What is it like doing the glucose test?

This will be very dumb and funny. Bare with me, but I’m completely serious about the threat I got. And need serious opinions on the situation. So I have a friend, we talk online I’ve never hung out with him. Him and his friend got into it and he blocked the guy. Well the guy had me on fb and knew I talk to my friend. Well he started an argument on my fb post with me. Which I didn’t really argue I just kept telling him to go to rehab. Which I shouldn’t have entertained anyone on drugs anyway. He kept saying I was having sex with the guy for baby food. (Y’all I want to make it clear that I do not do drugs and never have , I have never hung out with these people. I also work and I am the only one that has ever bought my kid food. I’m a single mom. I’ve only had to days out in the past 9 months. I’m a good mom.) anyway, he was saying that and I was just laughing and saying lol you’re dumb. Well in the end of it he was like “I heard you do heroine with him too now” and then went on to say. “what if I called cps” so I said “I’m done entertaining you now you’re doing too much. Please get help” bc he is a druggy lol a bad one too. Anyway, he then screenshots a pic of him calling cps and says he’s reporting me to them. And then blocked me. I can pass a drug test. I’m a good mom. I don’t have anything i would be in trouble for. But the father of my kid is abusive and physically abused me while pregnant and I don’t allow him to see my kid and he’s taking me to court. So I’m afraid that if he did call cps and they look into me that it would affect that and make me look bad. I mean hopefully he didn’t really report me. And it was just a lie. But still nervous . I didn’t say anything crazy to the guy. I just said he needed to go to rehab. And he didn’t know me and that I’ve never met the guy that he says I had sex with to get my kid food. And he said he wanted to fight his friend and he would see me soon and handle me so I told him that he wouldn’t see me and if he did then I would have someone with me that would help me. Anyway, wtf is y’all a opinions. I obviously shouldn’t have entertained a crackhead.


Block all of them and move on- keep the screen shots, cps usually can’t do their job anyhow and they’ll show up, see nothing and leave.


Does this person even know where you live? I wouldn’t worry about it. If they come they won’t find anything. Just keep the screen shots of the conversation.


He sounds pathetic. You’re too kind. Don’t give druggies your time or converse with them. GOOD LUCK with your upcoming litigation.

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Keep ur screen shots and just explain it all to them if they come. Keep ur house clean and just let them know this crazy guy made a false report. If he even reported you. What a loser.


Learn the lesson… don’t associate (even in social media) with people you don’t actually know… you don’t know who this joker is. You have no idea who you could be inviting into your life.
Aside from that, block them. And hopefully you were smart enough not to give them personal information like your phone number and address.
Good luck.


Yeah if he’s a druggy he’s gonna forget.

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Any anonymous report they have to investigate. However if you prove the claims false they can’t investigate more than 60 days. My best advice to you right now is look up and learn your civil rights. You do not have to answer your door to cps or anyone without a warrant. Exercise that right because even though your innocent cps is crooked af and can or will find a way to put you through hell. I was innocent and they did it to me. I wish I would’ve educated myself first and never answered the door almost lost my job catering to their every need all over a spiteful person making lies. Don’t open the door simple as that

Girl you need to block all these people and stop entertaining addicts on fb


Don’t beat yourself up for a cinversation!! CPS is only a threat if you have some thing to hide!! Gather all your supporters and make sure their aware of the situation!! You’ll be fine!!

Take screen shots. Report any threats to police so their aware. Just in case. And then just block him and ignore him.
If he doesnt know u or where u live I wouldn’t worry about it.
And let the jerk call cps. :joy: what are they going to do? If your clean and good nothing will come of it. Don’t stress over it. Nobody will believe a crackhead anyway who wants to ruin a sober persons life. Seriously.
Don’t give anyone who doesn’t deserve it your time. It’s wasted breath u deserve better.
But yes. U don’t have to press charges but I would talk to an officer show them the screen shots so it’s on file? Can never be too safe that’s what I would do.
Also if a cps worker comes to your door just show them the screenshots and explain it. They’ll see and just move on.
Don’t let someone’s negativity overrun your day. Honestly block anybody u know to be an addict or associated with one and live a positive life.
Telling u right now ur end is clean. Theirs is not and out of jealousy or anger sometimes they do exactly what he did. Create drama and fear in people who shouldn’t be in fear.
Ur better then that. Forget these losers. Enjoy your child. Your life and those who love u.
Promise it’ll he okay. But i know how scary it can be. Just stand proud momma. They can’t do shit. And they know it. Idiot probobly won’t remember his threats come morning anyway :joy:

Even if they did get called and show up they do look into who the caller is and take that in to account and if you’ve done nothing wrong then it’ll all be good.

Honey he is way to scared to call cps. They are almonst the cops :joy:

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Get to the court house asap and put a restraining order on him, i would say contact cps and report it, that you got a restraining order against him and screen shot the convo and also show them to.

Block them,forever dippers ain’t got any brains! As long as your living and doing right,they probably look into all calls,but you should have nothing to worry about,watch out those kind if people,don’t care who they hurt,plant stuff,evil no respect for someone trying to do right,by their children!

This is exactly why I don’t add people I don’t know on Facebook

I honestly dont think anything will come of this. Screen shot the ENTIRE amd all conversations and block him completly. Do. Not associate yourself with people like that. Mind your business and leave it be…and if someone like that trys to talk shit to u again, say nothing and block them too. Dont engage in any conversation or chat at all. Keep the house tidy,and just do what you do. I think it will be fine. He probably didnt even call.

Firstly; just because you work, doesn’t mean you don’t do drugs (your stereotype stated). Secondly if you don’t do drugs; you have nothing to worry about. Thirdly; while you can report to CPS anomalously they do look into all calls and have a good judgement of when call are just BS. Fourthly; in relation to your ex using it in court and / or CPS interfering with court custody; again if you’ve done nothing wrong and don’t do drugs … you have nothing to stress over.

Seriously you are worrying over something that hasn’t happened and might not happen. Clearly these people are toxic to your life so do the adult thing and remove them from your life. Common sense really.

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You should block him and try not to worry. If you have nothing going on your baby daddy should not be able to take your kid

Stay off fb with these people

Screenshot all of empty threats in case they do show up. I hope he’s dumb enough to give his name because you can press charges for filing a false report. Expect them to show up. Don’t provoke him any further and have a back up plan in case he does show up with threats. Unless he doesn’t know where you are, then you’ll probably be good. If he can find you, get a restraining order, with your evidence you’re keeping. Stay safe.

If you haven’t done anything don’t worry. If he did and they investigate you’ll be cleared and the courts will see proof yooure a good mom

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If the allegations are false then you have nothing to fear. Cps has to investigate if a report is made but if they find no proof of anything reported, the case will be closed quickly and with little disruption to your life. It will cause some embarrassment because they will want to talk to your boss, coworkers, friends and family maybe but that’s usually as far as it goes. Speaking from experience

I’d screen shot everything and go right down there myself and show them that they will be expecting a grudge call … they’ll shut it down at their own discretion…
if you can pass , and do decent on your own you’ve got nothing to worry about… My girl they have much bigger issues than this …