What is it like having a hysterectomy?

Seeking advice on hysterectomy

TMI warning? Mom of 4 here. Just wondering if anyone one has had a hysterectomy? I get periods that last for months and you would think a murder took place. I am on an IUD but because they were so bad the IUD only lessened it a little. (Still a life saving amount cuz I was a couple points off of needing a transfusion at one point) if you have had one what are the pros? Cons? Also, I’m 34 and at my wits end. Any info would be so helpful at this point.


Have you considered ablation? That could greatly lessen your periods.

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Best thing to ever happen to me. I was getting my periods every other week. Everybody has different opinions but for me it wasn’t as painful as everyone said it would be. If I had an ablation they said I could still get periods but I was all set with getting them again

You may have Fibroids. Nothing to worry about. Sounds to me that you do need a Hysterectomy. They aren’t bad at all from ones I have heard who have had them.

It really is the best that I could have ever done. No more periods!

Uterine ablation?
I have the same issue. My doctor said he’d do an ablation before a hysterectomy.
See if that’s an option.

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I would ask about an ablation first. Much easier procedure with minimal recovery.

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Honestly kinda wished I had done mine sooner I lived like you are for a couple of years I think the younger you do it the better because it took me a solid year to recover from surgery

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I had an Ablation and only made my issues worse

Best thing I have ever done! I still have Ovaries but no other organs it was the easiest surgery

Ok so I was terrified to get mine done! I am 28 have 3 beautiful boys! I suffered from endometriosis for years and low iron from blood loss. It took me months to finally go through with it bc I wasn’t sure I was ready but let me tell you it was the best decision I made!!! I feel so much better NO PAIN! And my iron is doing a lot better. I got it done the end of February and it is a life changer. Just make sure you are mentally ready. That is the only thing I struggle with bc I wasn’t fully ready to be done having kids but I needed to bc pregnancy was hard on my body and all the other stuff mentioned. Good luck to you hun! You got this!

I had one at 40 because of very heavy periods. Had 3 blood transfusions and was tried of dealing with it. Good thing I did because I had fibroid tumor growing into my uterus. Best thing I ever did

It was wonderful, i had mine 3weeks out of a month

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I just had surgery about 6 weeks ago because I had been battling high grade cervical cancer cells that kept coming back since I was 12 weeks pregnant with my now one year old. I didn’t want to get it done at first because I wasn’t really the one making that permanent decision BUT I do have to say it is worth it now. Having NO period is already so nice! lol have your Dr keep your ovaries (hormone reasons) but take everything else.

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I’m 30 and just told at 18 that I would need one at 28 due to having endo that went crazy after having a IUD . My cycles are miserable but honestly you might try another kind of BC with hormones to help regulate or reduce it ( at one point I had the nexplanon and the Nuva ring at the same time and only had one every 3 months) . Now that I had my son I get one every month with no hormones due to my tubes were tied and it is like someone fed the gremlin after midnight . I’d say ablation but you might still get them . If it were me I’d say let’s try hormones and if that doesn’t help then bye bye uterus !

I had fibroids and didn’t know it .I had been having my period for about three months nonstop the hysterectomy wasn’t bad except that I had menopause symptoms earlier that I expected.

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I had it around 30 yrs old no problem after hot spell for a while

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I have had a partial at 23. I have never regretted my decision. Same as you periods and endometriosis got so bad i could not stand it. Best decision ever if you are done with child bearing

Me too I was born with a double uterus & it caused double periods. I had one 10 years ago best thing I ever did

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I had a hysterectomy not one regret

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I was 24, best thing ever.

My mom did the ablation and hasn’t had problems with it it’s been years!

I had mine done robotically and it was a breeze. I still have my ovaries but recovery was easy and my life is much better.

I wanted one. Got my tubes tied. If they say no try to get an ablation rather than tubes tied. They didn’t tell me you still have a period when you have tubes tied. I’m hoping to get an ablation this year.

Go see a dr and tell them how you are feeling about you long your periods are because that is how I was and dr did a hysterectomy on me but that was 35 years ago.

I had mine when I was 38. Hemoraging every month was not a good thing. It was the best thing I ever decided n.

Why would you have a.have a hysterectomy? Have a tubal. Speak to your GYN & ask about a ablation.
And if you have a tubal you still have your periods !!.
But no one needs nor should have a hysterectomy unless medically necessary

My mom got one because of how heavy her periods were after she got a ligation. She had a partial though and has one ovary left. She is much happier.

Hi Ladies
I dont think this is a subject to post on facebook. To me this is a personal issue that I myself dont care to share with just anyone, family and close friends is ok.
Just saying.

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Have you had a d&c done? This can help figure out why you are bleeding so much

I had to have one 40 years ago because of severe endometriosis. Only treatment done then. Dr. left one ovary so I wouldn’t go into early menopause. I lost other ovary due to ectopic pregnancy. I was also 34 years old then. I had a husband, two very active youngsters ( 11 and 6) and a wonderful mom who came early every morning. She treated me like a queen, the kids entertained me!, and my husband took care of farm chores with help from the kids.
Dr. did a bikini cut incision. I remember hurting pretty bad for a day or two then just my incision itching. All in all, a very easy surgery and best of all NO MORE PERIODS! I went thru menopause at normal time(about 50). No real problems. I hope I haven’t bored you with all this info!! Good luck to you!

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Keep at least one ovary so you dont go into menopause. Best decision I ever made was getting it done

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I had one at 35 bc of heavy bleeding go to your gyno and tell him you want a hysterectomy before your like me so low bc of blood loss . If they dont take your ovaries you wont go into menopause it just takes time to heal and your good…cant think of any pros was the best thing i did

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DO IT! I had mine at 32 and it was the BEST THING EVER!

I had fibroids at age 35. 3 children and best decision EVER. Periods 3weeks out of a month for many months. Iron pills 3xs day still anemic. Deffinetly worth the hysterectomy

Just had a partial hysterectomy for cancer reasons. Left the ovaries. Im 32. Healing isnt too horrible since they can do it laparoscopic. However, i wanted another kid so kind of sucks in that aspect. Im 4 weeks post op and thus far no real issues or problems. Pretty happy about no more monthly cycles tho.

Best ever, also bleed to anemia. Wish id done it earlier.

Im 54 , had cancer, and went to post menopause thru cancer. Im 3 weeks after a total hysterectomy. I had a robotic hysterectomy and i love it. No more pains, sweats, cramps or anything,. Ive even lost weight after it.

Easy it’s scary though hearing the old way ware the cut ok Compnrad to the new way 2 hours surgery easy hand in your vag easy vs stomach way just can’t lift things after I took a week off from work then went back to work no more periods great

I had one performed almost 2 years ago due to PCOS and endometriosis. I was miserable beforehand. I could only stand for 3-5 minutes at a time due to the pain. My periods were much like yours. My abdomen was constantly distended. I had one ovary removed previously and also tried an ablation. The ablation worked for approximately one year. My surgery was an open procedure due to the size of my uterus and remaining ovary. Once I healed, I felt so much better. I will always have PCOS as it is an endocrine disorder but the pain and bloating are gone!

Talk with your doc. Had 5 kids, 4 via c section. At 45 total hysterectomy after 2 pint transfusion. Medically needed is the only reason a doc will do one

If they want you to get a hysterectomy…get it!! Best thing I ever did. I bled so heavily I became anemic and had to have 4 transfusions. Didnt help me much because they gave me transfusions without a bag of iron. Which years later I found out have to be done together. They finally did an ultrasound and found a tumor next to my ovaries the size of a softball. Then did a hysterectomy. Best thing ever. No more periods. No more cramps, and safe sex for the rest of your life!! They found out I had endometriosis too. So I chose to have a complete hysterectomy, I didnt want to take any chances of anything going wrong with my ovaries or cancer later on. I feel great now. No issues what so ever!! I hope this helps…

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I am 4 weeks post hysterectomy and I feel 100% better. I just turned 30 and I had heavy periods like you, PCOS, and endometriosis. It was seriously the best decision ever. My Wonderful doctor left my ovaries so I wouldn’t go into menopause over night. Don’t wait you will feel so much better!

Best decision I made. After having 2 boy’s my periods changed to heavy lasting for months. I tried different things but they didn’t work in the long run.
I stl have my ovaries but the rest is gone.
I love not having to worry about my period showing up unexpected or waiting weeks for it to be gone. Not having to worry about Bleeding through anything.
Plus all the money I save not buying tampons, pads, etc.

If youre gonna get one get a complete full hysterectomy, all at once

Could ask for an ablation instead. Quick procedure minimal recovery no side effects.

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I was about 29. Had 4 kids.when I had mine. Best thing I ever did

I had one in 2o17 and its gods sent never felt better I to bleed heavy

I just had a hysterectomy in April. If your Dr is willing, do it! Best thing I’ve ever done! Mine was done robotically. Recovery was almost a breeze. I was 41 at the time of surgery.

I’m still fighting for mine… I’ve turned 39 a month ago. Have 5 kids, 22 to 12 ablation and tubal 5 yrs ago… they won’t do it because I’m not 40… have pcos, still get periods, pain isn’t as debilitating , as i can move somewhat, but it’s still damn painful…

yes I did, turned out I had tumor the size of two of my fists side by side. feel so much better ,

Yes it is the best decision and easiest surgery!

No get the dopo shot it stops your cycle

Just had one 2 weeks ago and I’m 36. Took uterus and tubes. Don’t take the ovaries, it’ll start menopause. I don’t regret it all.

Just have your uterus removed if possible. You will benefit from having your ovaries. Pros are no more pain and bleeding. Not really ant cons that I can think off. If everything is removed, early menopause…

Had mine at 34. No more periods or pms. Best thing ever happened to me. Keep your ovaries if possible. Didn’t start menopause until I was in mid 40s. Without ovaries you will go into menopause now

I have to be on two forms of birth control otherwise I bleed for months. They might just have to up your dosage

Best thing I ever did.

I didn’t have mine because of periods… I’m still on the mend of it. Surgery was August 15… But definitely the best choice I ever made (tubal ligation didn’t work. Lots of miscarriages and I developed aggressive cervical cancer). If you leave your ovaries in than you won’t need hormones but you’ll still have PMS symptoms but bonus no more periods! I tried the IUD before I became pregnant with my daughter and it made me bleed like no other hint my daughter. Do what you think is best for you! Your doctor can give you a list of pros and cons too.