What is it like getting your tubes tied?

For mama’s who got their tubes tied…dose it hurt after? I’m 25 and due to health reasons my doctor suggested me to get my tubes tied. I have an appointment the 21st to talk to my obgyn but I was wondering how much it hurts after (I can’t handle pain worth shit) and what am I going to deal with after getting it done. thank you!

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It’s a very simple process and afterwards you should feel hardly no pain

Maybe slight tenderness but nothing more than a menstrual cramp

I got my tubes tied right after my c section… i healed well… baby number 6 was enough for me lol

I got it after I gave birth so not sure if the pain differs but I didn’t think it hurt. You’re sore after but it feels as if you worked out your abs really really well

I got mine tied after a C-section so that pain over rode any other pain. But being honest for me my periods have been over the top painful since. Before I never had cramps etc and now I can be in a ball because of them.

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Had mine done after third baby and I hurt like crazy I can’t handle pain either. I had bikini cut and felt like my insides were coming out for about a week then got better each day after that.

I’m a baby…my pain tolerance is nothing. I was a little sore after the procedure and then I found out I was allergic to the pain meds so I couldn’t take anything besides Tylenol.
My OB did mine through my belly button and 4 months later the scar is barely even noticeable.
This was the best decision I ever made- I also did mine for health reasons…but it’s great to not have to worry about birth control or accidental pregnancy

It hurts less than labour!

I had a c section and a tubal at the same time. I think the only pain was from the 3rd Csection. I had more cramps than I did with the other two and that may have been the tubal. It wasn’t terrible.

It hurts a lot less then childbirth

It’s less painful then going through labor

I had my tubes removed when I had my csection 12/7. Have heard from friends periods after tubal are worse but dont know after tubes removed vs tied.

No not bad at all just a little

I had my tubes tied on 2013 a day after having my baby #2 the first 3 days after that wasnt so much pain just a achy feeling… I had to have a hysterectomy in Oct 2018 due to painful period found out I had andemtrois and endemetrois now I feel better than ever

I wish more people were informed about PTLS (post tubal litigations syndrome) :pensive: I watched my mum suffer her whole life away and wish more people were informeD