What is it like being induced?

Im currently 38 weeks. The doctor gave me the option of induction so I said sure yes. Has anyone had problems with their cervix not being soft enough? & As of yesterday I’m only 2cm dilated. Im going next Sunday for induction but my doctor has said first we have to insert vaginally this stuff to soften it before we can began labor. Anyone else have this problem with their pregnancy? This will be my first child. I need some insight on what to expect ( other than the contractions) :blush:


Is it medically necessary to induce?


It’s not healthy to induce for no reason. They should only induce if there’s a medical reason for it!


Eat some pineapple, drink raspberry leaf tea, and theres other remedies.

I did the same they inserted some rock like thing I can’t remember the name of it and then I walk around labor and delivery for like a hour or 2 sway back-and-forth while walking then would lay down for a little started to have contractions and my water broke on it’s own. Got a epidural a hour or 2 latter then had my heat hot baby boy 4 hours later. :blue_heart::blue_heart:

2 of my kids were induced and it was fine!

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Inducing too early often leads to c section. I can’t believe doctors still do this when there is no medical necessity.


Healthy … not heat hot baby :woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2::joy:

I chose to be induced with my 3rd at 39 weeks and my daughter came out healthy and is still healthy :woman_shrugging:t3: when I went in and they gave me pitocin and that’s all I was given…

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FTM here also, had my baby girl 3 weeks ago, 1 week overdue. I was also induced and had to get Cervadil (not sure on spelling) but it is inserted vaginally for up to 12 hours, and then I got pitocin started. The cervadil was pretty uncomfortable while being inserted, but once in place there was no issues. I was only at 1cm for 4 weeks… I tried all the home remedies to try to speed up the dilation, and nothing worked for me. I wish I would have been induced sooner than 41 weeks. I gave birth to an almost 10lb baby, and ended up with 4th degree tears. Good luck, and best wishes momma!

I dont reccomend induction. I agreed to it for my first and ended up having miserable constant contractions for over 12 hours and never dilating past a 2. Then babys heart was stopping so I had to be rushed in for an emergency csection anyway. I will never do it again. Of course always listen to your doctors suggestion but personally i will never get induced again. Terrible experience.

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Please heed the warnings of many women in here. Do not get induced. Your body will bring your baby into this world on its own.


My Dr offered induction at 39 weeks as well … I ended up going into labor on my own the day before my induction date. At 35 weeks I used evening primrose oil vitamins orally and vaginally to soften cervix… Maybe try that vaginally now? U just poke a hole in the vitamin incert it & lay down for like 30 mins. I also did nipple stimulation to induce my own labor naturally… I did these methods for all 3 of my pregnancies… Also have sex if u can…seamen softens cervix also.

I had to have the pill vaginal before as well

I was only 1cm at 39+6 and all I ever did was had my membranes swept. Don’t induce unless medically necessary. Every time I hear of someone getting induced because their dr suggested it they end up having a c section. Yes, I know sometimes it’s necessary thing to save lives but if not needed why do it?


It sounds like your body is not ready and your doctor needs replaced unless there’s a medical reason for you to be induced your inducing way too soon


I think it is called Cervidil. I had it inserted. And I will be honest…it is uncomfortable. I was 42 weeks so I had no choice. I also had Pitocin. I ended with an emergency c section after 30 some hours. I know plenty of women that have had successful inductions.

Induced with all 5 here, don’t stress. I had to have my cervix softened with all 5 as well. It was just a pill placed in my cervix. Usually left in overnight (in the hospital). Following morn they place epidural and break my water. Babies are always born shortly after. Have had 5 healthy vaginal births. Congrats on your first!! :blush::tada:

I had to be induced because my water broke and contractions didn’t start. It was much more miserable being induced than it was when I had my first with nothing. I needed an epidural because my body couldn’t relax enough because of the accelerated labor.

Yes I had to be induced at 36 weeks and had the pills, they are painful when inserted. They didn’t help me at all though

They can try stripping your membranes first, also. That’s done in office. It’s a 50/50 that it would kickstart labor.

I was induced because I was having problems with my liver

I was 40 weeks and not dilating at all. I had to be induced. I had a balloon like thing inserted first. Was able to move some but didn’t really want to. I did have trouble urinating so they took it out a little early. Then they had iv’s on me and I couldn’t move from the bed. My contractions still weren’t coming along until the 3rd doctor upped my iv dosage. I was in labor for 36 hours, 4 active.

You’re only 38 weeks and already 2 cm dilated? Your body is doing what it needs already. No need to be induced!


Being induced hurts way more than starting labor the normal way am hoping for my third I won’t have to go through it again


I had to be induced at 38 weeks for the same reason they used the Cervidel behind my cervix and the balloon that they use for inducement

My second was induced because my water broke when I fell, and my contractions didn’t start. My first came with no problem, my second we were at the hospital for 13 hours before I opted for an epidural to relax my body because of the accelerated labor because of everything that was going on. It was miserable.

Why don’t mommas wait till baby is ready or past due date before being induced (obviously some cant due to health) but it’s really sad seeing everyone going early just cuz they want to


They insert cytotec or something similar 12 hours before induction, it can cause slight cramping but I had zero issues other than my baby got super hyper and wouldn’t stay on monitor so they inserted the monitor into his head once they broke my water at 8am… they started the cytotec at 12am and then after they broke my water contractions progressed rapidly. I got my epidural at 11:30 am once I dilated to 6 he wouldn’t move down further so I went into c section at 10:00 pm… he was born at 10:22

I just had an induction for medical reasons and had this problem don’t do it! We ended up in an emergency c section where I began to hemmrage and lost over one unit of blood. Thankfully baby and I are okay. Hold off until your body and your baby are ready!


Don’t do it. I got induced with my first and had a horrible experience. 25 hours of labor because my body wasn’t ready and I was literally 5 minutes away from a csection. I had so many complications from getting induced. Please avoid it if you can. With my 2nd I went into labor naturally and had a DREAM delivery. Your body will (most of the time) know what to do when it’s ready!

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I honestly have never been happier in my life than when the doctor said “were rushing you in for a csection” I was like yaaaaaas girl let’s get this show on the road!

Yes i had the same problem with my 4th baby they inserted the medicine the night before induction for 13 hrs and in the morning they said it didnt really work my cervix was still not soft, and i was only 1 cm dialated they let me go get some breakfast and contractions started on their own very slowly so they gave me the pitocin in an iv and she eas vorn 5 hours later

I was induced and they inserted the pill every 4 hours, I was there an entire 29 hours before I had the baby lol. the insertion is very uncomfortable while your cervix is closed but once it starts to get closer and softer it doesn’t hurt when they put it in.

I got induced at 36 weeks and 5 days was at a 1 nurse opend it to a 3 had the medicine in the iv for contractions 5 hrs later has my baby girl but it wasn’t my first pregnancy (my first was 19 hrs long also induced at 37 weeks)

I’m on my 4 kid here currently 34 weeks 5 days pregnant. I’ve been induced with everyone of my kids. Be prepared for it to be painful especially after your water breaks. Before anyone says anything I was induced once because my water broke and I was seriously not progressing, one was 41 weeks and 3 days, and my third was scanning big so they induced at 39 weeks. I’ll probably be induced again because at 33 weeks she was already 6lbs. Honestly hun just go in not stressed out and try to remember the prize at the end of the tunnel.

I was induced at 37weeks. They tried cervix softener breaking my water pitocin the balloon several things. After 2 days I had have a c section. I never did dialate at all

I was induced because I didn’t want my baby to get too big. So my doctor and I scheduled when I would get induced. Was only over my due date like 3 days. Although I didnt have to do any preparations. Just showed up they hooked me up to the inducing medicine. And eventually they broke my water. And I had my baby girl at 2am the next day.

I had cervadil, proctil and potocine alone with breaking my water and stripping my membranes at 42 weeksnanf ended up with a csection (after 3 days of trying to induce).

my friend wasnt dilating…they induced her and she was just not progressing so she ended up getting a c section… not trying to scare you but its what happened to her in her experience… i was dialted at a 3 when i went in a got induced over all can say being induced is more painful than naturaly going i to labor but just remember to breathe and just tell yourswlf youre closer to the end :slightly_smiling_face: i had both kids no epidural, one induction one natural

Don’t get induced unless medically necessary. Prenancy lasts 40 weeks. Leave bub Comfy until your due!


I was induced at 38 weeos with my youngest. Worst experience of my life i wish i would have researched more. I was unable to deliver vaginal i was already 8 centimeters when my water broke. The placenta had detached before i could push her out so i had to have an emergency csection. I couldnt keep my breathing under control and her heart rate was going up down. Would i do it again nope!

Btw my labor was no worse than any of my other labors and if they give me the option with this baby i will take it

Don’t do it. Wait and let baby come when he/she is ready. Only induce if there is a medical reason.

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I would have a serious conversation with your doctor about induction and why. I would also ask about points of no return if you are not progressing. I had some medical complications so they wanted to have mine planned & controlled. I have a perfectly healthy baby boy so I share my story so you know that this can be a long process. We went in on Monday night to start cervical ripening. Pitocin on Tuesday mid morning. Very little progress. More on Wednesday morning & used some balls inserted to help progression. Contractions started pretty intensely on Wednesday so did first epidural. Still little progression. Finally got to 6cm & then baby started having distress in the afternoon. Turns out umbilical cord was wrapped around him twice. Finally did a c-section on Thursday morning. I ended up in the hospital from Monday night until Sunday so be prepared it can take longer than you expect. Not sure I would have done anything different but wish I had known it could have been so drawn out & involved. Good luck & get some sleep now!

Ask for your bishop score. An induction just because at 39 weeks is a good way to have a csection. Induction doesn’t work if your body isn’t ready. Also, avoid any doctor who induces with cytotec. Many won’t due to the risks of rupture associated with it.


Hi I’m a doula. Unnecessary induction can lead to a whole host of interventions and possibly c section plus makes labor more painful and intense. I would avoid if possible. For both your health and that of the baby

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Um I was only 1cm dilated when I went into labor naturally. I was a week over my due date and 1cm dilated when they induced me with my second. And 1cm when I went into labor naturally with my 3rd. Want for baby to be ready…

Honestly… I’d say go in expecting a C-section. Sounds like your body isn’t ready for baby to come, so most likely won’t cooperate with an induction.


If it we’re me I would let the baby come when it’s ready it’s easier on your body to let it go naturally instead of starting

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I was induced at 35+4 due to my water breaking at home. It took a full 24 hours for me to finally completely dilate but my son still wouldn’t come down. They had me start pushing before I was ready to (I think the on call doc wanted to hurry up and have me deliver on her shift :rage:). He ended up turning face up and we spent an hour trying to get him to turn back, unsuccessfully. And I ended up with a c-section.

Pitocin contractions are a bitch. You’ll want an epidural. lol

I worked in L&D for a few year and inductions do sometimes fail. And they’re more likely to fail the earlier they are done

I had the same thing done at 38 weeks I was there 48 hours before I had my son

I ended up getting induced at 39 weeks because my liver was not working properly. In labor for over 24 hours. Was 4cm when I got to the hospital and never made it passed 7cm. Ended up having a csection.

They did that with my last pregnancy and I went into labor like 4 hours later. No problems over here!

I was induced at 39 weeks with my daughter and everything was fine. she was perfectly healthy. :blush: good luck momma!

I wasn’t dilated at all after sweeping my membrane 2 times induced at 41 weeks

My daughter refused to come. Took a week of contracting and three days of induction to get her out.

I was induced last month at 37 weeks 6 days. They used the cervical balloon thing and then pitocin.

??? Youre 38 weeks! Your cervix isnt supposed to be soft yet girl😁
You dont want to be induced. It is AWFUL
Let baby come on its own.


I was induced with my daughter at 37 weeks due to pre eclampsia and it’s took over 48 hours from start of contractions to the arrival of baby… she was not ready. If your able to wait then I would.
I was also induced with my son at 40 weeks and took 12 hours from start of induction to arrival.


I had the ballon put in over night to help me dialated cause i was stuck at 2cm. I got the balloon with both of my children. I prefer to be induced…

I was induced because of my amniotic fluid being low (at 38 weeks!) I wasn’t really dilated at all and they used the cervadil with me. I was dilated fully in 6/7 hours! Good luck! I got the epidural when I really couldn’t stand the pain - that helped a LOT…

I don’t make enough of the hormone for it to soften without help. Don’t hold your breath when they put it in. It’s sucks but if it burns tell them. It slipped out of place and can be awful if they don’t fix it.

I was 10 days overdue, not dilated at all and the baby was still high. I was in labor with pitocin for 30 hours because it took so long to get my body to dialate and progress. I was having back to back contractions and no dilating past 2… it was hell and I almost had to have a C section. My second daughter was SO much easier… 12 hours and wasn’t nearly as intense. Night and day labors!!

I wasn’t dilating past 2cm and got induced at 41 weeks and everything was good, just really intense contractions… They gave me a couple pills to help soften my cervix and then started pitocin… Good luck & congrats on the baby!!

Ugh I had that inserted twice before they put me on other meds it’s so painful coming out like an oversized dry jumbo tampon

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That stuff sucks!! You should tell them you want Pitocin not that cervix stuff it makes labour so much longer!! I was in labour for 3 days starting out with that cervix stuff. All my other births were Pitocin and they came within 7, 8 & 11 hours.

Joe Haley Dill the balloon is awful feeling!

Induced on my due date… labored for two days off and on with pitocin never progressed past a 3 ended up with a c section.

I was induced. Went in Wednesday they gave me a oral pill to soften my cervix and then they did a vaginal one later on. They also inserted a balloon. Then They ended up breaking my water too early, they started pitocin and then they made me wait until 6cm on Friday to finally get my epidural and then resulted in a c section because her heart rate kept dropping and from what I’ve read afterward it’s possible that when they broke my water it caused her cords to go lower. I’m pretty sure I had a botched labor. But I am healthy and so is my daughter. So that’s all that matters.

I was induced at 37 weeks 6 days due to a liver condition I had. I wasn’t dilated or softened what so ever. I had to have 3 doses of the pill they insert vaginally, then once I was dilated to a one they inserted a balloon threw my cervix so I would dilate, it took 9 hours but I was dilated to a 6. They broke my water and 5 hours later I had my baby girl vaginally. Everyone’s body is different and responds different. I was in labor for 27 hours.

Tracy Mullennex this! Especially with first baby.

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Pessary induction was the worst part of the birth of my son I only dialated 2cm and ended up with emergency c section if u can avoid the pessary I would good luck it’s worth it in the end xx

I was induced twice for preeclampsia. I wouldn’t get induced unless you absolutely have to. The first time I was 38 weeks and 5 days and they just gave me pitocin to start contractions. I had the epidural at 4 centimeters and had my son 13 hours from the time they started the pitocin. The second time I was 38 weeks and they gave me the gel to soften the cervix and the folly bulb which is extremely painful. Once my water broke, they started pitocin and gave me the epidural. I had 2 failed epidurals and felt everything. I had my daughter 16 hours from the time I arrived. I would just let your body do it’s job naturally.

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I agree. I waited until 42 weeks and wish I would have waited a little longer. Had a great birthing experience but I’m going to be more patient this time and let baby come on it’s own

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My daughter was born at 39 weeks on the dot. Though I had been dilated 1 cm from 37-38 weeks and @ 38 weeks I was 2 cm but not effaced at all. Doctor said she was comfortable and was probably going to be induced at 40 weeks and 3 days later it all happened at once, but it also made for 18 hours of labor too

Same with my first. 42 weeks.
Second one I was 40 weeks 6 days and she came on her own
I would never ever WANT to be induced🤦🏼‍♀️

I’m being honest when I say this, but I would not do it. It was the worst experience, I only have one baby, but I will never be induced again. You dilated slow and the contractions are hell. I still felt them with the epidural.


Whoever the post is for if you are reading this, have sex! Semen softens the cervix better than anything, and natural!

I had a pill type thing inserted into my vagina to finish thinning me I believe it was called cytotek? Not sure on the spelling. I was induced and that was the first step they did. It jump started my labor and I didn’t require any pitocin which was good. My body just needed a little bit of help. My second labor came on naturally as my water broke while I was asleep in bed. My 3rd labor I was induced with pitocin andbut wasn’t horrible. I also used a peanut ball to help him descend and it made it go so quick!!! I highly recommend using the peanut ball!!! The only thing I didn’t like about the pitocin was after I delivered I’m hangry! So like the other two times my husband ran and got us food… well I had no issues with the first two… my Last labor and delivery having pitocin caused me to get sick almost immediately after eating after delivery… so take it easy on food if you get pitocin

I wouldn’t do it. I was induced with my son at 34 weeks due to preeclampsia. I was in labor over 24 hours and I only made it to a 7 and then I had to have an emergency c section because I started to have seizures.

Jennifer Hatala they allow that now. I was given the option to be induced at 39 weeks with both girls and I said yes.

I have seven kids. Induced with the last four. It was easy peasy lemon breezy for me. Go in at 6am, baby by 1pm. Home the next day. It’s different for everyone. Good luck! And congratulations!

I would educate yourself on this as much as you can. It increases your chance of c-section- not only that, there’s a list of risks. If it’s something you’re comfortable with, then by all means. But you likely will need help softening your cervix because your body is not ready yet.


I wasn’t dilated at all. They put a pill on hour cervix to soften it. I went in labor on my own but was induced to speed stuff up. You’ll be fine! My water started leaking around 22 hours before having her.

I was induced (wasn’t my choice) they used cervadil which goes into your cervix to soften it and then pitocin and after 24 hrs I only dilated to 3cm and the contractions that the pitocin were causing were so intense they kept putting my daughter into distress so i ended up needing an emergency c-section .
Being induced isnt something i would do unless absolutely necessary

April Favreau she’s currently 38 weeks and wouldn’t been induced until next Sunday, so the idea is if she doesn’t go on her own sooner than the dr will already have an induction scheduled

Ginny Smalls did ever bother me.

I had to be induced due to fetal demise at 15 weeks and they inserted the pills in order to soften and dilate my cervix, as I went through a normal labor process. They did them every couple hours. It happened fairly quickly but given my situation, I only made it to 6cm before she came out.

But I was induced with my other 2 at 39 weeks and was only in active labor for 6 hours. Natural births.

I went in on a Thursday morning. They gave me cervidil that morning. I started having contractions every 3 minutes around 5 that evening. Around 11 they took the cervidil out and put a new one in. Friday morning around 6ish they broke my water and started me on pitocin. I was trying to do it without the epidural. I went to around 12 and was only dilated to a 2 so they told me if I had the epidural it might help my body relax and progress. So I said okay. Around 4 I had only progressed to a 4 so they prepped me for a csection. It wasn’t an emergency, but I definitely didn’t plan on it going that way.

I was induced at 37 wks they did cervadill(little pill they put on the cervix to soften it) around 6:30/7P.M., went into labor on my own, my water broke& i got an epidural around 4a.m.& had baby at 8:06 in the morning

Tbh im not 100% sure why many people are saying not to because it can lead to csec. My induction was great. There are many factors that go into the csec.
When i was induced got there at 6 am… had my baby in my arms by 11:15 am

I was induced at 39 weeks, first the used this medical string type deal to soften my cervix then 12 hours later I was given pitocin. Unfortunately after almost 3 days of labor, coming fully dialted, and then pushing for 2 hours it all ended in a c section. Only bc my birth canal was too narrow for my 10 lb son.

Induced both times no problems

i was induced at 24wks bc my son had passed. it was horrible. being induced isnt all that great. and with it being your first one, it can take longer. a lot of drs/hospitals wont let you eat when youre in labor so be sure to eat before you go. you’ll be starving.
i was in labor for 25hrs before i had my son.

If you don’t have a serious health issue why would they induce you at 38 weeks like your body knows what it’s doing I would not do that

If your cervix isnt soft yet i wouldnt do it… first time moms are most likely to end up with a c section after a failed induction. The pitocin is really hard on your body when your uterus and cervix dont know what theyre doing.


Luana Labaya-Walter yeah, after having 3 kids. First time inductions are really risky. By your 4th kid your body knows the drill, thats why subsequent labors are usually faster.

I was induced with my first pregnancy at 39 weeks 3 days and it was HORRIBLE. 2nd & 3rd pregnancies I went into labor on my own around 37 weeks with both. With my 4th pregnancy I was induced at 39 weeks exactly and was only 1-2 cm when I went in and had him within less than 5 hours following the start of pitocin. Now I’m 37 weeks with baby #5 and I am at 2cm, if I don’t go into labor by my 38 week appointment next week I’m asking to be induced at 39 weeks. I think it varies by person honestly! Good luck :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I was induced because my ob didnt want me to go past 41 weeks and i wasnt dilating by myself. I ended up having an emergency c-section due to the baby’s heart rate dropping to low, the burses speculated that i dilated to fast with the medicine. My c section went great tho i was up and moving within 5 hrs post op. The only complaint i have is the catheter sucked ass.