What is it like having a water birth?

Hello!! Soon to be first time momma here!

So, I was rather set on having a water birth and I thought the hospital I had picked offered that. I just found out they do not, however, they have a hydrotherapy tub. I’m 24 weeks, so I still have some time to decide if I want to switch or not. I’m nervous though because I’m very comfortable with the team I already have and I know quite a few people decide on water birth, but partway through go through with a different method. I’d hate to switch the amazing team I have if I wouldn’t end up going through with it anyways.

Has anyone had any experiences with hydrotherapy tubs? Pros and cons? For the water birth mommas out there, do you think it’s worth the switch? Any advice is well appreciated☺️


As a NICU nurse We have to go to the few water births we have. It’s also a hydrotherapy
Tub. I’ve never been to one personally because a lot of doctors refuse to do them because of the risks. I’ve heard stories about them and unfortunately they ended up in the NICU because they took a breath while under water. A lot of our moms will get in the tub to relax but when it’s time to push they get out. I don’t know if this helps. I wanted to do one but decided against it when I realized what I would be sitting in after my water broke and some times you poop while pushing and I’m weird I just couldn’t do it

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When I went into labor, my contractions were awful. I was screaming in pain. They were so intense I was vomiting each time I had one. Once I got into the hydrotherapy tub, my body calmed down and my contractions were much more bearable. They still hurt, but I wasn’t screaming or puking. I was only in for an hour and I dilated 3 centimeters. After I got out of the tub I had my epidural, slept for 1.5-2 hours, then had my baby!

yeah I couldn’t do the water birth personally I couldn’t sit in that after all that because sometimes giving birth is kind of gross