What is it like getting a membrane sweep?

Have any mommas had a membrane sweep? I’ll be 38 weeks and 2 days at my next appointment and it’s been brought up. Will they do then or do I have to wait till 39 weeks? I wasn’t to sure. She told me I can schedule an induction at my 39 week appointment but I want to go into labor naturally if at all possible. TIA


I had my membranes swept. And they tried to induce me. Neither worked. Wait it out momma if you can.

I had my membranes swept the day before I turned 40 weeks. I got it done around noon one day then the next day I had my daughter by 2pm.

I had my swept 3 times. My first I was induced and it let to c-section. I wanted to avoid that again at all costs so they swept my membranes to try to avoid needing drug induction to jumpstart labor.

I did have my successful VBAC:)

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My dr refused to do it until i was 40 weeks. They did it at 41+5 when i went in to be induced

I had one at 38 weeks and went into labor the next night

They allow inductions at 39 weeks now?

I had one at 38 weeks to try avoiding being induced at 39 weeks and went into labor on the way home.

I was induced at 39 weeks with oxytocin.

I had one done at 39+4 with my first, not sure why either my midwife just decided to do one, had my baby 2 days later…

second time around I went into labour naturally. best thing ever & ill never get another sweep done!

I did it was more painful than the labor itself

I had it done 2 times and ended up having to be induced 2 weeks after

way more painful than contractions and labour itself… oh boy

I had 2 done during my pregnancy. Neither worked, was very uncomfortable and I got an infection during labor from it that almost caused me to have a emergency c-section. Would not recommend

I had mine done on my due date with my 2nd. Had it done at 8am and went in to labor at 1pm. I had her at 5:40 PM It was not painful and Ibhad no problems

It hurt like hell. Had my membranes swept at 39 weeks on a Tuesday went into labor on Thursday son was born by emergency csection because they dont know how big he was:(

I dont remember exactly when mine was done. But you can always ask. It didn’t do anything for me though. It’s very uncomfortable. But it didn’t hurt.

Had mine at 39 weeks went into labor the same day

With my 2nd pregnancy I didn’t even talk to the doctor about it and he just did it anyways at 39 weeks and went into labor and had her the next day

I had one at 40+1 and I went into labor that night! It isn’t as painful or scary as I thought it would be

I had my 38 week appointment today and asked about that! They said if I wanted them to the would and could do a sweep at my next appointment which would put me at exactly 39 weeks. Also told me it doesn’t always work.

I had one 40+4 I got told I couldn’t have one till past 40 weeks I had a second one at 40+5 and had him the next day😊

I’ve had 2. I think I was 39/40 weeks… my kiddo wasnt ready and cooked for 2 more weeks lol until I went into labor on my own the night of my induction date lol

It hurt SO bad. She actually had to stop halfway through. I did start contracting about 8-9 hours later though …then continued to contract for the next 72 hours

I had a membrane sweep a couple days before my due date (2 to be exact). My midwife wouldn’t do it until at least 39 weeks. Is there a reason you’d need to be induced? Usually you can go until 41/42 weeks safely.

I had a sweep done, started active labor 12 hours later. It was uncomfortable but I would definitely do it again!

I had one at 38 weeks and 4 days we scheduled my induction same day. I believe I was 80% effaced and dilated to a 2-3 and I went into labor 2 days later. Super uncomfortable feeling but definitely helps get things going possibly as my doctor said. Be warned bc you can spot a little from it.

I’ve had one done with my second and third pregnancy. With my second I lost my plug that same day then went into labor a week later…did nothing for my third except cramping and loss of plug