What is lip tie surgery recovery like?

Hey! My 9 month old son is having his lip tie fixed tomorrow. I’ve heard it can be pretty painful for a while, and that he may be clingier than usual the next few days. I’m just wondering what to expect/if anyone can offer any advice with this


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What is lip tie surgery recovery like?

My daughter had it done at 1 year old. She was absolutely fine afterward
You wouldn’t even have know she had surgery and the op itself is only about 10 mins long.
Your lil one will be fine and won’t remember a thing.
Bring his favorite snack as they will ask to see him eating before they discharge you x

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My son had to have lip and tongue tie procedure. He was 6 weeks old. At first I thought it wasn’t needed they just kept pushing it. But I decided to have it done. At first I didn’t notice much of a difference beside he started smiling. But as time went on it made a huge difference. I felt bad cause the exercises may be painful but it only asthma a few weeks unless they have to re stretch it which my son had to have.

My daughter had it done at 3 years old. She didn’t mind it one bit. It was swollen for a few days but she never complained about it hurting. Just make sure to do the stretches with the baby’s lip to prevent it from reattaching.

My daughter accidentally tore hers falling into a laundry basket. My son’s tongue tie got clipped. They were both a bit bloody as mouth wounds tend to be. Nursed a bit after and were back to normal within a few minutes

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For my daughter (around 1 at the time) if I hadn’t taken her I would not have known she was “recovering” heals pretty instantly

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My son had it. The worst part was not letting him eat for 12hrs. Poor guy. Other than that it was smooth. Even the recovery.

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My son severed his own. He was fine! Just had to stretch it every day and it was sore. My other 2 had tongue ties clipped. One was super severe. They were both fine after a couple of hours. Just follow the drs recovery recommendations and you and your little one will be ok :heart::heart:

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Also known as a frenectomy … quick surgery and instead of having a huge gap between your front teeth it allows them to come together …
mouth heals quickly!

My son was normal a couple hours later. Nursed a bit more then normal for a couple days but nothing else.

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My son had his fixed at 16m he was tired most of the day but was back to normal the next day we just made sure his food was bland so it wouldn’t burn

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My son was born 53 years ago with Cliff plate and bad lip. He had surgery all the time from months old thur 16 years. At 16 they lined his lip line up with his nose. He never complained or took a lot of pain medication. Lot of ice pops, jello, cold foods for releif. He had more pain from his many ear reconstruction still not a lot of complaining. Just stay ahead of the Pain. Ask your doctor if you can give Tylonal in between Pain meds. That way he will never be in pain.