What is it like having a water birth?

Hey mommas, I was wondering if any of you had a water birth & if so how’d it go?

I would love to have one but I’m a first time mom and I’m so scared! Lol


I havent, but personally would consider it…well if I had the room. It looks amazing honestly.

It was my plan all the way through pregnancy, I did go in but due to not knowing when my waters broke they had to get me out just in case of infection with the baby, but I would 100% recommend it! When I was in the water the contractions was so much easier, it was much more relaxing and if I have another baby I will definitely be having a water birth! 100% preferred being in the water than on the bed x

Following. I would love a water birth. Though with my daughter I had no choice but a c-section.

I really wanted too but I couldn’t sit down I had really bad back labor, I was In so much pain. It did nothing for me

I wanted to so bad but ended up with emergency c section. I say go for it and try as hard as you can to last without epidural.
Look up negative side effects of epidural so you prepare yourself a little better for not getting one! I wish I knew then what I knew now! Research a TON! I wish you the best and hope you get to experience it!! :heart:

I opted for a home birth with our last baby and loved the idea of a water birth… The water felt so good between contractions!!! But, I got the urge to push starting at 7 cm and being in the water only made it worse so I had to get out right after I got in. It was a relaxing and blissful 60 seconds though :joy::joy::joy:

I almost gave birth in the water, if I had stayed in there for another half-hour I would have but I got too hot lol

Both my babies were water births, only gas and air but the water itself is a massive pain relief. Beautiful experience I recommend it to everyone :blue_heart::sparkling_heart:


Good luck girl… it’s a lot of hurting for me atleast

I hated it!!! I tried the water tub with my first but it made the pain so much more intense. I had to give birth in the water with my last because he came so fast but i found it to be uncomfortable and make things worse. My OPINION though.

My sister did and loved it so much, she wanted to do it for her second child too, but she was born too quick. You of course can’t have an epidural, so your pain relieving options are different. But, the warm water is soothing, which she believed helped with the contractions and minimal tearing, if any. After the baby was born, she had to get out of the tub to deliver the placenta as you would in the hospital bed though. Other than that, she thought it was an awesome experience. You need to fall into a few guidelines too I believe, like a healthy pregnancy (no diabetes, preclampsia, etc) and be so far along before laboring.

Me, I appreciated the epidural and had a few more issues. So I stuck to the non-water birth. Lol

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I’ve had several, and have attended about 75? Ish. Magic!


Some hospitals dont allow them, mine unfortunately didnt.

My first was induced in the hospital, no option for water birth. My next 2 births were at a birth center in the water, no pain medications. Each time I spent about 2 hours in the pool before delivering my babies. It is very relaxing and lessened contraction pain to the point I thought I wasn’t ready to have the babies and I was wasting everyone’s time! My last one 3/15/2019 was born 6 minutes after they broke my water with only one big contraction! My husband was also able to be in the pool with me each time which helped to brace against him and just have him for support the whole time :two_hearts: I felt more in control to move around how I wanted compared to my first birth. I would highly recommend a water birth :relaxed: