What is it like getting your tubes tied?

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So I will probably be having surgery to have my tubes tied!! What is the process they usually do when you have the surgery? Is it super painful after surgery? I have 2 kids, and have the mirena right now but next month, will be the surgery.


No given birth is worse then having tubes tied… The first day you will suffer a bit but nothing some sleep and meds will help. :+1: had mine done when i was 22.


I had mine removed last Dec. I feel it was fairly easy gal honestly. I couldn’t pick up alot but other than that it really wasn’t bad.

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Not bad, just a little crampy.

Just got mine done June 3. Went home that day wasn’t in pain at all. I have 3 kids, thought I’d be down but nope not at all. I know everyone is different. Good luck to you.

My pain was awful. I also had a reaction to the anesthesia and vomited for 2 days. I hear its easier now than 15yrs ago.

just make sure far sure that’s want you want to do just think about it

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What they call bandaid surgery. No pain at all.

Threw the navel anout an inch long mo scar font rven notice it doesnt hurt