What is it like to have the flu while pregnant?

Has anyone had the flu while pregnant? I’m 16 weeks. I was around my nephew yesterday as he was home with a fever, and today he was diagnosed with type A flu. I’ve read it can be very serious and have a lot of complications is you’re pregnant. I wasn’t I’m direct contact, but I was in the same room as him. I’m freaking out now.3 Comments


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What is it like to have the flu while pregnant?

I mean it sucked for sure but you’re def higher risk of getting it while pregnant. Just clean and disinfect everything, wash your hands, and continue taking your prenatal. Stress will only make it worse.

Talk to your Doctor!!

If you don’t have symptoms currently then nothing. If you start a fever you can have Tylenol but then I’d call the OB asap once you start symptoms

I wouldn’t necessarily be concerned about getting it if you weren’t in close contact :woman_shrugging:t3: not everyone gets sick from being around or even in the same room as someone else who is

I got sick with a flu-like bug when I was pregnant. My doctor told me that “Now you’ll see what we do for pregnant ladies who get sick. Absolutely nothing. Go home, get in bed. Drink lots of fluids, eat crackers or anything you can keep down. Get lots of rest. You should be feeling better in about 7-10 days.


No need to freak out. If you start feeling sick. Tylenol, fluids and rest. I’m 38weeks & had Covid at 19 weeks pregnant. I did just fine.

I was sick with the flu while pregnant. I was 38 weeks at the time. It sucked, I lived, no complications. :slightly_smiling_face:

Don’t know what sickness I got, but when I was about 30 weeks pregnant with my oldest, I was sick for almost an entire month throwing up constantly. It got bad to the point they admitted me for a few days and took lab work. But I wasn’t ever on any machines

If you do get sick go to dr asap and get tested for the flu. If you do have it while pregnant it’s recommended to be treated with anti viral meds ASAP to reduce risk of complications

I think it was the flu, around 22 weeks I got sick and was horribly miserable for about 10 days

Keep some extra shorts and panties on hand and buy some thick pads (dollar general brand works pretty well) because if you get a cough you’re gonna pee on yourself. Other than what everyone above said there’s not much else to do.


I had the flu while 7 months pregnant with my son. It sucked because wasn’t much I could take but I was fine and he was perfectly fine as well

I had a flu with 2 of 3 of my pregnancy. It sucks cause there is minimal you can take but, try to relax as much as possible, lots of mint tea with lemon and honey

Its like having the flu when you weren’t pregnant but now you are pregnant. It never helps anything so you might wanna see a doctor.

I know it’s not the same but I got covid at the end of my 2nd trimester and we’re both fine now. I still can’t smell but :woman_shrugging:t3: she’s 6wks now and perfectly healthy. The only part I hated was being so congested my nose was useless and I couldn’t take much of anything for it. Tylenol and Vic’s was about all I was able to use. Hopefully you won’t get sick but if you do I hope it passes quickly!

I was 28 weeks and had gotten kidney stones,E. coli poisoning and flu at the same time and it was worse than child birth imo but baby was fine

I was about 20 weeks when I caught croup off my daughter… it was horrible! It’s shit because you are restricted to what you can take,
I stayed in the spare bedroom with a humidifier on and just rested

At 16 weeks and 24 weeks I got that 24 hour flu to me it was just like having morning sickness as long as I didn’t eat any food I was fine kept plenty of flus down my 7yr old had it bad bad

I had covid 2 times while pregnant and the flu… I was MISERABLE with the flu. High fevers, the shakes, couldn’t eat. Gave me terrible contractions and my entire body was so achy it hurt to move.

My 3 year old ended up getting the flu as well… she ran 104 fevers and had seizures. The flu is no joke this year. Call your OB and see what they say. Catching the flu early is the best way to treat it.

Yrp . All my Dr said I can’t give you thing . You need hot shower or bath try not to wet your hair . Tea honey or lemon :lemon:. Chicken soup, tomato soup, lots sleep . Try get your partner or some one to clean . It’s good if you relax take lot out you.

I got sick with multiple horrible sicknesses during my pregnancy, what you need to watch out for are high fevers and dehydration. I had a bad stomach bug and covid, the stomach bug was the worst. :nauseated_face: That was back during Christmas and I’m 39 weeks now and babies healthy and fine.

This is something you need to discuss with your obgyn

Go to your doctor let them know you’ve been exposed. They will decide if they will give you TheraFlu or not. My son was sick with a cold but didn’t have it we were exposed also. He was prescribed theraflu I was told to rough it out and I did. I made sure to wear a mask when my symptoms got bad. Tylenol will be your friend.

I had the flu while i was pregnant and i felt like i was dying but the dr office said to just take tylenol and get rest and drink lots of fluids and itll all be fine and they were right. Im sure you and your baby will be just fine

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Look up medicine ball tea, there’s a knock off recipe from Starbucks. It works wonders wish I knew about it while I was pregnant. I was sick with my kids too. Baby is protected.

I got the flu when I was 37 weeks and went into labor.

It will be ok but go to the doctor

Best thing you could do for flu is rest, hydrate, and fever management.

I had it day before Christmas Eve into almost New Years in 2018 I was 15-16 weeks as well. It was rough and scary but you’ll be okay. The medicine they give you will help and won’t hurt the baby.

I had the glue when I was about 13 weeks and my baby is totally okay, just drink lots of water take your vitamins and try and get lots of rest, it’s important especially trying to fight a virus off and growing a baby. If you don’t get better after a week or so definitely go get looked at and make sure your baby is okay

I think you will be fine!

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It’s like the regular flu but worse

I was around 33 weeks pregnant with my rainbow when i caught the flu. I felt like sh!t I swear I was going to cough up my lungs.
To make it worse it was christmas time. Me and my son had travelled for medical reasons. And then we got stuck there.
So stuck in town, over Christmas with the flu

I had it very early in my 1st pregnancy. Felt really bad since I couldn’t take any meds. You and baby should be fine

I had COVID and the flu (at separate times)…the flu was WAY worse. My doc prescribed me Tamiflu or Theraflu…not sure which one :joy: but I started feeling better and ended up not starting that. He also told me I was able to take Mucinex and Robitussin DM. And of course Tylenol. It was rough but I made it through.

I didn’t have the flu, but I had the stomach virus at 14 weeks. I was very very sick. 102+ fever, couldn’t keep anything down,
Etc. I am now 36 weeks :white_heart: try not to worry too much!

I had a pretty bad run in with Covid early in my pregnancy, constant high fever that couldn’t be controlled with meds and couldn’t eat or drink. Currently 34 weeks with a healthy baby boy, no issues from Covid.

I ended up with covid while pregnant at 32 weeks and I was so miserable for like a month. Pretty much in bed. Only could take Tylenol and approved cough medicine.

I had the regular flu when I was pregnant

I had influenza A while around 30ish weeks pregnant, I was very sick for a week!
But baby and I turned out just fine, he was born healthy and just over a month old now :heart:

I had covid while pregnant. Turned into pneumonia. Robetussin was gone in a week. It was rough. Sick for 45 days, couldnt breathe. Slathered in Vicks everyday bc the hospital refused to do shit for me.

I did and I’m not going to lie it was miserable. Just make sure to stay hydrated and get lots of rest. If you get to the point you can’t keep anything down suck and chew on lemon heads. It helps big time. I hope you don’t get it.

Keep in tune with body. Contact Doctor

Talk to your doctor.