What is knee recovery surgery like?

I’m having knee surgery tommroow and am having really bad anxiety because recovery’s long me as a mom and wife are worried house is going to fall apart without me . Even though I know my husband and family is amazing I’m still so worried this is my 3 surgery on this knee and I’m scared. I just really need positive vibes


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What is knee recovery surgery like?

my sister had her knee cap replaced and it was a long awful recovery :pleading_face:

My husband had a total knee replacement and it was a very long recovery for the both of us :smirk:

As a nurse here everyone’s recovery can be different, just listen to the instructions, ice 1stb24 hours and stay ahead of the pain.

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My aunt (68),had knee replacement last week. They had her up walking the same day. She’s doing wonderful…

I had my right knee replaced in 2007 and it was rough; however, they stretched the main nerve that runs down your leg too much and I had terrible pain and foot drop for months following. I finally mustered up the courage to do my left one 10 years later telling the surgeon my previous problem. The second knee was a piece of cake. Was even back to work after only 4 weeks. I pray you have good results.

I had the meniscus in my right knee repaired and the Dr encouraged me to get up and around the next day. I used the crutches for a couple days but was soon just carefully walking.

Just follow your Dr. and physical therapist orders and you should be fine.I have had one and I’m about to have my second. Trust me when I tell you physical therapy is a must!

It all depending on what kind of knee surgery. I had to have an emergency knee surgery last Wed cuz I fell so hard on my knee it broke the bottom of knee cap into 10 + pieces so they just removed the entire lower part and didn’t replace it with any hardware. apparently you don’t need that part . I’m just now not in severe pain, but I was cut big incision 28 staples 3 stitches,My surgery is putting me down for 3+ months but lots of knee surgeries can be done microscopicly. sending you lots of prayers to a quick recovery :heart:

I had a full knee replacement in 2017, at 57.
Was absolutely amazing…it was all very successful and straightforward. I hope you go well with your surgery and recover quickly!!
Take care, rest and do what you feel you can do. There are a few simple … do on your bed exercises … go to Physio when recommended (from memory at about week 3)…I went twice and second time at week 5 had brilliant instructions to get me riding my stationary bike in the lounge.

What kind of knee surgery are you having? I had a huge meniscus tear back in 2010… had the surgery bc i had no choice… i only reside with 40% of my meniscus now. it was a hard recovery for me. lots of physical therapy. but bc i was 25, i was told by my ortho doctor that i would unfortunately get arthritis in my knee, due to the severity of the injury & how much that was removed. before i was 30. he was right. i’m now 37 & i have major issues with my knee, especially when it’s cold, wet, sitting for too long & climbing stairs. but every surgery/injury is different, as well as the persons recovery & how they do so with their own body. there’s many factors. You will do great. you have the support around you & that’s a huge plus. don’t stress about the house falling apart bc stress always causes recovery to take longer. stay positive & just know things will be ok. as a mom myself, i understand how that hangs on us… the household. but it’s ok to know, there’s people there to take over so you can concentrate on getting back on your feet. take care of yourself when you have others to take care of everything else. believe in your mind & body. keep pushing forward. you’ll be just fine :pray:t3:

I wish you quick healing… If you do the excercises they want you to, it goes pretty smoothly… As far as your house goes, sounds like you have people ready to step up and help… Wosh you the best

Brutal honestly it’s pretty rough


God will be with you. He’s got this.

I had total knee replacement in Jan of 17. First 2 weeks are very hard. Take your pain pills & do your therapy. After 2 weeks it gets better day by day. Went back to work after 1 month. Danced a Polka & Waltz in 1 month also. 100 per cent perfect.

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Everyone heals differently, everything will be okay.

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I had both knee replacement surgery that is a pain u do not want but if u know how to take care of ur self u can through it all

Why are you having 3 surgeries on a knee. Maybe get a different surgeon

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It all depends on the person , not everyone will have the same outcome , it also depends on what kind of knee surgery

About to have my second :sob: i wish you luck. As a single mom it was so rough, so im scared for this one too. Id honestly rather give birth again than do another surgery. You got this though! Somehow us mommas keep going!

I’ve had 4 surgeries on one knee. Got staph and had two surgeries just for that. I’m up for a 5th knee surgery since the problem wasn’t fixed and it’s getting worse. It’ll be okay. Move as soon as you can even though crutches suck. Rest as much as you can the first few days after.

Think about how old you are and figure out what percentage of your life this is. Pretty small. And what happens if the house is a wreck? Nothing much. Spring for a cleaning service if it makes you crazy.

Presumably you’re in pain or having trouble now. This will fix it, but you have to do the work of recovery.

It can’t be that awful as knee surgeries are performed so frequently. One of my friends recovered and went on to finish hiking the Appalachian Trail. Think about what you hope to do again once it’s all healed.

See if your docs will prescribe anti-anxiety meds until your surgery. Find some guided meditations online. Do breath work yoga. Do something else to occupy your mind.