What is it like having a tubal?

What are some pros and cons about tying tubes after pregnancy? Beaides the fact that i cant have more kids lol. :grinning::heartpulse:


Unless you’re having a csection it’s surgery that requires recovery/downtime. I’ve heard it can greatly affect your hormones. It’s much easier for the dude. It’s an outpatient procedure that takes all of 10 minutes and a day or two recovery.

Ive had hormone issues since tubal and also bad scar tissue that causes tenderness and pain

Now its laparoscopic and the incisions are tiny barely a scar. And they remove them and not tie them now because tying increases risk of ovarian cancer. Cons, about 2 weeks of pain/ discomfort but other than that I’ve had no issue. I also got this done a 2 months ago haha

Periods got worse for a while after. But no kids!

It’s an out patient for women too and only a couple of weeks down time really, no scares and no real pain and hormones are fine so other than no more kids there is no down side to it

worse mistake ever my periods where a bitch i had to have another surgery and i been free for two years