What is it like getting a brazilin?

Has anyone ever had a Brazilian Wax? I’m getting my first one in a few weeks and was wondering if anyone had any tips or advice for before and after! Thanks!


Let your hair grow, wear comfy cotton underwear to your appointment. It’s not so bad. You’ll love it, you’ll never go back to shaving!


 all these women talking about use a wipe​:rofl::nauseated_face::face_vomiting:no take your shower before you go. It would be nice and courteous for the one doing it. 


Sugaring is far less painful.
Yes, shower before just as a curtesy… it’s not fun, no point in lying about it lol.


Get more comfortable than a visit with your doctor. Make sure to clean yourself a bit and use a wipe before everything. My sister does this for a living and lots of women leave bits of toilet paper down there and smell like they just came from exercising.

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It hurts but I feel it’s worth it. Also felt like it kept any sweat/orders away. Felt like making love felt better.

Exfoliate(sugar scrubs are great )before and make sure to have at least a grain of rice length hair (or longer) before going in to get waxed. Also make sure to shower before and wear cotton panties to and the day after to insure ventilation and no sweat bumps

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No adult time for 48 hours after.
Shower before you go.
Wear looser fitting by clothes on the day.

OWIEEEEEE! It will be over before you know it!

First couple will hurt like hell but if you keep up with it and don’t go back to shaving, they are pretty much painless and super quick.
Also, remember to exfoliate to avoid in grown hairs. You don’t need the over priced scrubs and creams. Just use a simple loofa in the shower.

Just breathe through it. Id also recommend a place like European Wax Center. Their wax is different and it goes quick and I’ve never had issues. The key is consistency and its not bad.