What is placenta previa?

I am currently 26 weeks and 1 days pregnant. At 22 weeks I was diagnosed with vasa placenta previa. My doctors are watching me closely and I’m currently on pelvic rest until I have our baby. I’m scared to death of this whole situation and would like to hear positive stories from other moms whom have dealt with this. Thank you so much!:heart:


My sister also had placenta previa, she was admitted to the hospital about 3 months before her due date until she gave birth. She ended up having a c-section and now she’s got a healthy little guy who will be 2 in June :blush:

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My placenta previa corrected itself. I’m currently 37 + 4 and dilating. No plans for a c section.

There are LOTS of healthy babies born that occured with placenta previa. Some moms are lucky enough for a correction and some mom’s have a cesarean but the babies are healthy and happy just the same.

Just take it easy.

I’m a placenta previa baby from the 80 s and I was born healthy and my mom was healthy too

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My sister had placenta previa from 20 weeks till 35 weeks and then it moved? And she was able to have an all natural birth. Baby is now 3.5 years old.