What is it like to be excited about a pregnancy?

So what is it like to be excited about a pregnancy??? The little back story I have two amazing children that I love very much, and I am not sure what I would ever do without them in my life!!! However, their coming into this world was not the best of situations I did not expect or plan either of my pregnancies both very unexpected and one with the worst person I could have met let alone have a child with now back to my question but how does it feel to be happy about a pregnancy? How does it feel to have everyone around you be happy for You? How does it feel to not have people tell you every day what a screw up you are?


WTF kind of question is this? Many of us struggled to have a baby. It took us 5 years and finally IVF to have a baby.
What the hell?


If you have to ask what it’s like you’re not that excited :woman_shrugging:.

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To answer your question… it feels really good… like all of a sudden your complete… I guess I’m just answering your question but I hope you find out yourself… :disappointed:


I feel like if you want the baby you are going to be happy. It may be a bummer to have negative people but you have the option of not allowing them to make your experience unhappy. Sometimes a woman may be scared and not fully happy through their whole pregnancy until the baby is born and that is ok. If you are pregnant now or want to be again just do your best to block the negative people out and enjoy the blessing you will have. I hope you have the chance to enjoy it someday.


You say you love your children, then at some point you we’re excited about them, their speed donors do not have to be in the picture! Make a happy life for yourself and your children. They deserve that much from you.


Not everyone was happy when I was pregnant mostly because I had just started college and wasn’t in the best situation. But towards the end (definitely around baby shower time) everyone including myself was excited. I’m so sorry you didn’t get the excitement that most people get about a pregnancy. I know a few who weren’t happy but of course love their children.

I don’t know. My family was never supper happy about any of my kids.

The last were with my now husband and his family was really excited, but mostly don’t speak English, my family was still not excited and couldn’t even pretend to be happy for me :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Ot feels great😊 I had pregnancys when I was very ypung and was very scared about it. Didnt enjoy it as much as I should and didnt have family support or friends around me as I moved to a different town. 19 years later ( yes you read that right) fell pregnant. Different circumstances, back in the town I grew up on with family and friends and it made a big difference to how I felt x

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My children came at horrible times in my life. So when I found out I was blessed to have a child (because my family has fertility issues) I knew each and every time my storm wasn’t going to last long and I enjoyed being pregnant with all 5 of my children and I didn’t care for 1 of the fathers but the fathers was never a factor for me. My blessings was all :blue_heart::heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:.

I loved everything about being pregnant. My husband and I had been a couple for 16 years, married for less than one (HS sweeethearts) and got pregnant. It was enjoyable because we were read. I’m so sorry that your experiences were not happy. Pregnancy isn’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you don’t love your child any diffwrent

I was in an abusive relationship the farther of my kids. When I got pregnant with my first, I was barely 18 and getting ready to graduate high school. I was still excited about both my pregnancies. Both times I wasn’t in the best position. And especially my first I wasn’t excited at first, because I was scared and still a kid pretty much. But after a bit, the excitement came. Even though their dad(same dad) was very emotionally and mentally abusive and controlling, I was still happy and excited about my pregnancy and loved my unborn child. Regardless of anything going on around me or in my life, that was the one thing that was good in my life at the moment and that I knew I did right. Both were far from planned and tried to prevent from happening also.

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I don’t attach my happiness to others or their thoughts and opinions. Learn to be happy despite others—or life will be miserable

I didnt enjoy being pregnant at all , wanted kids yes . 1 was planned ish 1 wasn’t. Didnt make a difference with either . Just in general my opinion being pregnant for 9 months, either being sick , at the ob weekly to every two weeks , always being uncomfortable etc , heart burn , braxton hicks from 20 weeks on . I was high risk and had alot of issues i also i did it solo first time around . Maybe why i have a different outlook .

I wish I could tell you the answer, with my first pregnancy I was too scared and nervous to be excited, I worried about everything. With my second I was too sick to be excited about anything other than not throwing up, work the third I was too busy they’re too work and keep my abusive husband happy. The fourth I miscarried and had to have a D&C right before Christmas 2000, by then the adjust was bad enough I was grateful to lose the baby, just over a year later he left. I did enjoy feeling them moving in my belly, but I had depression issues as well as a horrible marriage that got worse and worse each year. No at the time I didn’t not realize how bad things were.


Idk what kind of question is this lmfaooo

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Girl omg i love my daughter with all my heart. N my lil on the way, but i HATE being pregnant. Ive had three miscarriages before my daughter, which seriously traumatized me. So instead of loving my pregnancy, im just anxious and scared 99% of the time in fear of something going wrong. I no joke went to the er 20+ times in my 2nd and 3rd trimester with my daughter bcuz EVERYTHING SCARED ME​:joy::joy::joy:. Im 11weeks w my second n every ultrasound i go into , i go into terrified. I wish i could enjoy my pregnancy. But bcuz of my past losses idt i ever will. :sob:

Please seek therapy.

With my first, I was over the moon. Thankfully so was my bf. I had an amazing pregnancy and the only issue was I couldn’t eat bananas. Now… I’m pregnant with my second and idk it feels completely different. My bf is beyond excited since it’s been 6 years from out first. This pregnancy has definitely taken its toll on not only my body but also mentally. I’m exhausted and in so much constant pain it’s difficult to be excited all the time. Relatives help and everyone around me is so happy for me I’m just anxious and idk in denial about this pregnancy. I love this baby but I’m definitely just anxious to get it out.

I loved being pregnant, it was a very happy time of my life, only I hated being sick for nine most but it was worse it.i would do it again.

First, you need to get rid of those people who tell you what a screw up you are. I mean, if they’re kindly giving you sound advice on how to improve then you should listen to them. Sometimes people view that as someone telling them they’re a screw up. But, if they are genuinely bashing you, you don’t need that.

My first pregnancy was planned. That was exciting! You think about your baby every day, you read everything you can get your hands on, you get apps that tell you what is happening this week and has a 3D image of what baby looks like. You start picking out names. You think about how life will be different at the next Christmas when baby is here or your first Mother’s Day. You shop for things the second you find out you’re pregnant and you never once consider that anything else is going to happen except that you’ll come home with a healthy baby.

Baby #2 was unexpected. I never for a second regretted the pregnancy, but it was stressful… She was born 13 months after our so,n. It went really fast since I was busy with an infant while pregnant. We were strapped financially so we didn’t have the extra little cute baby things… Just the necessities and what we had from our first child. Our 3rd and 4th pregnancies ended in early miscarriages. Our 5th and 6th pregnancies thankfully ended with healthy babies but the pregnancies weren’t the same as those first 2. The miscarriages taught me that nothing is guaranteed. We didn’t buy a crib set or clothes until I was 6-7 months along. We had a few favorite names but we didn’t choose one for baby until they were born. Every week we made it through was a relief. In the back of my mind, I always braced myself by not getting too attached to the idea. Didn’t think down the road, etc.

Those are the different experiences I’ve had with pregnancy. Bless you! I hope you can heal from the past. :heart::heart::heart:

With my second I was not happy being pregnant infact I hated it everything about it. Everything. I tried looking for the good in it my daughter would have a sibling tried picking out cute outfits. It helped little and I didn’t bring with her till she was 8/9 month old
When you have a happy pregnancy it’s good you feel less anxious and depressed but life happens and that’s ok. You don’t have to be happy all the time :revolving_hearts:

I did not get pregnant under the best circumstances. I was stuck in a terrible situation with someone very abusive, but I was also very adept at hiding it, and most people didn’t know just how bad things got. But in spite of that, I was ecstatic to be expecting. Being pregnant gave me a new sense of resolve in life. From the moment I learned I was carrying my daughter, I no longer felt I was doomed for a life of darkness. And I suddenly felt a determination to make sure my child would never experience that environment. All I’d ever wanted out of life was to be a mother; It was the one thing I had always felt I was meant for in life. But in the years leading up to my pregnancy, I had come to a place of very sad acceptance that it just wasn’t going to happen for me. So when I found out I was pregnant, I was over the moon. Despite the Stark reality that she was only wanted by half of her biological parents, I knew I would do any and everything in my power to make sure my child never felt she was anything less than doubly loved and so wanted. When I learned I was pregnant, I was so ecstatic and overcome with a sense of purpose in life, because I knew I would move heaven and Earth to mold my child into a human who will make the world a better place. I relished knowing that for (what ended up being) 39 weeks, it was solely up to me to keep her safe and healthy. I loved that I had her all to myself, that every minute of every day, we were forging a bond completely unique to us. In even the darkest times of fear and pain, I found comfort in my growing baby. For the first time in my life, I didn’t feel alone. It felt like all of the trauma and hardship I’d faced up to that point in life suddenly made sense; I did—and still do—believe that I experienced all of my struggles leading up to motherhood so I could be fully prepared for how to make sure my daughter would never fall victim to the same things. Because of the difficult moments I survived, I now have wisdom that I can impart on her, so she can avoid those same situations. I know the warning signs of abuse, I know the lengths people go through to hide it, I know the fear and isolation you carry with you in those times… And because of that, I feel confident that I will catch any possible red flags that could potentially arise in my daughter’s life, and extinguish the dangers before they can escalate. I know I can’t make all her decisions or shelter her forever, but I feel strong enough now to protect her from a lot of the evils that lurk inside some people in this world. I believe that because of my history, I will be able to raise a strong daughter who will never have to make my same mistakes, because when we know better, we do better. I feel so fortunate to be able to say that despite feeling isolated, I no longer felt alone. Being pregnant was truly the happiest time in my life, because given my circumstances, it really could have gone the other way; I choose to believe that I had fate and some angels tipping the cards in my favor. I felt something much bigger than myself had a hand in things, and this was very reassuring and calming for me. It really just felt surreal, more than anything, because I couldn’t believe my dream was coming true. Though I couldn’t control the narrative leading up to her conception, for the first time in many years, I knew that I was in charge of what direction our future would go, and I refused to let that be a negative place. Though it is sad to me that I never got to experience the magnitude of creating a new little life from a place of love, and despite the reality that my pregnancy was treated very poorly by the very person who should have been sharing in my joy, I refused to let him succeed in his efforts to discourage me. I refused to let him take any more from me by detracting from my own excitement. I was terrified about logistics, but foundsolace in the lovei felt for my baby. I guess in a way, it felt like we (my baby and I) were finally able to outnumber the abusive person in my life, and that power shift gave me a sense of optimism for what my future held, because I knew I was going to find a way to break those chains that had held me down for so long. Being pregnant lit a fire inside me to strive for positivity in life, and I’m forever indebted to my daughter for that. I may have carried her physically during pregnancy, but she carried me mentally and emotionally. Being pregnant felt like a new beginning for me. And it was. And it can be for you, too. Remember that its never too late to change your circumstances, and that our situations do not define us. As a mother, you can turn your pain into something beautiful. Even when you feel trapped, it’s never too late. We are mothers. We can sustain life within us. We are stronger than we often believe. Please know that there IS a way out of the darkness, and there ARE so many people and programs out there who can and will help you. If/when you are ready, don’t be afraid or embarrassed to reach out. That takes more strength than anything. (I know this ended up incredibly long and a bit rambly, but it has been quite a while since I really sat down and evaluated exactly how I made it through pregnancy, and revisiting those emotions definitely was all-encompassing, and I clearly got a little carried away!). I’m send,ing you wishes for strength and positivity throughout your pregnancy, and life in its entirety. Hang in there, mama. It does get better. Good luck. :heart:

My last 2 pregnancies were hard. I was happy but, extremely stressed out. You might talk to someone.

Oh I wish I could tell you! Neither of mine were planned. My husband had 3 when we met and we had discussed having 1, but weren’t ready. He was talking about going back to school and his oldest 3 had moved in just 6 months before I got pregnant. I was a nervous wreck. My 2nd pregnancy I was on birth control and my drs office didn’t write my script for a full year. By the time I got it sorted out and had it in hand, I had missed 4 pills. Decided I’d wait to take it on the day I usually did, so I missed 1 week and got pregnant 2 days later. My 1st apt at 10 weeks showed twins. I didn’t know whether to cry, laugh, or find a bridge to jump off of. I went to the liquor store I at and bought him something to drink instead lol. We know have 6 kids 5(x2) to 16, 3 boys and 3 girls. Would I trade my kids, absolutely not! Do I wish things could have been different and times better, of course. But you can’t change it. Just love them and enjoy them.
My 2nd time before we knew it was twins, I had 2 people telling me I should abort. That I was young and could try again when the time was better. I get that feeling of disappointment. But I’d rather live being a disappointment, then wonder what my kids would have been like…

I am sorry you didn’t feel better about being pregnant. In reality it is an assault to your body, to your psyche, to your reality but you have brought 2 amazing living creatures to the earth and now the real work begins. Enjoy the day. If you are really upset by this, get help.

None of my 5 kids where planned and 5 of them have the same dad that is a horrible person and on my dad’s side I never heard a kind word with any of my babies but I love them all and don’t know what I would every do without them.i loved my babies from the time I knew I was having them but I also had the heartache of not having my own father be supportive but I grew past that and I’m so very blessed with all my babies

My parents reaction to my first child made it so that I didn’t enjoy any of my following pregnancies. Namely my father. He called me just to say I was “retarded” and then hung up… Mind you this is his response to the news that he’s going to be a grandpa for the first time! I was 20, not like I was a teenager in high school! And it crushed me, because I love my dad, and he’s done so much in my life and loves my kids but he was never, ever happy to hear that I was pregnant. I was so excited to tell him and have that awesome reaction that most first-time grandparents have when they hear that news, and he robbed me of that. My second pregnancy, I had so much anxiety about it we didn’t tell either of my parents until I was like 6-7months and couldn’t hide my bump anymore. They just kind of guessed. So I didn’t even tell him this last time, because our third child was REALLY unexpected, so I was downright depressed about it. My second was only 8 months when I got pregnant again and my parents had gone on and on about how 2 was plenty of kids and I should not have any more… So boom, accidentally pregnant again despite taking birth control and having my fiance pull out. I was so scared. My fiance was happy, and that was the only thing that made me happy. He called all his family right away, it made me so jealous how accepting and proud they were about it. He was like fuck your dad, I’m posting the gender ultrasound on Facebook, I’m not treating this child like a secret, not again. My dad came down that night and tried to choke my fiance out over it… Saying we should have told him, he was pissed he had to find out through facebook. Screamed his head off in my house in the middle of the night. But hey, he did it to himself, it’s not like he would have been happy about it if I would have told him in person! So I’m in the same boat, I’ve never had my family be happy for any of my pregnancies. They also thought i was stupid and screwed my life up. My dad has since apologized for his behavior and loves all my kids, but he still talks about how he’s “disappointed” because he thought I’d “do better for myself.” :frowning: It really hurts that he couldn’t even be fake happy for me, these are his only grandchildren.

just because you had an unplanned pregnancy does not mean you’re a screw up!!! you made humans, and i had an unplanned pregnancy that turned into a miscarriage, and i tried so hard to get pregnant again. i have a son now, and it feels amazing, and felt amazing. there was ONE person who was a dick to me my entire pregnancy but i don’t let that change my mind or hold me back because i made a human dammit!! planned or not!!


This post makes me both sad and infuriated at the same time.


It really looks like you’re fishing for sympathy…i mean my guess it feels good to be happy? Stop having kids,on your first child if you weren’t happy why have another? I dont understand.


I wish i could answer that my children are blessings but i was homeless with my first pregnancy in an abusive relationship with my second pregnancy my third pregnancy i found out i was a “side chick” and he denied our son to save his relationship with the girl he hid from me my fourth pregnancy was soo much drama and bs from my baby daddy’s other baby mama it was miserable not to mention how my family felt about me having children back to back each year my fifth pregnancy i thought i could be happy i got with my “best friend” who turned out to be a lying manipulating narcissistic douchebag that made my life miserable and still makes my life miserable.

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BEWARE of those who treat you like a screw up. Highly likely they will come back around with more of that this time! (In most cases from what I have seen and experienced myself, the ones who call you a screw up are the ones responsible for it, via abuse etc). They just find other ways to make you feel like a screw up. Like you’re a bad mother this time, etc. it’s fun though, to be excited yourself. All those folks that tell you you’re a screw up are likely bad people. Best wishes to you! :heart::+1:

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Make a plan and find out


Amazing. Let’s be fair- I have no one as far as family goes. But I got some good friends. My threatened cps and amongst other things during my pregnancy but he also def made me feel less than and ugly and it was All about him.

My husband now holds me, holds my belly, talks yo me, we talk about the home birth we want and how he can’t wait to watch me bring the baby into this world… He tells me how gorgeous I am and you get the point. I feel so happy because of the man involved with me. It’s night and day. My ex tells at me during labor and the staff. He was awful for my mental health. This time I cam finally celebrate this baby.


It feels great to not have people call you are screw up. You should try it. Tell them to f off, give them hell back.
Nobody you know is perfect and have no right to be high and mighty over your life choices.
I hated my pregnancies, I hated getting big, I hated the nausea, discomfort, md office visits, it all sucked.
Not everyone is happily pregnant.

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I feel for you so sad you didn’t get to experience happiness nor excitement and being looked down upon but truly you make your own happiness and its you that allow negativity in your life if you aren’t happy find within yourself to be and if you can’t than you need to do whatever will make you happy moving on from bad situations looking to better yourself and your life :heart:

as lng as u not treating people nasty then and makin everything about u its should be a rearly exciting time. and its all lovely but t be pregnant isnt the only achievement r u seeing other peoples achievements that r very exciting to them u like the friend whos just ran amarathon or discoverd something rearly amazing. if so mabe thats y they r like that. if your not then thats awful for u. an i feel sad for u. especially if your not treating people in that manner. if your not then i say fck them then.

Girl, I had four of these lol. The last baby is with my loving husband who raises all mine as his own. We personally didn’t give a crap what anyone thought or said, we only wanted to be in it together. You learn with age to not give a crap about what anyone thinks or says. If they don’t want to be supportive and loving, they can move along as you don’t need that negativity in your life.

It’s also and I have been in your situation. I know how that feels. So frustrated and scared. Not knowing what to think. Why do these people treat me like they do? What did I do wrong? You didn’t do anything wrong. You’re NOT a screw up. Anyone who thinks that may not be the people you want in your life. :heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Take care of you and your babies. My hubby now, is a blessing that I’ve been waiting for for many years and this is my last one. He loves me, cuddles me and makes me feel good. You too can feel that way, but first make you and your babies number one. Yes it’s ok to be a bit selfish. It’s ok to be single for more than a year. You need to love you. :heart:

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I imagine that it feels nice to have your situation accepted and not pressed upon by other peoples values or opinions and to have genuine happiness shared with you about the changes in your life.
I wouldn’t know. :slight_smile: but that’s what I imagine.

Love, I really think you need to see someone.
Not even being mean but these are some rough feelings you’re harboring, not doubting your love for your kids at all but please seek a therapist to talk to before it turns into full blown depression :heart::heart: wishing you the best and hope you find peace


I didn’t enjoy being pregnant I’m high risk 4 prems and 4 c-sections I had my last 2.5 years ago I loved the feeling of him moving around I also chose the wrong person to have a baby with but I also thank that person his the most beautiful little boy who’s very loved by his sister and brothers I was also on the pill so yes a little shock pregnancy is hard on your body and hormones I don’t think I hated it I just know my body didn’t cope being pregnant :heartbeat:

Get on birth control, have a partner who actually loves you, have a job, be a good mom, be all about yourself and your family. Plan the next baby, and watch how eveything seems perfect because It is.

We cant expect anyone to be excited, when we are pregnant with either first, second or thrid baby, but we dont have a job, have an ass as a husband, and the future is just fast food and bunk beds. We you are happy with life, everyone else joins… talking from experience…:heart:

Cut out the people who aren’t supportive. Make room for new people who will love and accept you and your babies as you are. Don’t settle for anything less, and never just because they’re “family”. Once you stop accepting less than you deserve, a whole new world opens up. Trust me love, I’ve been there done that and it can be so much better than what you’re feeling right now. Also don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor if you feel any harmful or negative thoughts about yourself :heart:

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Shame on the women who put ppl down. Maybe someone dosent have anyone to ask questions. no matter what they may be. Women should lift each other up not put them down. Not accuse them of looking for sympathy. I hope you get the chance to feel how wonderful and how blessed it feels to be pregnant someday. I’m sorry you had a bad experience. I wish you the best :heart:

I hated pregnancy both times. My first, the dad overdosed several times while pregnant, denied she was his, I had horrible pain and nausea and vomiting. Second was with a great man but I had hyperemesis and severe sciatica. I got my tubes removed after him. I love my kids with all my heart but I’m so glad I will never be pregnant again.

My kids were planned and family still weren’t happy about mine… My parents were… But his family not so much… It’s a struggle to want to make everyone proud and happy and it never seems to work out that way no matter how hard we try or how good of a person we are… You’ll just have to accept the loss of that experience you want and let it be… :heart::kiss:


Pretty good I guess. Like is this a actually question? Kinda feel like a dick saying it like that but🤷


Change people, because if they aren’t lifting you then they aren’t for you my dear… Love yourself first


You are NOT a screw up… you brought 2 AMAZING children into this world, which each is a miracle. I’m sorry you had no support or excitement, but know this … THOSE littles are yours and god chose YOU to be their mama. Live your life, enjoy YOUR kids and screw everyone else. Be proud of ANY AND ALL ACCOMPLISHMENTS. You being happy with your choices, is more important than anyone else’s opinion.


Get rid of those people that tell you that you’re a screw up. You brought 2 children into this world and as long as you’re doing you’re best by them that allll that matters.


Bitterness isn’t healthy. Being envious of other’s happiness will spoil your soul.

You should know that YOU choose whom to have children with. That’s on you if you can’t choose a better partner to enjoy a pregnancy with. The only exception to that would be rape.

Close your eyes
Imagine you have the best husband/boyfriend God could give you
Now imagine he gives you a gift that will be half you half him
I was in a very similar situation before

And then God blesses me with a husband that has taken very good care of me and my children that are not biological his he also has two daughters that are wonderful we married in February 2011 and in April that year we had already planned to NOT have any together because we felt that four children was enough
But God had other plans so back to April we found out we were pregnant
I kept saying after I found out how upset I was and that I couldn’t go through another pregnancy alone etc
Finally about two weeks after we found out he grabbed me by shoulders ( not in a bad way) and said
You are Not pregnant
That baby pulled our new family together

Hugs first off… Breathe as it ain’t easy to go through that. Now I suggest get a new crowd around you to lift you up and celebrate with you! Also don’t be ashamed of feeling this way and don’t fear getting into therapy

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It is amazing! All three of my kids have been planned and prayed for so much! My husband is not perfect but he always tries. All our family loves them all and celebrates each of them. I’m currently pregnant with my third and everyone is super excited to find out gender.

the father of my twins was scared to tell his parents at first because, we weren’t married and blah blah blah… well, i had told him a million times, that it shouldn’t matter if we are happy and we are excited about it because, if the end WE are the ones who will be responsible for our babies. not his parents. soooo, if they’re not happy, their loss. :woman_shrugging:

When I was pregnant with my first child I was also in a bad relationship with the worst person to have a kid with. Life was a struggle for 5 years. I finally got the courage to leave. I didn’t want anymore kids at that point in my life. I had eccepted my ‘screw up’ and work hard for us to have a happy life. I met my now bf. He was so good with her. He loved her so much and wanted me to have a child too. I thought hard about not wanting anymore and finally decided he deserved to have a child bc he was such a great dad to my oldest. Pregnancy was great. I was excited to meet our baby girl. It wasn’t easy adjusting to having a baby home. We struggled many ways. She is 5 now and we r truly the happiest we’ve ever been. I’m sorry u r struggling but if u want a better life u just have to give it all u can everyday. U can do it. U love ur babies. No mom is perfect we r human too. We have feelings to and urself is important too girl. U have to stop worrying about what other people think and just do what u got to do. It can’t rain everyday​:heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:

I think you need to speak a professional about getting help, it seems you may be dealing with depression and other issues that need to be addressed. I don’t think you literally want to know what people think I think you’re desperately asking for help and I pray that you get it asap. My heart and prayers go out to you, I wish you the best of luck.

I’ve been through the same thing. Only once because I knew I would be alone to raise her and would have to protect us both from his insanity. Sometimes it feels lonely, sometimes it can be happy. It’s an experience I’ll never forget…I actually had an easy pregnancy and birth so I can’t complain.

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I understand that feeling. I had a rough pregnancy with a horrible man. And I always feel like I missed out on certain happy moments of pregnancy. But dwelling on things I couldn’t change just made me more depressed. So instead I try my best to focus on the possitive things and all the happy experiences me and my son have together. Making a lifetime of good memories for you and your kids will be worth more than a small moment in time that was awful

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It only took me 5 tries and 3 baby daddies to get it right🤦 Go easy on yourself mama, I used to think happiness was a destination & I could never seem to make it there. Now I just try to find and focus on any little moments of happiness I can along the way❤

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I don’t think knowing how people feel will change anything right now. For starters you are not a screw up n yes it feels good. Everything feels good when u r not doubting yourself. Since right now u got two beautiful children focus on feeling good about them. Don’t beat urself up. Then if God chooses to one day bless u with another pregnancy i hope you will experience the joy.
Honestly for me it’s usually 50-50 a rollercoaster of emotions. Am excited n scared at the same time

I had a baby at 13. Worst time ever to get pregnant and the dad? He still hasn’t grown up almost 14 years later. But after the embarrassment of being pregnant I decided to be the best mom I could be. Yes my family helped while I went to school and worked but she was my responsibility and I love her. Don’t get caught up in how you felt during pregnancy, as long as you love your children that’s all that matters. I’ve had 3 children and only enjoyed loved being pregnant with 1.

Haha who knows. Although I was happyish I never felt the fairytale happiness. Guess it’s bc it was a very uncomfortable feeling not being able to breathe, get up from the couch, stand for long, eat what I wanted … well you get it

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It’s the most amazing feeling EVER…I have 4 beautiful children oldest will be 21 all were planned it’s just awesome♥️

I went through a similar experience and my family still comments on how much of a low life they think my kids dad is (he and I aren’t together) but it still really hurts me because they make me feel like I’m an embarrassment and i feel completely shattered for my kids…

My first husband (common law) was a complete nightmare. Unplanned pregnancy and a very shitty person. I powered through and it was the best decision I could have made at the time. What I know now is I would have ran and had my daughter all on my own. Fast forward 8 years. I remarry and have a planned pregnancy :pregnant_woman:. It was unbelievably amazing to share all those little moments with my now amazing husband and my family that supported us 100%

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I had 3 kids (all same father and my x husband)and never had any support or excitement from anyone. I was completely alone. To this day i long for the partnership but accept it will never happen. But being a mother is my only purpose in life so i found comfort in every smile or twinkle in my children. Its more then anyone else could have ever gave me anyway.


Idk if anyone ever really is. If your lucky you can say your ready but you never really are. All mine we planned but I was so sick and miserable the whole time there wasn’t really much happiness and joy to it.

My first was unplanned, two weeks after our wedding, but it was the best surprise ever!! Some unfortunate circumstances made me feel anxious, due to my toxic mother who her first response was to kick me and my husband out of her house because “it wasn’t big enough for a baby”. I was raised by a toxic-narcissistic parent, but I chose to give many fights to rise above her and ending up not feeling like a screw up. My husband and mil were the only people who helped. You are not a screw up. Accept your mistakes, forgive yourself, love yourself and love your children. :heart:


Girl i feel you, my situation was very similar to yours. But you have something that’s eternal that they will never know a say in their life, what unconditional love is!

How awful for someone to call you a screw up. While the circumstances could have been better you brought 2 miracles into the world. That’s something to be proud of.

I had a ugly man but you no my kids are all grown now and they are the best kids I could have raised we are very close and take good care of there old mom and as for dad well I’ll put it this way he’s there

I was left during my pregnancy & he was toxic asf. He got with someone else & all they both do is talk shit to & about me. I love my son so much, my heart explodes when I see him but I was miserable my entire pregnancy. MISERABLE. I feel your hurt… I don’t know how it feels to be happy about being pregnant or being happy during a pregnancy either. If you need any moral support, I’m here. Best wishes💙

None of my children were planned. All 3 pregnancies were exciting and I was happy. It wasnt about me, the dad or anyone else. I looked forward to feelin my child move and every milestone. I focused on the baby no one else. I anticipated every moment and would talk to my tummy. I made my happiness about my pregnancies. I didnt need anyone else to be happy or excited for me.

Wow mama I’m so sorry you are feeling so down about yourself. It’s a really sad and hard place to be, but you are not alone. I feel like I failed my son by getting traumatized around his birth. It will be ok. Do you have anyone to vent to?

I often wonder this as my pregnancy was seen as the biggest mistake I could make (by family). Watching other people’s videos of happy pregnancy announcements, etc. makes me so happy for them but also sad :slightly_frowning_face:

I am sorry to hear that this is your experience right now. You deserve to have caring people in your life. You do not need the stress of these mean comments. I really hope that you do get excited about being pregnant and take care of yourself. Best wishes and always remember that the God says that you were wonderfully made. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hell my X husband always pulled some Bullshit thru every one of my pregnancies. I was never happy and neither was anyone around me. Smh :woman_facepalming:t2: it was a sad situation. When I was pregnant with my 4th child I didn’t even tell anyone until about 3 weeks before I had her. I am a BBW so I can hide things well

I feel this way about my 2nd. Currently pregnant, but have been homeless the past 2 months, in and out of hotels etc. Its been alot to process and I fear my child’s life will be messed up because I literally wake up crying and go to sleep crying (mainly because I have a 4 year old and try to stay tough for her) It’s not the most amazing feeling ever to me because I’ve had horrible morning sickness and often cannot keep water down. Thank goodness that its wearing off though but damn it’s been a struggle having to forge for every meal. Not to mention I flew from RI to Nebraska and my grandmother is a junkie (which I didn’t know) and after 2 weeks of having to pay for the hotel, the tickets out here… she finally let’s me stay at her house. She doesnt even live here, hasn’t for 3 years and still pays the 250 buck cable bill. I offered to pay her mortgage even. I’m not a loser, just going through a tough time. Also shes been really nasty to me about being pregnant, calling me stupid… when she stops by she chain smokes in the room I sleep in… so fucking rude but if I say anything shes flipping out wanting to kick me out. It really sucks, but I have to tough this out for a little, otherwise I would be on the streets. Fml.

Be excited and happy!! You are blessed to be bringing a new life into the world. Don’t let em get you down. You got this Mama!! Congratulations!!

I had lots of support and love from my family…
My childs father, not so much…
He didnt want another child (my 1st… but his 3rd)
He didnt like how i looked with a pregnant belly, he didnt know how to comfort me emotionally during…

So how did i feel???
Or how did he make me feel???

Fat, ugly, swollen, like i was overreacting and none of it could’ve been as bad as what i was making out, sad, hurt, afraid and above all lonely…
I’d never felt so alone while with someone.
I was and am very lucky for my supportive and loving family.
When my baby came, it got harder…
It’s been a rollercoaster ride for me.

I will never regret my son, nor will i apologise for how i looked or acted while pregnant.

Being excited about a pregnancy is wonderful. My husband and I tried for a while to get pregnant, and then we finally did! Everyone was excited, we were so prepared for it, found out we were having identical twin boys, named them, starting receiving gifts for them and turned everything around in preparation for them. And then we lost them both. At 18 weeks just a few days apart. I just gave birth to them last week so we’re able to cremate them and keep them around forever. Point is, whether they’re planned or not, always be excited. You’re making life and it’s a beautiful thing, never a mistake. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

How does it feel? Since I was 5 I wanted to be a mother to a daughter. But when I was finally ready I couldn’t get pregnant. It took 5 years and IVF to finally get my miracle. I had Extreme morning sickness, ended up in the hospital 2 times in 3 months. But after that I was counting the weeks to finally meet her. When she was finally born, my mom kept telling me go to sleep. But I was so excited I couldn’t. It’s the happiest I’ve ever been.
My happiness had nothing to do with the people around me though. It had nothing to do with how my partner felt or was. Of course it helps to have a kind and sane partner but I am the daughter of a single mother and I’ve always been emotionally ready to be a single mother myself. (I mean I thought it was the norm until I was in my 20s). My happiness really came from within. She was the last wish on my wish list, and getting her was so difficult I thought I would never get her.
If you think about it most humans born til recent years have not been “planned”, but this shouldn’t be so negative, life throws curveballs that’s what makes life interesting, the unexpected. :woman_shrugging: People always think THEY know what your life should be like, but they do not. Forget about what they think, and just love your children and yourself. The sooner you stop caring what other people think or say the sooner you’ll be happy. Good luck mama, you can do this :muscle:t3: