What is it like having a VBAC?

Who has had a vbac? :pregnant_woman: we may start trying soon but i dread the thought of another csection.


Repeat sections aren’t that bad honestly if you have to have one


I had a vbac 2 months ago. Beautiful experience.

I have had 2 succeful VBACs and I’m soooooo thankful for them! The recovery from a vaginal birth is far better than the recovery from a c-section, in my cases. Make sure you have a great support system surrounding you for this decision. It’s the best decision I’ve made for any of my deliveries

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Im attempting a vbac in July :pray::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::+1:

Make sure a doctor near you can provide a vbac. I wrongfully assumed and wasnt able to travel for my prenatal care and wasnt given a choice. I just had my repeat cesarean last week and while recovery has been easier this time, surgery was still just as nerve wrecking - if not more so because when I had my first I was loopy from pain meds by the time they took me for my epidural. This time I had no meds and had a full blown panic attack DURING the anesthesiologist putting my spinal block. I got my tubes tied because I literally could not handle the thought of another csection.

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I wish I would have tried VBAC! I had and emergency c-sec with my now 10 year old and a scheduled one 16 months ago. The recovery from my first one was a piece of cake so that’s why I chose to schedule with my second.
The recovery was nothing short of hell for the second one and my incision site took about 6 months to totally heal.

Definitely make sure you find a doctor who does VBACs. I didn’t think about asking when I found an OB for my second pregnancy as I was almost 20 weeks when I finally got insurance. Although my scheduled csection went smoothly and I healed up pretty quickly (3 weeks PP right now) it was still nerve racking for me as I was put to sleep for my emergency csection so I didn’t know what to expect.

I just did 2 weeks ago! So much better then a c!

I considered it but never went into labor on my own to even try. Just saying…the 2nd csection with it being planned was amazing!!! I was able to plan ahead for my older daughter to stay with my parents, no pain from contractions and the spinal barely even hurt! The doctor went to leave n I literally said “o that was it?” Either way you go momma but I’d just go with the surgery :blush:

I have had 2 successful vbacs!!! I recovered so much quicker with the vbacs. I’m so thankful I went for it and did it! If you decide to go through with it… research… maybe hire a doula and go for it!!! You got this. :slight_smile:

I switched gynos because my first wouldn’t let me try vbac. I had a successful one and it was amazing. I was literally up and walking around 5 minutes later.