What is it like getting an epidural?

No rude comments please !
I’m a ftm and I’m 35 weeks I have been debating rather or not to do the epidural . I really wanna do this natural no meds I’m just sooo scared and nervous . What is your guys opinion ? Mommies that did have epidural how was your recover after ? And moms who didn’t get meds how was your recovery ? People think I’m crazy for wanting to do this with no meds sense this is my first child .


I’m trying with no meds just my heating pad and hopefully gas

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I had one light dose of pain medication in my IV and it had worn off by the time I started to push, and I would do it all over again. I absolutely loved being able to feel everything and feel like I was in control. My recovery was wonderful. Fast and easy.

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With my oldest it was okay. But with my second time it was hard for me to move and it made me feel like I was going fall over but with my labor in October I am not going to get the epidural this time to see if it makes a differences

Go with the flow don’t set yourself up with boundaries. If you can handle the pain that’s amazing, if it’s to painful get an epidural. Everyone handles pain differently. I’ve had epidural and non epidural births


Depends on how you tolerate contractions. Mine were brutal so I don’t regret getting it.

If you can do it without, I suggest it. I’m 6 years out and suffer with horrible leg pain and back pain. Didnt have any of it until after I had the epidural

Do what you want. You may say no now but in the moment change your mind and it’s okay! I’ve gotten an epidural with my son and the recover was fine for me. I get occasional back pain here and there but I honestly don’t think it’s from the epidural. It’s said you may have back pains after an epidural but I don’t get the frequent to say it’s from that. Either way, best of luck!

The only thing I had was a med in my IV with my first. Labor was long and I need to be able to rest between contractions.

With my second I had zero meds

Epidural :raised_hands:t2: omg
I loved it.
I am a FTM and could not have survived without the epidural.
Honestly it is totally up to you and you can tell them to make sure you are aware of when you’re getting close to the No Turning Back point where they won’t bother giving you an epidural anyway. That way you can try to go natural but have the option of opting out if you really get too exhausted.
I called ahead and had them have the epidural ready when I got there.

Did my first no meds. No problems but im a very rare person who even after 4 kids i can honestly say i still dont know what others go thru. Stubbi g my toe feels 10x worse to me had very mild cramping as labor

I’d say listen to your body and know your pain tolerance. I had epidurals with both and I do have a high pain tolerance. With my first it wasn’t that bad but my second was facing the wrong way and the epidural did nothing for me.

I didn’t have meds with either of mine but my labors were extremely short. With my daughter I went in to labor at 11:30pm and she was born at 1:20am and we were home by 7am. With my son I was induced, pitocin started about 10:30am water broke at 1:10pm and he was here at 1:17pm. 20 minutes later I walked myself down to my room. Recovery time was so short with no meds. The pain wasn’t too bad.

Every one is different, every pregnancy is different, every baby is different. That being said, with my first, I had an epidural and I was still in an enormous amount of pain. I was in labor for over 24 hours and the recovery was bad on my back. With my second, the labor and delivery was so quick at home by accident. Before I realized what was happening, he was out in the living room. No meds no nothing. The pain wasn’t like I was expecting. I didn’t realize because (sorry TMI) I had eaten Mexican food that day and I was shitting on the toilet and so I guess labor just felt like a bad stomach/gas pains to me. By the time I got to the hospital and delivered the placenta, I felt like I hadn’t even had a baby. I didn’t tear this time which is crazy because he was 9 lbs.

I went 9cm without the epidural because I was trying to go natural :joy: then I was like ok that’s enough lmao bring it in haha

I was already in pain the last week of my pregnancy and my contractions started to hit me hard so I got the epidural. It was amazing, I didn’t feel a thing BUT I regret getting it. I couldn’t feel my legs for almost a whole day afterwards. When the nurses had me walk to the wheelchair I collapsed because I absolutely could not feel my legs and had no control over them. And now three years later I constantly have lower back pain and sciatic nerve pain. Every person is different, my sister got the epidural and doesnt have back pain like me.

Woth my girl I had 2 fails and one partial epidural, With my boy I had a spinal block now my back hurts quite a bit, annoying really, with my youngest I just did gas and air, I stayed standing walking and bouncing on ball as Lon as possible before being on bed it really helped! Contractions started at 3.30 and he was here 11ish ( had to break my waters) , only on gas & air, if I ever had another I would do the same again! X

No epidural here, I remember reading that it can make pushing more difficult
Not having an epidural wasn’t my choice, in my home town in northern ont. Canada they just don’t do them :woman_shrugging:

I didn’t do meds for my 3rd. If I were gonna have another one I’d do it that way again. Recovery is SO much better without, and during is better too

I was going to have a natural birth no meds but ended up having an emergency c section because with every contraction his heart rate would drop… The cord was around his neck and his head was like stuck in the canal. Just go with the flow while in there anything can happen amd you can change your mind I was dead set on a natural birth I was so upset and scared when they came in and told me I had to have a c seaction I was not prepared at all for that.

I’ve done it both ways I loved the epidural it made it to where I could actually enjoy my child being born

I had my daughter with no epidural, granted I waited to long to go to the hospital so there wasnt time but it wasnt as bad as ppl say,we mommas are resilient and can handle whatever is thrown our ways

I got a epidural with all 3 of mine.My recovery was great and all my children were born fine , alert and screaming.I wanted to go natural with my 1st but dilated to 5 and couldn’t tolerate it anymore.With the next 2 I ask for the epidural right away.Keep your options open.

I tried to do it without but I couldn’t. But I never really felt like it worked I still felt all the pain except with my 3rd, meds got administered alittle late and she was here before the meds kicked in and omg I felt them Meds that’s for sure, didn’t feel a thing after I had the baby. But I have noticed that it seems like where the epidural went in my back will sometimes kinda sting. It’s bothersome but it’s doesn’t pain me any yet.

It all depends on your pain tolerance. I have a low pain tolerance so i needed one. I don’t think I could of made it without one. I hurt so bad. It was making me throw up felt like passing out. When I got the epidural i was able to relax and calm down and enjoy it

I did mine with no meds. I felt on top of the world, lol. I have a high pain tolerance though.

I had three baby’s with no epidural :raised_hands:t3: recovery was normal and quick

You won’t know what you want until your in labour so take it as it comes :slightly_smiling_face:

Natural was way better! Epidural was the worst decision ever, for me…

I honestly COULD HAVE gone without it because I got it so late in my labor… But I will say once I got it it made it so much easier to focus on my breath so that I could effectively push and focus on the life I was bringing into the world. That’s just me. But if you want to go all natural go for it. It’s YOUR exprerience. What I said throughout my pregnancy is whatever happens happens. I am going to have a beautiful baby in the end. Focus on the positive.

I had an epidural for my first, nothing with my second. I actually kind of regretted getting the epidural after.my second labour. The thing is you have until you’re 6-7cm dilated, so just see how you you. I recovered no problems with mine but some people do. Just go with the flow and keep in mind you can ask for it of you change your mind.

My first epidural didn’t work and 10 hours of labor with that kind of pain noooooo thank you. My epidural worked with my second son and it was wonderful lol. Know your pain tolerance and gotta remember sometimes your first labor takes forever so think of you wanna be in pain for hours. I coulda prolly done it without the epidural the second time around my son practically slipped out immediately lol but the first time oh lord that wasn’t fun.

Or you could be unlucky like me and choose to get one and it not work :see_no_evil: it really depends on you and your body. I’m a weenie and can’t handle pain so I knew I wanted one with both pregnancies. Worked like a charm with my daughter but the one with my son didn’t take and I felt EVERYTHING. Sadly, theres no guarantee it will work. Whatever you decide, you’ve got this!

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It works for some women because they have a high pain tolerance, as for me I have a low pain tolerance so I had to have the epidural but they didn’t inject me properly so I felt every contraction and the delivery. As for my second child I delivered at a different hospital and they injected me with the epidural and it works wonders !! I was numb from the waist down. I didn’t feel anything! It honestly depends on you, you can always change your mind while you are going through this

I also have back pain from the epidural! Not too bad just when I bend a certain way

I wanted natural with both my kids, I did however put on my birth plan epidural just in case. I needed it with my first because he was spine on spine, every disc in my lower back felt like it was being dislocated. I asked with it for my second at 7 cm but because they were so busy (September baby) they said the anaesthesiologist wouldn’t make it in time

I was a wimp and got the epidural then regretted it afterwards. Couldnt get up for hours and I hated it

I had one, but before my son came i started feeling the contractions. The result, the first epidural wore off and they gave me a second one. I feel good, i dont suffer from getting 2 epidurals. I only have a son, but i am open to having more kiddos. HOWEVER!! I want to go drug free lol. Which is why i am getting my body in shape lol​:joy::joy: good luck girl!

I had an epidural with my first but not with my second. The recovery time was much faster with my second child. I was in so much pain with no epidural but I would definitely choose not to have an epidural with a third based on my experience with the two differences.

When I was in labor, I couldn’t stand the pain. I was shaking so hard that nurses could barely give me an IV, so it was really a last minute decision to consent an epidural. I’m so glad I did, the recovery was quick and I felt no pain during delivery.

I had the meds w/no side effects but i have heard from friends/family that they do. Ive only had one so i personally cant compare.

I got one it was amazing I only felt the constant pressure which was uncomfortable but it was 9 hours after my epidural I was able to push and 2 pushes in he was out. The recovery wasn’t bad I was a little shaky and dizzy but I just needed more water and food.

I had the epidural, no side effects. Made my labor go faster. My body was fighting the labor, after the epidural I went from 3 cm to 11 in an hour because I stopped fighting the contractions

I had gone into the hospital not wanting any meds but by 6cm I had been so thankful I got it! The recovery wasn’t bad, my back had hurt for about a day or two but after that it was just the birth pains I was left with! Do what you feel is best mama, there’s no shame in changing your mind if the pain gets too much!

I had my first child with absolutely no meds. It was painful but I will probably do it again in the future. I like to be aware and in control. I wish I would have prepared myself a little better and learned some exercises to help me breath through each contraction. The contractions are the worst part. Pushing is actually quite relieving.

I don’t feel like I had a long recovery/ not more then the usual although I did have a 3rd degree laceration. If it’s really something you want to do, don’t be scared! It will make it worse!

My first I got 2 epidurals the first one hit my nerve so I had to get another one I mean it was the best thing I got but i was told it got me good bc I was numb from 7am - 5pm the next day but it works wonderfully

Got epidural. Tried to labor with first but had to have a c section, then a c section with my youngest. I had no problems getting the epidural or any problems after.

Just keep the med option on deck as an option you can’t really base it off someone else experience

I didnt have side effects at all, just keep in mind EVERYONES pregnancy is different. Mine was 27 hours of contractions, if I didnt get it I wouldnt have been able to sleep and I would have been sleeping through the first couple hours of my sons life.

There are tons of people who dont think contractions are that bad then there are people where it hurts a lot more.

This isnt even about pain tolerance lol. Literally effects everyone differently regardless of pain tolerance.

Be informed. Be open. Every labor is different. Listen to the nurse and doctor. Labor is one thing in life you have little control over. However your baby comes out…it eventually comes out. I had epidural with one, Demerol with one, had with one, C-section with one…each one different. Each one weighed more or less.

I got an epidural (only had one child). It was so close to the birth though that the epidural didn’t really kick in. I kind of felt like it was a waste :confused: I still felt LOTS of pain!

I had my first with drugs and epidural and my 2nd natural in the ambulance. My 1st was a truly traumatizing experience, the whole labor, delivery and recovery and my second was this beautiful experience. I would never do it any way but natural again. Your body hits this point where you start producing your own “pain killers” and “numbing” so it’s truly not as bad as you would think. And the recoup time was tremendously less for me at least, with natural birth. It’s not going to be easy, so just go into it with the mindset you have right now and try! If you can’t handle it there’s nothing wrong with getting an epidural either hon. All this mom shaming nowadays and we should just be supporting and uplifting 1 another! You can do anything and if complications arise, then at least you tried your best! Good luck love. XoXo

Play it by ear. Hold out and if you don’t need it don’t get it. I have two girls and I got the epidural with both, no complications. I personally don’t see why women would choose to go through the pain when we have great medicine. I’m also a believer in -To each their own. Good luck

I didn’t get any and am also a ftm my recovery was very fast i stopped bleeding after 2 weeks and wasnt sore anymore after 3. I was in labor for 13 hours. The contractions was the worst part for me but I kept in mind what i decided and wanted for me and my baby. Everyone called me crazy and that i wasnt going to be able to do it but I did and everyone was shook afterwords. It’s your decision it is whatever you decide. :slight_smile:

Two kids. First one 31 hours of labor. Second one 8 hours of labor. No epidurals or pain meds. I was more scared of the needle than of labor.

I chose not to get one simply because I hate needles THAT much🤦 it hurt like hell lol sure did! I didn’t get an epidural with my 2nd and i was induced with him…so contractions were a lot stronger!:flushed: but i never regretted not getting the epidurals…for me as soon as baby was out i was 100% pain free! I hear alot of women say they have to wait for it to wear off before they can get up…so I’m glad I didn’t have to deal with that…i was able to get up and shower right away!

I’ll tell you this. I thanked the anesthesiologist before I thanked the doctor. That epidural saved my life. I was on my hands and knees on the floor filing out my registration paperwork because contractions were so bad. The anesthesiologist was my angel.

I fully intended on the epidural but there was no time and honestly I dont think I would get it if I had another child

Everyone’s different and you should take advice from the medical staff and doctors at the hospital. Once you’re there they’ll tell you what would be best for you.
Birth with or without meds are both complicated. Technically there is no birth without meds because no matter your choice or their recommendation to get an epidural or not, they use a si called “drip” which is basically a labor inducer-it speeds up the interval between contractions, so instead of giving birth for 2 days you end up giving birth in 12 hours (but that’s individual).
If you are young and healthy, and you’ve had a regular pregnancy I don’t see any reason you should have an epidural and is most likely the doctors won’t recommend it if the former applies.
There are risks involved with getting an epidural, plus there’s a longer recovery time after delivery, same as with c-section.
By choosing the epidural it’s not like you won’t feel the pain, because it’s meant to “work” only during the initial stage of labour/contractions. Once you’re past that and get closer to delivery and have to push the baby out, then the drug should have already almost left your system, because otherwise you wouldn’t really be able to push properly.
I’m not against epidurals, I think they are necessary in a lot of cases, and can definitely ease the pain.
However, the body has a wonderful self defence mechanism, the hormones and the adrenaline during the whole process of giving birth, from the start of the contractions to the delivery itself, actually diminish the pain.
I’ve had a “natural” childbirth - I remember it hurt a lot! but immediately after and the days that followed it all felt like a dream and I’ve completely forgotten the “feel of the pain”. I think we are biologically “programmed” to forget that pain because otherwise I doubt any woman would have more then one child :smiley:
On the other hand, when they put the child on your belly right after he’s born and everything that follows…is definitely overpoweringly worth any pain :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I had really bad pain in the epidural spot any time I leaned back or lifted something for about 6 months PP

I didn’t have one with my first but did with my second. Only difference for me was the level of pain with contractions. Without one, the pain was intense and while I didn’t cry or anything like that, I was not very nice to people🥴 with one, I was even able to fall asleep for a short while during labor.

I did both natural was painful but healed so fast

I have two kids. No epidurals for either. From start to finish my first labor was 5 hours and second was 4 hours. My recovery for both was quick. I was up and moving within an hour or two of delivery and bleeding stopped after 2 weeks. The pain during labor was very painful but tolerable. Every person’s pain tolerence is different. My excruciating pain may be your minimal cramp. Your body know what it can take. If you need one, get one. What matters is you will need your strength and energy to get that beautiful baby out.

I wouldn’t recommend natural birth for the ftms.

The only thing I had was gas and air with my two … everything happens so quickly, once the baby is out, adrenaline kicks in and the pain is basically gone… I wouldn’t plan to much as you never know what’s going to happen :sweat_smile:… good luck xxx

All momma’s are different. I had 4 and had the epidural each time. Recovery was no problem either. I will also say I was in labor for about 12 hours before I went to the hospital with my first, and I knew I wouldn’t make it without one. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to do it without one, but don’t swear the option off entirely, you may change your mind. Good luck either way Mama!

I got the epidural with all 3 of my labors, I was having horrible contractions with my last one and in so much pain but wasn’t dilating, once I got the epidural I was able to relax, I was in such a good mood after and I had my 3rd baby about 1 hour after receiving it because my body was able to relax and do it’s job. Recovery with all 3 of my epidurals wasn’t bad at all, just some minor back pain for a day or two nothing Tylenol wouldn’t relieve. Mine seem to wear off almost instantly after having them.

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I went into my induction not wanting an epidural just cuz I thought having a needle in my back seemed really sketchy and I’m not a fan of needles, but after about 2 hours of contractions with no break in between them, I thought I was gonna pass out from the pain. It got to be too much for me and I wanted the birth of my daughter to be something that I remembered as a relatively pleasant experience so I got the epidural and it was much better afterwards. And I had no after effects. So with baby #2 I know going into it that I wanted it.

I had an epidural with my first. Never again. The after issues weren’t worth getting it in my opinion

You should wait and see what you want to do when the time comes. Maybe you will feel differently one way or the other. Maybe you won’t have time for one, who knows. You really don’t know what will happen, sometimes it’s out of your control. And don’t feel disappointed in yourself if you end up having one.

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I definitely have permanent back problems from both of my epidurals but i will say at the time they were life savers. Both times I labored as long as I could without it. With my first I got my epidural and less than 20 minutes later it was time to push (it was a quick labor, 5 hours from water breaking to baby arriving). With my second I got the epidural after being in labor for 39 hours and I had her less than 45 minutes later. Some people say the epidural slows down your labor but for me it seemed to accelerate it. So I basically did the majority of my labor without it. I almost didn’t have time to have them. I will say that both times after my epidural I dilated from 5 to 10cm extremely quickly

I’ve did it both ways… Trust me, the epidural was AMAZING! Two completely different experiences

I didnt want one but after 10 hours I couldn’t do it. It was easy to do and I had no problems after!

I did all three of my kids natural. Ultimately as long as you have a great support system that can keep your mind straight you can doit! Once you loose control it’s SO HARD.! Don’t let people fill your head with the whole “your crazy” drama cause that def won’t help. Do what you want! Good luck!! I was also 16 when I had my first natural child birth… it can be done…

ive had 2 natural births (no drugs of any sort no pit nothing)
i wouldnt change a thing… i was up running around after each of my births

there are some serious risks that come along with epidurals its worth heavily researching

typically whenever i speak out about the harms of epidurals im usually told im ShAmInG but im not… i see thread after thread of women with long term back issues and other nerve issues and other side effects from their epidurals… these drugs werent even technically intended for childbirth the history of their use before some had the idea to use it for child birth can be rather shocking

child birth pain is a few hours - a day… the pain as a side effect from the epi can be life long- and the epi could fail and not even work so you do all that for nothibg

No meds here
It will be fine

I had an epidural with both of mine. First one was because I went into labor at 34 weeks and we’d been trying to stop it, water broke and we had to induce quickly so epidural went in about an hour before he was delivered. Second one was a schedule induction, epidural a few hours before delivery, went perfectly and I was back up walking around within maybe 2-3 hours. If we have a third I will schedule an induction and epidural again because honestly I was able to fully enjoy the experience of birthing both kids and the reduction in pain allowed me to still feel the pressure and feeling of birth but it wasn’t painful so for me it made for a wonderful experience.

I kind of felt hungover after the epidural that lasted maybe 2 or 3 days. When i didnt do epidural I was wired on hormones n could barely sleep … I just stared at her lol but that wore down n caught up with me. You feel pretty blah after labor either way

All I got was basically a pain killer mixed with a muscle relaxer because I’d been in labor for over 48 hours but once that transition period hit I was done in 4 hours but by then my body was exhausted so I needed so pain meds

ive had 5 kids, and only one i had to have drugs for was my 4th for a c section i hated not being able to move and feel my legs or get to bub for the first night, it wasnt good… all the other 4 were drug free… I much preferred that, i was up and going straight away and ready to come home within hrs especially after my 5th…

Don’t fight the pain and breathe, listen to the midwives… You’ve got this… No matter what you chose… Drugs or no drugs… its whats best for you and bubs to get through it ok… Dont beat yourself up over if you do have something to help…

I had an epidural with both of mine no problems with either as far as recovery goes

I had all 3 of mine with an epidural. I would definitely recommend it. I didn’t feel like it took away from the natural experience at all. All it does is numb you from the waist down. I was fully aware of everything going on and if I ever have more children in the future I will do it again.

I have 5 babies amd currently pregnant with baby number i had an epidural each time and recovery was not bad i was up amd walking around just a few hours after birth taking a shower with my first the day after we came home i was running errands i was a little sore compared to my other 4 but i also tore pretty bad with my first it was more of stinging sensation from the stitches than i was sore, i dont have any back trouble from the epidural at all, i do have a shoulder problem from a car accident i was in almost 20 years ago but the epidural didnt seem to effect it in any way

Most have great experiences with epidurals/spinal. BUT bad things can happen. Just had my second, and a week later my back is still traumatized from it. They had to go back into my spine and do a thing called a blood patch to fix the spinal fluid leak. I’ve always wanted to go 110%natural. My first was delivered at 26 weeks and had a classical c section with it which meant I can only ever have c sections. Almost 4 years later and I was still able to feel where they put my epidural the first time, and still have pain from it. This time, they completley messed it all up and I’m in tons of pain but it’s slowly getting better

I was the same as you with my first I wanted all natural. I didn’t count on back labor. I had contractions nonstop for hours and and I felt so weak and exhausted I couldn’t take it anymore and I got an epidural and it was the best birth experience ever to me. I remember everything because I wasn’t focusing on pain anymore. If you have a high pain tolerance then go for it I heard it’s a wonderful experience. I’m too much of a wuss when it comes to pain.

you do you. anyone who judges you for how YOU want to do your labor can go pound sand.

i wanted to go natural, but it didn’t end up that way. i had to be induced, the pain was worse than i expected and it was a long labor. i had SPD so my pelvis felt like it was tearing in half. after 12 hours of labor i got an epidural, and he was born via cesarean 11 hours later.

I’ve had 3 babies; my first was a scheduled induction so I had an epidural I felt no pain but had to have an episiotomy done for him to come out since I couldn’t feel while pushing no complications from epidural after birth but took awhile to heal from getting cut; my second I had natural no meds she came out after 3 pushes and I was up walking around within an hour I didn’t even need to ask for any pain meds until the following day; my third my water broke early I tried to go natural with him but at around 7 cm dialated I couldn’t take the pain and got the epi once again no pain but had to get cut to get him out but i healed better/faster with that one. Every birth is different and no matter what your plan is going in you can always change your mind. Do what is best for you! Good luck momma!

Natural is the best way

I had an epidural with my first and it was a pleasant delivery. Like I was putting on makeup and laughing at 9 cm. Recovery was harder I thought because you aren’t ready for that pain at all. Once it wears off that pain hits you like a truck. My second I couldn’t get any pain meds/epidural for medical reasons so had to do natural. I hired a doula/birth coach it was the best decision I could have made. I wasn’t all for it at first as I don’t really buy into all of that but she helped me get through it and actually enjoy my delivery. I could not have done it without her. Yes it’s painful but I got to Labor my way and I was up walking around 10 min after I delivered and felt amazing!!

I had 20 plus hours of labor w all3 of my boys and they were all over 8lbs i did epidural w all if labor wasnt so long i would have done natural but im only human and can only take so much pain lol and i enjoyed each delivery i was there in the moment and able to enjoy since i wasnt in pain

Your little one will make those decisions for you, if you know what I mean.

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You will know when the time comes. I chose to get it since I was shaking uncontrollably.

I had an epidural with my first. I was handling the contractions fine up until I was induced at 6cm dilation and they broke my water. The contractions went from 0 to 60 and I couldn’t handle the pain and asked for the epidural. With my 2nd I wanted to try all natural and without any pain meds. I was in labor all day again but I wanted to avoid laboring all day in the hospital and just stayed home where I could be more comfortable. I got to the hospital and was admitted at 5cm dilation. The pain was intense but you get yourself through the contractions one at a time. My experience was sooo much better without the epidural. I pushed 3 times versus 2 hours of pushing with my 1st. I had a hard time knowing when to push because of the epidural. But without it it was like my body took over and knew what to do! Trust your body! It is capable of way more than you think. Good luck!

I loved mine. It was nowhere near as bad as I had worked myself up thinking it would be. I took a shower within 4 hrs after. Maybe 4 times in the past 11 months i have had severe back pain but it goes away pretty quickly

You can always start with no meds and then if it gets to be to bad they can have someone there to give it to you. I wanted to do no meds. But i ended up getting induced . and a section so had no choice. Pitocin is a B. That being said if i have another i wanna try for no meds again.

I was walking right after I had my daughter. (2nd) but my first I was 16 and my mom made me have the epidural but I had a reaction to it and almost died because of it. I would go the no epidural route! It’s not that bad.

Got the epidural at 7cm dilated. Pushed 35 mins. recovery took an hour

My advise is go in with an opened mind. So much depends on how your body reacts and how the baby reacts.

My first at 31 I had an epidural, my second this year at 39 I did all natural, and I recovered soooo much faster and easier. This time, within an hour, I was up, showered, dressed in my comfy clothes ordering pizza and enjoying my new baby. I felt very groggy, couldn’t stand, uncomfortable etc after having an epidural with my first.

I’d prefer no epidural, I’ve given birth 9 times only had 2 epidurals. My first caused problems I’m still dealing with 16 years later the second one was due to trying to calm labor down to help baby, wound up having emergency C-section (not bc of epidural) I rather do some pain meds if needed bc it sucked with the epidural

i was 16 when i had my first and i did it with no epidural. the thought of needles scare me & ive heard terrible things about the epidural and the issues it can cause later on in life.

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You wont regret not getting an epidural… but I sure as hell dont regret getting one either :joy: I had to wait 3 hours after I asked (at 6cm) to get mine because there was a freak accident keeping my anesthesiologist and was already 8.5 cm by the time he came in. I still made them give it to me even though I was almost there, and honestly, it made for a beautiful and calm birthing experience. I would just keep it in your head as a safety net in case you decide you want it.

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