What is it like taking a nonstress test?

I have a question for the mamas who have had to take the nonstress test. I took the test yesterday and the doctor explained to me what the purpose of the test was for and showed me on the monitor the babys heart rate and then the number below it was counting contractions. By contractions did she mean like braxton hicks or what? I’m confused on that part but didn’t think to ask her when she was in the room. No bashing or negative comments please!

P.S. it said there was 5 contractions during the test. But I didn’t feel any contractions.


Im 37 weeks I’ve been going twice a week for nonstress tests mine are 3-4 mins apart, currently hooked up right now but mine are Braxton hicks due to not feeling them, there are many different contractions but I was told if they were labor contractions id feel them


I went for non stress tests every week once I was 32 weeks. It probably reads any contractions. They never told me anything about that after I went though.

Yea it measures braxton hicks too. The timing of them tells them if they’re real or not :slight_smile:

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I had to get one when i was about 38 weeks and i didn’t feel any contractions either, but when i got induced i didn’t feel any until i was 6cm dilated and then i really felt them lol

If you don’t feel them they are usually Braxton Hicks I had to do that test with my first but not my second or third and my baby boy I had on the 29th was a scheduled C-section so when I went in i was hooked to the baby monitor and all waiting on blood work and stuff before going back and I had actually been having contractions since I left to go to the hospital and the whole time I was hooked up I was and the nurse.asked if I was feeling any contractions and I said yes they actually hurt so they were real

I don’t feel contractions either. I feel braxton hicks, but not always contractions. Some contractions are stronger than others. If the contractions aren’t consistent then they are considered braxton hicks.

It will be tracking your uterine contractions. It’s very likely that you will be having contractions and not even notice. I had NSTs 3x/week for the last 6 weeks of my last pregnancy because I was having painful BH and was diabetic, and every time I went in the nurses would ask “is your doctor aware of your contractions?” Because the machine would pick up contractions even if I wasn’t feeling them.

I had contractions with my first daughter due to a bad UTI and was hospitalized because of it but they weren’t the kind of contractions that make you dilate

I went for non stress tests every week once I was 32 weeks. It probably reads any contractions. They never told me anything about that after I went though.

I had contractions for a couple of months before I had my kids and never felt them. The only reason I knew I was having them with my son is because I was high risk and had to have a nonstress test every week plus an ultrasound

Isn’t it a heart rate test? I’m thinking heart rate contractions, like how many beats per minute, not uterine contractions. Ask the staff what it refers to.

Sometimes people have contractions and dont feel it. It checks to see how the baby reacts to those contractions. I started getting the tests at 36 weeks.

They were Braxton hicks if you didn’t notice them.