What is it like having your tubes removed?

Has anyone had their tubes removed? What was the process like? The recovery and any regrets? After 3 kids I am DONE lol I’ve had a couple family members get pregnant after tying their tubes so I figure why not just remove them?!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What is it like having your tubes removed?

I had mine cut and burned in 3 places on each side. I imagine it’s very similar to having a section removed. The surgery wasn’t bad. Recovery was a little miserable for me. You have to have time to rest for sure. I’d do it again every single year though if it meant no more children.

I had mine removed and by day 2 I was up and moving around. Yea I was still sore but not really any pain. And it was so easy. I did it on a Thursday and went back to work the following Wednesday.

I had mine removed during my c section. No additional recovery time or pain. Was driving by day 3

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I had my tubes removed during my C-section with my fourth and the recover wasn’t bad at all. But my periods have changed quite a bit since having them removed. I went a few months without then I would have heavy periods and it would keep doing bath and forth.

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I had it done during my c section, normal recovery. but severe needing for my periods post. now on slynd to help.

I had my tubes tied & I’ m great no pain

I had mine cut and burned.

I had mine removed. First 3 days post was a lil rough but after that I was golden. No regrets and I only have 1 child. :woman_shrugging: it was a simple process over all from beginning to end.

Had mine done with my last C section. Recovery went normal for my second section. Couldn’t be happier. I haven’t had any side affects from having them cut and burned.

I had mine done but I was very sore because the Dr tried to remove my appendix but count. So I was very sore and tender for a week. No regrets at all.

It was a pretty painless process recovery wasn’t bad at all . Worth it

I want to have mine removed too. Hell I’d be willing to get rid of the entire set up at this point. :joy:

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Do. NOT do it. Worst idea of my life. My period is 10x worse now. I go through a lot of tampons and pads. I get my period twice a month. I bleed so much they want to scrape my uterus and see if it helps. Look into the Facebook groups about tubes being removed. Women are traveling all around the world to have it reversed. Some are lucky and some aren’t. Some lady’s end up having to get a full hysterectomy

I did the filshie clip method 4 yrs ago. It’s worked well for me.

Following I’m really thinking of doing this as well this will be baby #4 my rainbow baby and I’m done after this

I just had mine removed in August. I went in at 6 am had the operation at 8 am and was leaving by 1030 am ( this was on a Thursday) .I went grocery shopping the same night ( with a driver I didn’t drive lol ) but I was back at work by Monday . I have no regrets at all so happy I did it.

I had mine removed and my periods have been literal hell. I bleed excessively, terrible pains. But plus side no chance for more kids.

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Had mine done 35 + years ago but doctor caulderized ends. Never regretted it.

Had 3 kids and got them tied and then about a decade later started regretting it and still do now 16 years later. :cry:

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I had mine removed a year and a half ago. I’ve got four kids and now I’m completely done. But I do regret it some days. My periods some months can be very heavy where I’ll bleed through a super tampon within an hour. And some months it’s very light

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Best decision I made. Minimal pain, simple recovery. No complications

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Had mine removed while open for a C-section, menstrual cycles are absolutely horrible now

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Had mine removed 4 years ago during a csection . Absolutely regret it… HE wanted it done. Not me… And we barely speak now… make sure it’s absolutely YOUR decision, nobody else’s.


I’d NEVER do it again. My periods are SO, soooooo bad since. People and doctors can disagree this didn’t cause the change in my periods, but ever since I had my tubes completely removed (less than a cm left on each), I cannot control my periods. If I could turn back, I’d never do it again.

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Got mine done 2 years ago in feb and it wasn’t bad. Healed up very well don’t even have a scar anymore. But I do regret it very much.

I had mine cut and burned pain only lasted about a week after my C-section but I do not regret it cause as cute as babies are my youngest has made me realize I can no longer keep up :joy: no chill button at all

Had mine done 4 years ago and my periods are horrible now.
I have horrible cramps ( Which I never had before)

Positive side I can’t have anymore kids.

Had mine tied right after I gave birth to my daughter. Never had any problems. Never regretted the decision.

I had a tubal ligation at the same time as my 3rd C-section. I’m almost 35 and My youngest is 2 1/2 and no regrets. I didn’t feel any different, not sure if it was because I was recovering from a C-section at the same time :woman_shrugging:t3: but no issues since.

I had mine tied after my third child and she’ll be 19 in a couple months

You’ll have to find a doctor who will remove only those. Have you asked your gynecologist if this procedure is possible? I do not know if it would even be covered by insurance.

You might ask about an uterine artery embolization. Recovery is only a couple of days. They go in through arteries in your groin and insert microscopic pellets until the arteries to your uterus are completely blocked. This also significantly lessens the blood flow to your ovaries so you will experience premature menopause. The pellets stop blood flow to your uterus so you won’t ever get pregnant again. The procedure is not reversible.

You might find a doctor who will remove your uterus which is a relatively common procedure, if your circumstances warrant it.

My OB/GYN removed mine and it’s all done laparoscopic 3-4 incision sites. I think no heavy lifting for a couple of weeks. It wasn’t a bad recovery process.

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I did i gained weight non stop after and my periods got worse

Mine were removed during my c-section back in March. 3 kids is more than enough for me. The recovery was a little bit rougher. Not bad.

Had mine and honestly I’m glad I did. Before having surgery my periods were irregular and I couldn’t loose weight. But now my periods are regular like when I was a teen and starting to loose weight. Worst part is the pain from the gas that goes to your shoulders :cry:

I had one tube removed and an ovary due to ectopic pregnancies from a tubal ligation. No problems with missing one side—-would do it again AND again … tie tubes, remove tubes —remove anything that continues reproduction.

Removed and I experienced some premenopausal symptoms for a couple days after and some soreness but it wasn’t terrible at all the hot flashes were probably the worst.

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I got mine done, right after I had my second son. The next day actually while I was still in the hospital. My main problem was tons of bleeding and some cramping. I had to leave work on my first day back, which was about 8 weeks later because I was going through a tampon and a pad every couple hours. I was miserable but everyone is different I think :woozy_face:

Had mine removed 6 yrs ago and healed up fine no issues besides fantom pains here and there,most likely scar tissue which is normal

I had my tubes completely removed and an endometrial ablation in July. The biggest thing I struggled with is the bloating afterwards. Pain wasn’t too bad. I was off the pain killers in 4 days. It was done laparoscopically so I have small incision scars from that. I’ve had 3 periods so far after the procedure and I’m SO glad I got it done!! I use small panty liners the whole 5 days I’m on it. It’s such a lite flow now. I used to go through a super plus tampon in 20 minutes sometimes. Best decision!!

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I had my tubes removed earlier this year. That day I was tired and groggy from anesthesia but as far as pain… none. I have however had heavier periods and my cramps have gotten worse too since I had them removed.

I had mine removed about 6 years ago. 3 tiny incisions. Took a week off of work (I was a CNA at that time.) No heavy lifting for a couple weeks. Other than that I was back to normal within a couple days.

Had my removed and my periods are absolutely horrible! My gyno put me on birth control and has me skip the last week so I don’t have a period. Otherwise I’m practically disabled for 7-10 days

I had my removed. Best decision ever. Recovery was great… I just had a few days of resting. No changes with my period. I do feel myself ovulate now, and I didn’t before.

I’m actually going in next week to have that and an ovary removed due to a big cyst.

I had mine removed during my csection. Only difference I’ve noticed is heavier periods and a slightly rougher recovery from my csection.
Don’t let people scare you about ptls.


It’s a simple procedure and recovery. had mine done in June of last year was back to my normal self the next day

It’s different for everyone… procedure or recovery wasn’t bad for me but my periods are worse than before.

Had mine removed in February when I had my c-section for my last baby. I didn’t feel anything different than what I would normally feel for a c-section and have had no problems since.

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I had mine done. Beyond feeling like I did WAY to many sit ups, recovery wasn’t bad.
Within a week I was completely back to normal.
No regrets over here.

What about a uterine ablation instead? I had one, the recovery was easy and it’s been great being done with cycles and not having to do any hormone replacements as well.

Just got mine done 6 months ago and I’ve been feeling happy yet there is moments I feel sad like apart of me being a women is missing. I get sad thinking this will for sure be my last time changing diapers getting snuggles and etc. I wish my body was able to handle more pregnancy’s.

Had it with my c section so I was healing that over it but only thing is super night sweats

I had mine removed 2 mths ago, I was ok after a week just avoided heavy lifting til my checkup.

I had mine done in February. I thought it was painful, but that was my first surgery. The bloating sucked. But my periods are horrible now, and I get excruciating pain on the right side of my uterus. I’m constantly having problems with leaking but it’s because my periods are just messed up.

I had mine removed in December 23rd. Zero regrets! Procedure was quick, recovery was almost painless (had a few sore bruises but that’s it) did not even need to take the prescribed painkillers. I have 4 kids and my so had to keep reminding me to take it easy :sweat_smile: period are normal and only last 4 days for me. I felt great for Christmas 2 days later! One of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Had mine removed last year. Recovery wasn’t bad (had surgery on a Thursday, returned to work Monday) but I also have a desk job 75% of the time.

I had mine removed during a c-section to deliver my 5th baby. Even though I had it done during a c-section the recovery so easy I was up and waking within a few hours. No pain medication required. I had irregular periods my entire life and after having my tubes removed they have become regular and so much lighter.

Had mine burnt wasn’t bad at all

I asked after I had my 2nd, in December. They said they no longer tie. Just remove

I had 1 baby. Had mine removed. Way easier than my C-section. I was up walking within 1.5-2 hours. I was at the store grocery shopping within 3 hours of being released. Only thing I wasn’t prepared for is period cramps are… different. More painful. Nothing some Tylenol won’t help tho. I don’t regret a thing and the recovery is the easiest thing I’ve been through, no lie there is still pain but my gallbladder was worst.

I had my right tube and ovary removed for emergency surgery on the 27th of last month my tube become twisted and my ovary swelled due to lack of blood gotta say I was ready to cut the bad boy out myself lol but seriously super painful comparable to child birth for sure ahh anyways it’s been a while now my hormones are seriously out of wack and I still have one ovary couldn’t imagine losing both the hormone fluctuations is the worst part the healing wasn’t bad at all super sore for a week solid could do much has family caring for me and my kids for that week second week I was up and moving slowly sore really sore had to sit a lot in between chores and stuff still can’t lift much lifted something yesterday been bleeding since :woman_facepalming:t3: I swear it’s slowed now but definitely to early to be lifting pain wise I take Kratom powder I didn’t take any of the meds they sent home they didn’t seem to help much just made me feel sick to my stomach and weird not a fan all an all I would definitely consider taking the tubes but leaving an ovary :flushed::grimacing: seriously the hormones roller coaster is the worst of it all really important side note you can’t live with out both ovaries with out being completely dependent on hormones and these hormone meds are a one size fits all basically birth control for the rest of your life so that hormone fluctuation will be the rest of your life :cold_sweat: I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy

Had mine removed during C-section with my 5th baby only problem is the bleeding is super heavy for one day of my 3 day cycle before it was moderate for 3 days now it’s moderate for day 1 day 2 is horrible and day 3 is moderate

I had mine removed a few months ago bc I found out I am positive for the brca1 mutation, which means not only high risk of breast cancer but high risk of ovarian cancer. They’ve recently found that many ovarian cancers will originate in the tubes, so I had mine removed to put off surgical menopause for a little bit. So reduced risk of ovarian cancer, in addition to no more babies is my why.