours from the time they started the pitocin to my daughter being born. Doctor warned me that the pitocin tends to make contractions worse. I had “back labor” and it felt pretty awful, but I was able to breathe through the contractions for the first 7 hours. Got the epidural and then the nurse broke my water because it wasn’t going on it’s own. No major issues though, everything went fine. I was super nervous, but it really wasn’t bad. Just bring something to keep yourself occupied in the beginning. Good luck!

With my first child he’s now almost 19, I wouldn’t dilate with him they had to do a cevradeal (probably didn’t spell it right) it helped. My water broke on its own and I was in labor for 12 hours after that. My son was born naturally at 38 weeks 5.15 and 19 inches. … You got this! Trust in your doctor and his team.

Most babies don’t come on their due date. My induction sucked. If there’s no medical issues baby can be up to 2 weeks late safely.

I never dialated with any of mine until it was time for them to come. I have been induced 2 times and went in labor on my own twice. The inductions were not bad. But just because you haven’t dialated yet doesn’t meant you won’t on your own day of.
Edit to add, I dialated day of delivery on all of them not before hand.

Have sex. Sperm helps to make things happen.

Got induced twice at 41+1 and 41+2. Never got past 3cm. Back labor from being in bed on my back. Ended up with a c-section 41+4. More interventions increases the chance of a c-section.

I was induced almost three weeks ago and it was pretty awful I was in labor and had my water broke for 26 hours and ended up having to have an emergency c section and got a bowel obstruction after my c section and was in the hospital for 11 days.

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I chose to be induced because i simply couldn’t wait to meet my little babe. I was induced at 39 weeks 3 days. They started with the pill imserted vaginally. Got all 3 of those. Started pitocin at 530 am on April 25th. My OB came in and broke my water at 730 am. She was born at 238 pm the 25th. 6lbs 2oz. 19 3/4 inches long. But honestly if i could go back and wait it out naturally i would. Being induced hurt so freaking bad. My epidural failed 3 times and they eventually did a spinal block. Within 6 minutes of the block being done my daughter was here. I dilated from an 8 to her being here in moments.

The last week I drank red raspberry leaf tea and was actually attending a baby shower when I began having contractions, though I honestly have no idea if the tea helped. Left for the hospital afterwards and I was only at a 2 when I arrived. Baby was born the next morning, exactly on her due date.

Get a pregnancy massage the last week or so. My daughter had one 2 weeks before she was due and within 24 hours the baby was born.

I was about 2.5cm dilated when I went in to be induced. The pitocin helped speed things up.

I had to be induced with my son. He was dialated to 6 but couldn’t get there the rest of the way. I had an epidural then got my water broke. I didn’t feel it all(due to the epidural). And sex does help with getting baby to come

I was induced on both of my pregnancies. To me, this is such a much better way of going that the whole water breaking while at work and all that commotion. I absolutely loved being induced. It didn’t take me long at all and my deliveries were very fast. Though with my second, they needed him to drop so they used the “magic peanut ball” I dialated from a 4 to a 10 in less that an hour!

I was induced with both of my daughters. I had great experiences both times. I never went in with expectations, I just did what the nurses told me to do and it was smooth sailing. With my 2nd born I was checked at the drs on a Tuesday and hadn’t started anything… no effacing had begun and no dilation. So he told me to go to the hospital Sunday to be thinned then induced Monday. Friday I was checked again and still nothing. I scrubbed my kitchen floor on my hands and knees that night, then didmy dining room the next day. Sunday evening when I went in to be thinned they didn’t have to do it because I was 80% effaced and 2cm dilated! Best of luck!!

So I was induced at 42 weeks. Prior I tried everything from squats. Walks. Spicey foods. Bouncing on a ball. Dancing. Sex. And baby still was comfy. Lol

My daughter was due 23rd dec. And I went in to get induced the 3rd of January.
My experience personally. Was they start with these despicable tablets. If nothing for few hrs. Eventually they go to pitosin. Which is iv ur on the monitor, the whole time to monitor and measure ur contractions. I stayed overnight and only dialated to 3 with barely any big contractions.
My obgyn offered to break my water for me at 3cm dialated which we did. In which case I went into labor immediately. And I had my daughter 3 hrs later. Natural birth.

I would say the monitor is annoying :joy: but not a big deal they have some special ones that hook up more comfortably.
Also, just remember if u get induced bring some games to play some movies snacks and make it fun. Dance a little bounce on a ball take a warm bath.
My experience wasn’t horrible. I was more nervous of going to the hospital before actual labor bc I don’t like hospitals but it was actually better then I thought it was.
The nurses wait on u which is nice lol
I loved my nurses and obgyn they answered any questions I had and helped me feel comfortable about it.

There is nothing you can do to help with thinning or dilation, if try to do things like push it will actually cause the membranes to thicken. You can go from 0 to full labor in a day so don’t worry and bring put on pitocin makes the contractions so much worse if there is no real need to be induced then I don’t recommend it.

Induced at 530am and baby was here by 2pm!

Primrose oil eat one and insert one have some tea with it laying down… try after sex the sperm helps loosen the joints and uterus thins. Did this and went into labour an hour later

I walked the whole time I was pregnant both times. Had my daughter at 39 weeks and my son at 35 weeks. All natural child birth both times I might add. Proud of myself :blush:

I got induced and everything went so smooth! I got there at 7:30am and had him at 5:09pm. No complications!

My induction was not bad at all. Mine was 16.5 hrs from start to him being born but yours could be different. Dont be scared. Get as much sleep as you can and eat a good size meal before going in. I had the foley catheter and cytotec. Walk while in labor and definitely shower while laboring. Try to hold off on the epidural until your water breaks. Makes it go by faster

I had to have 4 inductions as my kids refused to come out. All were over due. 3 perfect births and one emerg csection due to.complications NOT induction related. :blush: try not to stress to much

Sex. Pineapple. I had an induction at 37 weeks bc I had preeclampsia. They put cirvidel in at 4pm Saturday the 23 April. Took it out at 11 am Sunday and started me on potosin. My water broke naturally at 2 pm. Had an epidural at 3. Had my son at 11:07 pm Sunday night. My advice is listen to your body.

Lots of walking and lots of sex! Took my oldest trick or treating and was in labor with my second a couple hours later

I loved my induction, went in at 3pm and had baby the following day at 4:49pm. Everything went fairly smoothly and I wouldn’t have done it any other way. You will be fine! Not every induction ends up being a horror story.

SEX HELPED ME! I also walked a mile everyday the last 3 weeks. My bday is SATURDAY! GOOD LUCK!

Sounds crazy but I had sex and in hours I was in labor

Im actually in the hospital as i type this…they start the induction wensday morning at 5:30a.m and they just broke my water around 7:40 thursday night…everyone is different…lets just say the pain is bad…but its worth it at the end

I was scheduled with my first but ended up going into labor. With my 2nd i was 1 week overdue and ended up with preeclampsia…so i was induced. I wad a nervous wreck because I was certain it would end up in c section. But it was not bad at all. When they put the foley in it was not uncomfortable at all…nor when it fell out. The put the foley in approximately 6ishpm (maybe off an hour or so…)…and I had him at 3:03pm the next day. The only difference i could really tell is the contractions are ALOT stronger. But I opt out of the epidural so that doesnt help too much. But overall not a bad experience…if I had to be induced again I wouldn’t be so nervous about it.