What is it like doing the deed on your period?

Has anyone ever done the deed on their period? I have been wanting to try it but I am scared…does it hurt? feel different?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What is it like doing the deed on your period?

No it doesn’t hurt, it’s extra lube and a bit messy, some people say it’s better

Seriously? Lol… OK number one it’s a really slippery and extra wet have a towel either lay on it or have it to the side number two make sure that your partner is OK with it first because it’s going to be an inner thigh covering experience… No it does not hurt it’s extra slippery super wet sound effects on st starring that pot of macaroni and cheese and put your elbow into a style… And nobody can tell you how it is now do you like it or not I don’t prefer it but I’ve done it


I personally couldn’t think of anything worse
To me it’s repulsive
But there are so many women
Who will do the deed during that time of the month


My personal opinion is it’s way to messy.


I don’t prefer it because it’s very messy. Lay a towel down, make sure your partner is cool with it first. But I’ve heard for some people it’s better because hormones rage. Very slippery so take caution to that. And make sure you shower after hahaha.

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Extra sensitive. If you’re a menstrual cup user, if you dump it right before and leave it in for sex, it’s barely messy.

No different to normal sex just a little messy, you don’t need lube but need a towel and a shower after.


Its gross… I dont like the feeling

Apart from the mess, everything is more sensitive.
You will either like it or not and same goes for your partner.
Some are totally grossed out by it… and some arent


Use a diva cup…no mess


It doesn’t hurt.My SO and I,have sex while my period is here.We just lay a towel down then,shower after.

I would say it depends on the flow for me, the first day isn’t as messy as the 2nd or 3rd but everyone has a different flow. For me its always depended on the fellow I’m with. Some are absolutely not into it and others want their red wings. Definitely have open communication with your partner and a towel, hot shower ready! It actually helps with cramps in my experience!

Its messy…but not unpleasant

Amazing. Get it girl.


It don’t hurt but depending on flow it can be nasty
Either lay a towel down or do it in the shower

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It’s not for me, I don’t enjoy the mess. My friend uses this period disc called flex disc that allows you to do the deed while on your cycle. It’s different than a cup.

I’m more sensitive… almost electrifying…


As long as it’s not super heavy I don’t mind. It seems to shorten mine

I used to when I had one towels or shower

I dont mind it, honestly it helps with my cramps . But can be messy lol

At the beginning or end it’s amazing

Lay a towel down!! Other than that I have no problem!

Can lesson cramps and headaches

If you want easier clean up do it in the shower.

Mans POV.
It’s a way deeper emotional connection to have a partner that trusts you enough to be vulnerable. We know it can be a self conscious moment. To trust us that much is amazing. The physical experience is just awesome. And to know as a man that you have the staff of Moses and can part the red sea…well thats just a huge ego booster.


Hubby dont mind…watch out for blood magic lmao

Nope don’t hurt. I only know because it happened by accident. No sign of my “bitch” visiting than boom, there she was all dressed in red :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Better and not necessarily messy if u do it on right day

Trying to conceive? It isn’t unheard of…

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It’s messy. While it’s more pleasurable because you’re more sensitive, painful cramps can come after. So towel on bed and painkillers after.


Makes my time of the month end quicker


It’s strong spiritual bond that I wouldn’t do unless you want that man obsessed with you lol fr fr


Just lay a towel down

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Mt husband and I like it. He’s actually the one who asked me to do it while on my period said babe let’s just try it see if we like it so we always laid a towel done n had baby wipes next to us helped with cramps too but shower afterwards some like it some don’t we loved it then during my youngest son c-section the Dr messed up and took out my uterus this happened at the age of 32 and I’m only 36 now so bye bye periods not due to my knowledge either didn’t have no type permission ughh


I have tried it a few times I am not a big fan. My husband doesn’t mind either way. I seem to cramp harder. Your uterus is like 10 times it’s normal size when on your period and for me it hurts sometimes. Sometimes it doesn’t I never know which one I will get. So I don’t do it often

Helps cramps!! Makes a mess! Not the greatest smell! :wink:
Make sure he knows what he’s in for!!

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I do it almost every day when on my period. It helps with the flow and pain.

It feels fantastic and can help with cramps

It’s messy, throw down a towel… but it’s seriously really good. Especially if he doesn’t mind

It’s very slippery and messy. Like it gets everywhere messy. I do it in the shower.

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Reduces period cramps and headaches. Endometriosis folks. Get to it Lmfao

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Why does he need to know?

As much as I don’t prefer it before doing the action, I always end up enjoying it more. My husband does, as well. He’s never cared if Aunt Flo was visiting or not.

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Well I ain’t missing out for a whole week each month :partying_face:

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We started using the soft cups or flex cups. They work great and no mess.

Get a disk, zero mess, you can’t feel it.

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Apparently to a man, it’s more sticky feeling.

Lightens my flow and eases my cramps and headache. If it’s the mess that hangs you up there’s disposable cups.


I’m very sensitive during my period and even for a day or two after, so it’s very painful for me, like cheese grater for a penis. It’s not worth it to me, we just wait, it’s only a week.

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Too gross and messy and it does nothing for the relief of cramps for me.
I’m fine with taking a reprieve for a week.


Period sex is amazing and you’re missing out.

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I unfortunately can’t. I’ve tried and omg the pain. But this was before I had my babies so it could be different now…but the 2 times I did, I laid in a ball and cried. I hurt for hours after. I’m just not in the mood either. Any other time I’m good to go thou

put down a towel or 2!! extra extra juicy. but definitely helps with cramps. and very sticky.


My husband does not like it at all. He says it burns his area lol. I dont mind it but its messy

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Take a hot bath before hand. Water will slow the flow. And put a towel down. It always made my periods shorter. And help with my cramps. I have endometriosis and sex when I did have a period was better because I didn’t have pain.

To be completely honest, it’s for some people, and it’s not for some people! My husband and I personally do not care for it. If it does happen, we take it to the shower to help keep the messiness down! Also, I think pain wise really depends on how your periods are. Mine are HELLACIOUS! And cramps are unreal, and my cervix is very sensitive during my period. So it can be pretty painful for me! If you really want to try it, give it a try! Like previous people have said, put towels down and plan on a shower afterwards!


Unless you’re trying to create a soul tie… avoid😬


Every time. Nope and nope. It’s a mess, that’s about it lol

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Dont do it! It’s a trap! Give him a blow job and call it a day

I dont mind it feel good tbh can be messy specially if 1st day of period so put towel down 1st x

Commented and deleted. Not worth going to jail this week.

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I didn’t like it at first felt weird about it. Luckily my hubby made me feel super comfy about it…never made me feel gross or weird. I think it really depends on ur man’s and ur preference.

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I think it feels good.

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No it does not hurt its just kinda messy depending on when into your period. If you do it toward the end of your period it’s not that messy.

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Gross, it’s how people catch hepatitis