What is it like to have your tubes tied?

question to all mamas who have has their tubes tied!!!

1)How is the recovery?
2)What is recovery time?
3)Is it a very painful recovery?
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If I could go back I would have never gotten mine tied.

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Nothing to it might have lil worse cramps now after there tied but the surgery itself is nothing

Recovery was fine. A little sore and tender, especially when taking care of little ones.
Look up PTLS (post tubal ligation syndrome) I had never heard of it until trying to figure out what was going on with my body. It’s worth knowing about.

Tied makes stuff worse. Get them completely REMOVED. Lowers cancer risk, 100% effective, and no change in periods


Back to work the next day!

My mom was 40 when she had hers done and she bounced back quickly, she said pain was minimal. She was back to work 4 1/2 weeks pp.

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I had mine done right after I had my fourth. Minimal pain and was back to normal in a couple days. However with the one incision at my belly button did take longer to heal it took about 10 days the other two incisions didn’t bother me.

Mine was great. Minimal pain and was back to work on Monday (had it done Thursday). My OB gave me hydrocodone for the pain but I found out I was allergic to it suddenly, so no pain management other than OTC stuff.

I had mine completely removed.
Quick healing, was back to work in 2 day.
No pain, didnt need anything med wise for pain relief

I hurt for several days. Periods have been painful ever since.

I had mine done…I regret doing it 100%…but I had mine done during a c-section

I was super sore the next day. I think they filled me up with too much gas. Day 2 I was back to normal. And day 4 (after long weekend) i was back to work. No issues except my pants rubbed against my belly button.

Well hell everyone had a pretty easy time… I was down for about 2 weeks … if you are thinking of hysterectomy leave one ovary. I had a full and I’ve gained so much weight since then. And I’m 32 and I’ve gone through menopause and it sucks!!!

I had mine tied during my c section so it was nothing for me.

I had mine removed, healing was fast, no pains, only bad thing is bad cramping during your periods. Other then that nothing dramatic or anything to be scared about

Don’t do it. It’s so true you never know what you will want in the future. When I got my tubes tied 4 1/2 years ago me and hubby were 100% sure we did not want anymore kids and now 4 1/2 years later I 100% regret it. Yes you can get your tubes reversed but it’s very expensive and most insurances will not cover it and it’s not 100% you will get pregnant because your tubes can become blocked due to scar tissue and you are also at risk for things like miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy. Go for an IUD or something instead that lasts a long time and insurance will pay for it.

It was easy. There wasn’t any pain a couple hours after.

My Dr gave this analogy: fixing the guy is like changing a small part of the down pipe, quick and easy. Whereas for the woman it’s lifting the tiles, changing what’s there and setting it all ready to go. In other words he recommended the male does it rather than the female. Quick and easy, shorter recovery.

Had mine done outpatient. I was good to go the next day. Two incisions smaller than the width of a dime. One bikini line area and the other just below belly button. Was sore/crampy the first day and took one 600 mg dose of ibuprofen and that was all. I regret nothing.

I have tubal implants. I wasn’t cut they were inserted. First day of recovery was crampy AF and needed some ibuprofen. Was also tired. Second day was still tired but not nearly as bad. Third day I was back to momming and doing everything I normally do. Doctor said no sex for the first week. But other than that I was good. Didn’t need any major painkillers or anything

I had mine done with my c section. I honestly regret it. But the recovery isn’t bad. I have had worse period cramps and heavier bleeding tho so heads up