What is it like being pregnant with diabetes?

For those of you who had gestational diabetes and it was not diet controlled (required meds like insulin or glyburide ect) when did you deliver? Did you have to have a csection? Any complications?


I was induced at 39 weeks but given the option to wait for natural labor

I was on insulin and was uncontrollable. Was induced at 38 weeks. No complications.

I was fully induced at 37 weeks.

37 weeks and a csection but no complications

My mom had it with me…
She was induced.
Same with my sister but ended up with c-section

My friend was induced. No complications

First was gestational controlled with diet until the last few weeks. Was told I was to be Induced, wasn’t given a choice. Looking back I am not happy about the scare tactics they used. Either way it was a vaginal birth there were some doctor errors but aside from a bad case of jaundice he was happy and healthy. So in the end all was well.

Had it for four months went into labor on my own had a nature birth med did not kick in till after delivery a gril was 9 lb and 4 oz

No gestational diabetes but was induced and ended up having a c-section due to my son being breach. Which they would’ve caught if they would’ve given me a second ultrasound.

My first son I had him at almost 40 weeks. He weighed 9 pounds 3 oz. Had a c section. I have it this time again. Will have have him c section at 39 weeks unless things change