What is it like getting an IUD?

Does getting an IUD hurt? I am supposed to get one tomorrow and I honestly am having so muich anxiety over it…what should I expect?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What is it like getting an IUD?

I had A LOT of cramping the first day. My first period was the worst cramps I’ve ever felt. After that I was fine tho

No it doesn’t hurt, u just feel cramps like period cramps when Dr puts it in. It’s over in like 5 minutes had mine put in 2 months ago

Mine didn’t hurt at all.

Just a little cramping

They had to take mine out it was so painful getting it and the couple days I had it.

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I’d reschedule it. The two different iuds i used both caused me to bleed for months sometimes.


Horrible pain. Worst pain ever felt. But worth it. So worth it.

Cramps first day and during insertion. Take some ibuprofen beforehand. Good news is it’s over super fast and after that you never feel it after that!!!


Yes, it did hurt and there were cramps along with it.

Take some Tylenol or Ibuprofen before your visit. It’s uncomfortable for a few hours but the feeling wears off after a little while. You’ll be fine.

Tad cramps when it’s placed, I was fine right after. Maybe take Tylenol prior to getting it to help with cramping

I would get someone else to drive you so they can drive you home. After my first I was in so much pain I couldn’t drive. And I have a very high pain tolerance. I am also a RN, and I have seen a variety of reactions. You’ll never know until after how you’ll feel. Get someone to drive you!

Apparently if you’ve had kids it doesn’t hurt as bad. The last one I got wasn’t bad. They say it’ll hurt a bit and wait for the zing. The zing hurts but over really quick

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Well good news that to take it out later you don’t even feel it.

Have had 2. No pain at all. Never any bleeding. Best thing ever. Everyone is different. So don’t stress

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It doesn’t hurt it’s uncomfortable but that’s about it iv had 2 one put in 6 weeks after giving birth & a replacement last year

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When they 1st did it it was just cramping but for 6 months after everytime I was due to menstruate I had terrible pain. But after 6 months it was fine.

It hurts for like…20 minutes truly, might feel a bit weird for a couple days, but after a week, you will either forget about it or be paranoid when you cant feel the cords lol. Ive had mines for 5 years. Its all ups and downs. I had a bunch of anxiety when I first got it too, but tbh with you, its the best thing I ever did. <3 Gl hunny. Be safe.

Mine was horrible. It migrated and caused so much pain.

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Nope I have one never again worst pain in my life awfuest thing ever now it’s embedded into the walls n I have to remove it


If you’ve had a colposcopy (cervix tissue collection) done, it’s basically like that. Pinch, cramps and short-lived.

The only thing that hurt was the numbing spray :woman_shrugging:t3: the rest was just crampy

I threw up during both my first insertion and years later when they removed that one and put in a new one. Completely dizzy both times and bad pain. Everyone is different.

Worst decision my daughter ever made, caused her optic nerve to swell after MRIs spinal taps etc it was linked to her IUD. Pseudotumor Cerebi was the diagnosis. Be cautious.

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It hurt when I had it put in once. After that they would only put it in when I was on my period, and it didn’t hurt at all. I loved it cause I never felt it. I had no side effects. I suppose it’s different for everyone…

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It hurts, take Tylenol 2 hours before your appointment. Rest for the rest of the day.

Well… have you seen the movie the exorcist? Yeah… the floating above the bed is pretty much what I did when I had mine inserted. It hurt. The rest of the time was fine, and getting it removed was a breeze compared to getting it inserted.

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As per my own experience. I have had it after having 2 kids and it hurt like hell getting it placed and removed. I felt literal labor pains. I refuse to ever get it again becaus eit hurt so bad and yes I took tylenol before my placement. I’m not saying you will experience that same problem…but be aware it can be painful. Also, if the “string” isnt cut far enough it can make sex very painful for the male. Mine came partially out with a tampon so i had it removed but my husband and i were ready to try for a baby anyway BUT since it had been pulled partially out by the tampon it was very uncomfortable and painful I had to go to the er to get it removed because I was bleeding on top of the pain and discomfort.

Mine was uncomfortable during procedure, and for a couple of hours afterwards. It took some time for my body to get used to it, but it was the best decision i made. I am on my 2nd one.

Don’t. Everyone I know who got one had massive pain when it was put in and after and complications after. It can cause infertility. It can migrate and puncture any number of things. If you happen to get pregnant on it which you can- you could lose baby and or fertility. One friend I know part of it broke off and they couldn’t find it inside her ever. They did xrays can’t find it. Why anyone would take this risk I don’t know… there are other forms of birth control without the same risks. Don’t.

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It’s like a really bad pap… but to me worth it. They made me take pain meds beforehand (otc)

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Everyone is different. I’ve had 5 kids and it was horrifically painful for me. I bled bright red for a week, from my cervix not uterus.

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Getting it removed was the worst pain I’ve ever experienced

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Worst cramps ever…for 2 days. Then 10 years w/o cramps. :+1:

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I could feel mine ever ttime I moved wrong. I had to get it removed within a month.

I have the Mirena and I love mine.I took 2 advils and there was little discomfort. More pressure. I’m definitely getting another one.No periods

ask for nexplanon instead!!!

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It’s different for everyone depending on your pain tolerance. It was uncomfortable for me as the doctor was putting it in and after, I just had a little bit of cramps but that’s about it.

Some cramps after but what I loved about it, no periods at all for me lol

No worse than a pap and cramps

I won’t lie. It HURT when I got it put in. I stayed in the exam room for over an hour with my newborn because I was too scared I would get a bad cramp and not be able to drive lol also my strings migrated but they were able to remove it by ultrasound. I’m currently 11 weeks pregnant (conceived about 5 months after removal) and I will definitely be getting another one because for me personally the positives far outweighed the negatives.

Well I had just had mine put in a few weeks after having my first child and it wasn’t unbearable , but mine fell out within days :face_with_peeking_eye:. Horrible.

Insertion was like a small burning pinch… but my doc also did it during the last few days of my period so my cervix was still slightly open and he didn’t have to force it open.

Hurt so bad. Only had for 6 months before having it removed. Weight gain and irregular periods. Worst decision ever.

How do it feel having it in? Do u feel it or know it’s there?

An ex friend of mine got one and then got a bad infection down there and lost her ability to have kids because of it

Nexplanon all the way. I know too many people with bad experiences.

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1st wasn’t bad, 2nd was rather painful but inexperienced doctor, and the last was excruciating but I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in between the 2nd and 3rd. The 2nd was a Mirena and I had a severe hormone crash after it was removed but no periods while I had it.

Cramps but it wasn’t that bad for me

I had mine put in 8 weeks pp it was a little uncomfortable when it was put in. I had some bleeding after for a few hours. Since my periods are a hit and miss. I just went a few months with no period. This month I had a bad one.

A friend if mine got a perferation… terrified me, so I never got mine.

I just got mine out, had the Mirena in for 5 yrs. I personally would not recommend getting it…

I had it put in and ended up with twins

I have Kyleena and LOVE it. It barely hurt getting put in, and amno side effects other than 3 small periods in 4 years

It has been a very long time, but I remember a little pinch. Very effective method of birth control.

It’s literally like piercing your uterus. It can also migrate and cause infections. I would NEVER get it. Ever.

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You will have some cramping, maybe spotting.

ive had 2 and i felt absoutely nothing. i hated the hormonal one though as i bled for months after

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Do not get it it’ll give you bad cramps horrible heavy long periods and sex will hurt

don’t get the mirena, i didn’t think it hurt at all getting it put in or taken out like most people say. but it causes cysts like crazy and i got pregnant on it :woman_facepalming:t3:

I got pregnant while using the Mirena

Fixin to get one in 6 weeks but my dr has the same exact one she’s going to give to me. She said over a year my periods would just stop… which is great because my shark week is really and truly horrifying and I’m about to have a new baby and my toddler n I’m single so… I can’t afford a week of dying every month lol. Anyway, she said that the horror stories are from people who’s dr went too far so as long as you trust your dr you should be fine

Love mine, on my 3rd Mirena. No periods. Can’t say enough good things. Does pinch going in.

That shit HURT personally. It depends on if you’ve had kids before, the size of your cervix, and your overall pain tolerance. I’ve loved it since getting it but the insertion was NOT a pleasant experience

I am on my third Mirena! I love it. Insertion is definitely not painless. Make sure you have some ibuprofen ready. But I will never do another kind of birth control!

I had it for 1 week and it changed me completely, it was also very uncomfortable. I went back after a week and got it out and I was right back to normal.

Everyone is different, it may work for you. But if after you get it, if you feel like something’s off then definitely go back and get it checked/taken out if problems occur. Good luck!

I have paragard which is a copper one, no hormones. They did have a hard time inserting it due to my cervix being so closed I guess due to age and I’m perimenopausal so it took 2 appointments for that. I was pretty crampy right after and I bled lightly for about 3-4 days but no problems since and mine is good for 12 years

Feels like a quick staple gun to the uterus and then its over. However, period like cramps for hours or days.

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It hurts. Like a lot. Grit your teeth and get through it. After it’s in it will feel like a period cramp for a couple hours. I had my first for 6 years and it worked, have a 2nd in now. Only didn’t go the full 7 because of the laws in my state trying to ban them so I wanted to get it before that.

I DO NOT RECCOMEND ONE BIT! Excruciating pain during insertion and for hours afterwards then non stop bleeding for over 6 months.