What is it like being induced?

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This is my first pregnancy and I’m currently 2 days past my due date. I have a plan to be induced on Tuesday morning if nothing changes by then and that makes me feel better since I’m concerned about how large my son has gotten inside me.
I’m very nervous about the whole thing and I was wondering if other moms found it to be worse than they imagined or not as bad as they thought it would be? So far every few hours at least something is causing me pain, even my doctors checking my dilation and I worry about being able to stay calm through the delivery. Does anyone have any advice on how they got through the pain and fear?


epidural and cried,unless your doing it naturally

I had my son six days past due I was not induced they said he would be 9lbs my son ended up weighing 7lbs 13 oz. I had my daughter 2-18-2018 I got induced with her. Pain is the same as regular contractions everything will be good mama! Don’t worry a due date is just an estimated date for when baby should be :heartpulse:


You will be fine trust me I am the type to freak out easy especially being a ftm and having supportive person helps a lot and I screamed every time they checked me it was pretty rough for me but it was all worth it even tho I had horrible after labor complications as well and still recovering after 2 months pp

The birth part was not at all worse than I thought either and I think the worst in everything lol but it was a beautiful experience

In the moment, I can’t imagine anything more painful, but once it’s over, it’s over. You realize how strong and resilient your body is after you go through labor

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Epidurals had no effect of me unfortunately due to back injuries so I just cried lol. You’ll be fine try not to worry…it’s going to happen no matter what lol…so you might as well just enjoy being pregnant in the meantime and take things as they come. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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You got thisyou will get through it thats why they have epidorals plus they perdict how big ya baby will be i was never induced and the only thing they gave me was demoral things changed a lot since i had my daughter 33 years ago i had fears also but it wasnt bad just go with the flow and do whatever you have to do to stay comfortable and enjoy your lil bundle of joy

It’s going to hurt, I found it helped to get up and walk and to keep moving when you’re having contraction, but once the baby is out you will forget all about the pain

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I was 41 weeks 5 days and it was nowhere near as bad as i thought it would be

You can do it! I am a anti pain medicine person so I went all natural! I was beyond scared my son wouldn’t flip and I’d end up with a c-section can he was breech, I felt him move 12 hours prior to admitting myself to L&D bam had him in 2 hours of being there. Ice chips, singing, and playing card games prior helped me have a clearer mind and I just kept telling myself I can do this :muscle: i worry about everything but I put a positive mind in and I got through it in a breeze compared to what I imagined!

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Epidural! I had the most calm labir and deliver ever lol but I wouldn’t myself get induced again pitocin doesnt work on me and didnt help me contract like it should I bled a lot after but that not a “normal” side effect so do what you think is best. My next one I will not be getting induced.

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For me I honestly just breath and count until I got my epidural my youngest son was the worse pain I have ever felt he camr on his own tho. My middle boy I got induced with and I felt literally nothing my oldest cameon her own and I felt nothing beginning to end.

My first i was totally expecting it to be a horrid experience with all the horror stories I got told. But honestly just breathing and getting back rubs was enough for me. Well til he was already out and they had to fix the tear. I told em to either sharpen the needle or numb it up a little bit.

Being induced was awful. But sometimes the only way out is through.


Focused on breathing and epidural was a life saver. Honestly wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated

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Focus on your breathing that helped me the most and the support of my family in the delivery room

Well I had my daughter 3 days late…went into labor the day after my due date, no induction. Still had the epidural. I got it at the last moment, and was in labor for 34 hours. It was painful, scary, and annoying bc I was hungry.

With my son I had to get induced, 3 days after my due date. He was 4 days late.It was 26 hours of labor, it was worse on the painful route but it went a little quicker. I was almost due for c section bc my body wasn’t contracting without the pitocin. But right as they began to prep me for the OR he decided to come.

I’d still say my sons labor was 100 % better then my daughters. Bc with her I had so many problems with the pregnancy and delivery.

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I think I was more nervous about getting an epidural. I waited until I was ready to push to get one, unfortunately the nurse punctured spinal fluid and I’ve had a migraine ever since (2yrs). So So I guess I was right to worry. I had to have two in a row. I couldn’t feel anything after that, including the contractions. :pensive: I had a boy and intense back labor, I was in labor for 12 hrs before I decided to go to the ER. 35 hrs total. By the 24th hour I didn’t think I could do it, I just clung onto the hospital bed and screamed for someone to rub my back. It broke me down. I’ve heard stories of many women having easy labor. Mine was hard but rewarding. Every bit of pain is worth it to see that beautiful face and little body you created. Plus you’ll get to tell that story like a warrior! You got this :muscle:!!

I thought the worst of everything. And it was pretty smooth ride. Dont over think it.

It depends on how your doing it with my first I was in labor for 11+ hours but I was able to get an epidural at 4cm so a majority of the time wasn’t so horrible my 2nd was not fun I won’t lie to ya lol 1 hour labor start to finish no epidural and some serious hard labor in that one hour! It was insane but my daughter has sense proven she is nothing but impatient and impulsive lol so it was just her making an entrance even from birth lol. You will be fine either way. Congratulations :kissing_heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Idk… my step rothers girlfriend never even got contraction after being induced and eventually had to get a c section.

I had contractions for 27 hours which… honestly at 20 hours I was ready to do whatever I could to make it stop and asked how long before we start to consider a c section.

My step sister had all her babies in like less than an hour or two.

It really is different for everyone.

I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty terrible. I knew it would be bad but I thought it was the birth that would be bad not the contractions.

If you’re that worried about the pain I definitely suggest an epidural, i used it and that was the only relief i had.

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Breathing. The breathing really helps. I’m on my 5th and the last 4 deliveries were all very different. Hang in there!

I was induced twice 14 days over with my first. I found staying calm and the more relaxed you are the more relaxed your baby is. I had about 4 hot showers and same with baths it was very long labours on both. But everyone is different I would steer away from medication gas and air was great for me!!

I felt a lot like you do now, dialation checks made me cry in pain. My pain tolerance is shit. I have pain induced seizing and fainting issues. I was so scared and went overdue to being induced. It was a great experience, I had an epidural, there was pain and work, but it was okay and perfect. Now traumatic births happen too, but less often. I believe you will get through it beautifully.

I had a c section with my 4th baby I had an epidural as I didn’t want to be put to sleep xxx I had pethedine and gas and air with my other 3 you’ll be fine good luck hun xxx

Just worry about the baby being healthy an safe an you wont even care about the pain

I was induced 4 days after my due date, it made my labor very fast and well I guess I can say easy! I stood in the shower for 2 hours not even knowing i was in active labor, when I got out I told my nurse i was ready for something for the pain, she checked me and it was too late for meds, it was time to push! I couldn’t believe how easy my labor was. Good luck to you, you got this!

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You can do it! As harsh as it may sound in my mind i kept telling myself there was no avoiding the pain but the faster i got the baby out the sooner the pain would end. I kept thinking to myself get this kid out and the pain is done i just repeated that over and over again. And believe me once that baby is placed in your arms all the pain disappears and its all worth it. I have four kids and im pregnant right now with my 5th. Just remember pain is temporary its not a forever thing. For me the contractions were worse then the pushing. Especially when they started coming less then a minute apart when they were like 5 or 10 min apart they were easy to deal with i could breathe through them and have time after one to catch my breath. But its all temporary and will be over before you know it!

Girl pray. This is natural. I went 5-7 days over with my first 3 children. You’ll be ok. Might not be able to hit a knee right now but he’ll hear you the same. Congrats it’s a wild ride. Enjoy it.


I just had to be induced yesterday morning. 1st time out of 4 kids. I am not going to sugar coat it. Worst thing I have ever gone through. No complications but my word was the pain intense! I’m allergic to pretty much every medicine so I couldn’t get NOTHING for pain. Not even the epidural It was awful! If you can do squats lunges all that kinda stuff! Coming from a momma who just delivered a 43 weeker, that stuff helps not only kick start labor but during as well! Good luck momma and know the pain will end and you will have a precious baby!!! :heart_eyes:


I was induced for bothy boys and for me it was the best. Everything went smooth. I waited as long as i could for the epidural so when the contractions got bad i felt no pain. From the time they inducede till i had both my boys it was over 20 hrs each time so bring plenty to do just incase

Statohl helps with the anxiety. Hopefully they will offer it to you.

Women have been doing this for centuries, you got this. An epidural really helps. My son was 9.5 lbs and he was worth every second of the 26 hours i was i labor. An epidural at the 13th hour helped immensely!! Enjoy being a momma! It’s the best thing i ever did!!

With my first I was over due as well. I was having daily checks until 6 days overdue my dr decided to schedule an ultrasound. Turns out I had only 1 % amniotic fluid. I had no idea what that meant. I was rushed to l&d to start inducement. No one would really tell me anything. I decided to have an epidural because I heard inducement can hurt worse than natural. I was there for in deliver for 9 hours and having him the next day in the morning. I had no idea what to expect at the time. He weighed 7lbs 5oz. I didn’t tear because my dr was there just before I had to push, prepping me. It was odd, but so much was going on around me. Nurses all over the place. It was easy to get distracted. And even though I had an epidural I still felt pain in my butt and they made me lay there for quite some time that way. I’ve given birth 4 more times wince then and a now know that pain was me ready to push and they just let me lay there! My son was thankfully healthy. And from then on my dr finally listened to my concerns. But during the entire pregnancy I was brushed off a lot when asking about this or that being normal.

First I want to say congrats on a baby boy. I was induced at 39 weeks at 9 am on a Monday and had my little girl at 12:26 am Tuesday. I slept almost the whole time. I waited to get an epidural until 9:30 ish to speed things up. I was so nerveous I could eat anything sunday night or Monday morning before i went to the hospital. So over all it was way was tied than I had thought. My advice if ylu do get induced is eat! Even if you cant because I was starving after and just relax.

With my first, I was 14 hrs from my first contraction to his arrival. 2 hours of labour and I did it au natural.
I was terrified of labour and delivery before ever being pregnant, and terrified the entire pregnancy but honestly, it was all just fine!
I am really surprised by what my body was capable of. Of course contractions suck so bad but you breath through it and know it will pass.
You will be holding your sweet baby in no time and you totally got this !!

As said before the breathing, and also I found it “easier” to get through was concentrating also. Just remind yourself it will end eventually and it’s not forever. When a contraction hits just count in your head to get passed it. Dont panic and If need be hold onto something. You got this!

My 100% induced labor was the easiest of all. They’re able to manage pain a lot better. And are more on top of things vs when they’re just waiting to see. Overdue gives more of a chance for baby to poop inside so if they do, don’t be alarmed when they take a little longer checking baby out to make sure they didn’t inhale it or ingest it. And if baby is big they will check sugars and stuff too.

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This sounds so cliche, but it’s true. Your body will know what to do when it comes time for labor. The worst part to me was the contractions. Pushing only lasted a few minutes.

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Mine was way easier and more calm then I imagined. I siked myself up too much! Your body is made to do this.

I was 5cm when I went in to be induced with my first. 5 hour labor. Labor was way less scary than I anticipated. I got my epidural right before they broke my water. You’ll do great, mama

I was induced at 40 weeks and did morphine every few hours only because they weren’t sure if the cord was wrapped and stress was getting the best of me. I ended up getting a csection 25 hours later and didn’t dilate past 5.

Chinese food did it for me

Hey I was induced and it took 4 attempts with me. And all of a sudden the pain hit me no jokes. It like a really bad period pain but much worse. Once I got on the gas and air tho I was completely fine I was in and out of sleep through the contractions etc. But I just used the pain as a gain really like yes the pain is getting worse which means one thing my baby girl going to be here any moment now. And that’s what kept me strong through it. Good luck and congratulations :raised_hands::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I was induced at 41wk+1 day with my first and went naturally with my second. They were very different experiences but I can’t say one was really worse than the other but I also went pain med/epidural free. You’ve gotta figure out what will keep you calm and focused. Get an epidural if the pain scares you, work on a birthing plan to put your mind more at ease. If you can handle it you can do some exercises to help prepare you for the birth, find music that relaxes you.

My first was done all within 8 hours. My water broke at 3am n had him at 11 contractions started like 2-3 hours before birth. Sitting in the toilet n showering helped a lot.
No epidural with him, he was only 8lbs.6oz n 21 inch.
My second one tho😪
I was in labor for 22 freaking hours. I was at home n I got really hot so I just went n showered but it made it worse😭 I just wanted to push him out n went to the hospital but I was only 3cm dialated so they sent me home with all my contractions n shit. I didn’t wanna talk to nobody🤷🏻‍♀️
I went back a few hours later because I just couldn’t anymore so they put me on pitocin n didn’t help because the contractions were already there😪 so after 8 hours on pitocin I was not dilating they broke my water. (Ok at this point I wanted my epidural)
2 hours later I was going from the chair to the bed to get the epidural & boom baby’s head can be seen :joy::joy::sob::sob::sob::sob:
He was 9.2lbs n “19inch(he was bigger than my first n grew 3 inch within 1 day😂)

In my experience not all labors are the same but having someone there to help you on every step is the best you could have.

I was induced witg my last 2. I did an epidural with the 1st and slept thru the entire labor and then I went nayural with the 2nd. All 3 of my deliveries went super smooth and fast. I get panicked going up to the room and roght at the beginning but then realize thay does nothing but raise my blood pressure which cam efdect the baby so i breathe, pray and try to not think about it lol.

The drugs they use to induce with make it much more painful, I have 5 kids and had no epidural with any of them and number 2 was 15 days late, it happens and he was just over nine pounds. Women have been doing this for ever and you can do this but you don’t have to rush it.

My first pregnancy I asked to be induced right at 40 weeks.
And I’m so glad I did. Because when I had her at 40+2 she was 8.7 pounds lol
I was only 1cm dilated and 50% effaced when I went in. My midwife tried making me wait another week, but I didn’t feel comfortable going over.
Our son is due in September, and I plan to do the same for him if he doesn’t come before or on his due date :woman_shrugging:t3:
I had a great experience, and wouldn’t change a thing.
Induced contractions I guess hurt wayyy worse than non induced. But I got a epidural and it was instant relief

Your nurse makes all the difference. Birth 1-great nurse, everything was smooth. Birth 2-horrible nurse-horrible experience for me. Birth 3-I had a waterbirth with a midwife in a woman’s center instead of a hospital. Best decision ever

With my first I was 2 days late. They said they would induce me at 41 week if he didn’t come by then. Well 2 days past due date I have an appt. And my babies heart was skipping beats. So they sent me to the hospital to make sure everything was okay. That’s all I was planning, but while there they told me they were going to induce me. Because they couldn’t tell if his cord was around his neck or he had a heart murmur, etc. because his heart had been fine. Anyways I literally just started crying. Really bad, because I was so scared. Everyone told me it hurt so freaking bad, and I heard all these “horror” stories about giving birth. But it honestly wasn’t that bad. When he was ready to come out, he was ready. All I can recommend is get the epidural. I didn’t get it in time with my first and felt all of it. With my second it was so easy and didn’t hurt one bit.

Get a stretch and sweep that will get things moving, you got this mumma