What is preeclampsia?

Do any of you mommies have preeclampsia if so what is it ? What causes it ? My mother in law thinks I have it because my hands and feet have been getting swollen like crazy lately . But I thought it was normal durning pregnancy , I am a first time mom. Should I be concerned ?


It’s something you need to bring up to your doctor and they will let you know. If so it’s something that needs to be monitored


I would go to your doctor. Any other symptoms? Usually your blood pressure will elevate and other things.


If I were you I’d just go to the doctors to be checked.

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During my first pregnancy I gained A LOT of weight. I started at 140 and went to 211 :persevere: I literally had NO ankles and was SO swollen. I too thought I had preeclampsia. My feet were so swollen they would puss and bruise !!! Doctors tested me many times and they said I was fine and just pregnant. It was also summer and that’ll really do you in when your pregnant. If your worried about it—ask your doctor at your next check up! Watch your SALT intake as much as you can!!


I had it with both of my babies really bad. My blood pressure was sky high, I was retaining a lot of fluid, protein in my urine… it’s all stuff that you absolutely need to talk to your doctor about. I delivered 5 weeks early with my first and 8 weeks early with my second because of it.

You should go to the doctor

Your hands and feet swelling especially when it’s hot is normal. If your blood pressure begins to get high they will let you know what’s happening and the precautions you need to take. If you’re worried about it, it won’t hurt to ask them.

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It’s high blood pressure

Go to doctor and be evaluted.Its can be dangerous.I had with my last and felt horrible.Swelling and high blood pressure.Better safe then sorry.

yes, you should be concerned. go to the dr’s immediately.

My blood pressure never raised. I did however have headaches and stomach pain under my ribs and swelling

I was told as long as my upper extremities along with my face didnt swell too bad accompanied with headaches and vision change then it was normal. Drink lots of water!

I bought an at home blood pressure cuff, if you get above 150 over 80 I would let them know because your getting close to the high blood pressure range

You Would Know If U Had It…You’ll Get A Bad Headache Nd Throw Up Along With Swelling But Bring It Up To Your Doctor

I had it with my first. It’s high blood pressure. Swelling along with headaches and blurry vision can be signs too. Swelling can also be normal in pregnancy so I would talk to your doctor just to be safe.

Call your doctor office and speak to the nurse and then they should set up an appointment and they will check for protine in your urine and check vital signs

I have low blood pressure and got sooo swollen with my first I went up two shoe sizes but my doctor says she wasn’t concerned. The one I’m having now I just get dizzzy and faint or really tired and bad head aches and I loose feeling in my hands and feet doctor says I have low laying placenta

Talk to your doctor, before anyone else’s advice please it might kill you if you aren’t careful.

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Also if your bp is high lay on your left side. It will help it go down.

I’m no doctor. But when I swelled hands feet and high very high blood pressure…i was put on bed rest at 4 1/2 months. Thats what they doc said I had. Preeclampsia.

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I got so swollen with water weight that a week after i gsve birth i had already lost 29 pounds in both giving birth and water weight. I did not have preeclampsia. Its an old method of diagnosing a pregnant women. Over the years doctors have come to learn that pregnant women just get swollen it happens love. It’ll go away after you have your baby but if you’re really concerned please speak with your doctor

EDIT: I should however add that i went into labor (naturally) 6 weeks early but my doctors dont think it was related

Preeclampsia is accompanied by high blood pressure. It can be dangerous if you become eclamptic which is critically high and running the risk of seizures and stroke. Get your blood pressure checked (a lot of pharmacies have a cuff you can use if you don’t have one yourself or know someone who can take it for you). 120/80 is “normal”, but anything up to about 140/90 my doctor let slide while I was pregnant. Also, talk to your OB/midwife if you’re super concerned. they will be able to tell you best what’s going on. Otherwise yes, some swelling is nothing l normal, especially during the 3rd trimester

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Could also just be to much salt intake… I literally had to have a salt free diet or i was always swollen!

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Yes. You should go see your doctor.

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Always check with your doctor at the dign of change or if you have a concern. Please.

Please call your doctor, preeclampsia is no joke or laughing matter if you have it. I had it with my first pregnancy, an came very close to having a stroke an seizures. Your doctor will check your blood pressure and urine to see if you do. Lower your salt intake , drink lots of water an prop those feet up that will help with swelling. Much love to you momma .

It high blood pressure. It causes not only you at risk for seizures but also the placenta and cord to age faster putting you at higher risk for placental abruption. It is not something to be played around with, call your doctor ASAP. If they can’t get you in today, any pharmacy can take your blood pressure for you and 99% of the time it’s free of charge. If your top number is over 140, or bottom number over 90, call the doctors office and tell them what your bc is. If you start to see floaters, get light headed or dizzy, or a severe migraine, or any spotting at all go straight to the ER. Drink tons of water and elevate your feet and try to stay stress free in the mean time

Maybe lower your salt intake and talk to your doc

Yes go see your ob to see if you have it.

Why aren’t you seeing a dr and talking to them about it? How far along are you? Need to cut down dramatically on salt intake. Shouldn’t be posting the question here should be making an appt with your OB, no?

Go see a Dr. Usually they give you this info when pregnant and I was checked at every appointment to see if I had it. It is life threatening to you and baby if you have it. Nobody can tell you but your Dr.

Swelling is not always pre eclampsia, I had swelling in my third pregnancy due to the heat and water retention. Just check in with your doctor or midwife x

I had preeclampsia and had my son 2 months early via emergency c section. It’s normal to an extent. Please see your obgyn.

Yes, be concerned… See your Dr.

go see your doctor. I know a girl who had preeclampsia and delivered her baby at 30 weeks. he was only 3 lbs at birth. he survived. but the sooner you get checked out the better

See your dr but it is possible to be swollen without preclampsia. Its a serious condition where blood pressure raises too high, organs start shutting down … Stay very hydrated and eat more natural diuretic foods to move water faster through your body.

Preeclampsia is a medical condition for pregnant women. It causes high blood pressure during pregnancy and is very dangerous if not treated. If theres even a chance its true talk to a doctor.

If you suspect it at all, go to your Dr!! I had it with my 2nd. I was 1 week overdue and luckily had my reg check up the day they found it…my blood pressure was through the roof and I never had a clue. I don’t even wanna think about what would have happened had I not had an appt that day! But thank God I did and everything was ok…good luck!!

Contact your Dr preeclampsia can be deadly

Pre-e can kill you if not treated/known about. They usually test for pre-e every visit when they take a urine sample. High Blood pressure has something to do with it too.

Talk to your doctor, but some swelling is common either way. I didn’t have preeclampsia and I had to go up a whole shoe size during my pregnancy

High blood pressure tell your Dr ASAP

Check to see if you have any other symptoms- high blood pressure, headaches, seeing spots. Hands and feet swelling alone can be totally normal. The sure-fire way to know is to go to your doctors- they can test for a specific protein in your urine.

You should have your BP checked at every prenatal visit. If it’s high, they will tell you.

As long as your blood pressure is normal I wouldn’t worry. I had trunks for legs and was like a piece of memory foam. Push your finger into my foot and it would stay for a good 30 seconds or longer. My obgyn said to drink more water to eliminate water retention but my body didn’t do that. The more I drank the more I held onto it. My blood pressure was fine so there was no concern. Your doctor will let you know if there’s anything to be worried about. Don’t stress yourself out babe. Enjoy your pregnancy :pregnant_woman:t2:

High blood pressure. Ask your Dr. To be on the safe side

High blood pressure it can be deadly to you and baby if you have it they’ll have to figure out something. I had the start of pre eclampsia and my baby was born 10 days early. But I didn’t get swollen.

Eating salty foods, dehydration, sitting for long periods of time can also cause swelling. Checking with your doctor would be the obvious choice.

It could be normal but it’s always best to see your doctor. They will knows what best for you and baby.

Get to your Dr!! Nothing to mess around with. I was on bed rest from 4 months on. :expressionless:

Preeclampsia can happen at any time during your pregnancy u get swollen hands feet and ankles high blood pressure protein in your pee bad headaches and blurried or spotty version I had it when I went into labor with my first daughter I had planned no pain meds and the doctor had to have me get the epidural because my blood pressure was so high it was risking mine and my daughters lifes but now we have a perfectly healthy almost 2 and a half year old I still have a few problems with blood pressure but my second labor wasn’t nearly as high risk as the first I just decussed all of my concerns with my doctor

Pre e is no joke it is dangerous for u and the baby, mine starter at 5 month and on bedrest but it still got worse and then at the beginning of 7th month in hospital because my kidneys were dumping a ton of protein in my urine and I had to drink Nasty shakes to make up for it. My daughter ended up premature at 34 weeks but it took my kidneys almost 2 years to halfway recover

High blood pressure and protein in your urine are signs of preeclampsia. It’s normal for some swelling while pregnant but you should still bring it up with you dr. I found out I had preeclampsia with my first at 7months and I had to be put on bed rest and to be monitored weekly. Stress can cause preeclampsia as well so they told me no added stress. It’s more likely to get preeclampsia with your second if you’ve had it with your first. I told my Dr at my 35 week appointment that my feet were being to swell because I was worried and she wasn’t because everything looked fine. She was due 2 weeks before me and her feet were swelling too she said it was normal. At my 37 week appointment my blood pressure was high, baby’s heartbeat was a little high and there was protein in my urine so she sent me to the hospital to be monitored and I was induced around 12:30am and had my baby later that day. My blood pressure stayed high with my second. It stayed around 145-150/90-100 so I had to take blood pressure meds my whole stay at the hospital and I had to be sent home with them because it still wouldn’t go down. While i was pushing it went all the way to the 200s my mom said. It can be very dangerous and the only real treatment is to have the baby.

It is a serious condition that can cause death to you and baby, get your blood pressure checked. The Dr can put you in medication to control it if you need and yes feet swelling can be normal but not hands, face or other body parts. It can also affect your kidneys. I had it with my fifth baby and at 34 weeks&5 days my baby had to be forced to delivering. When it gets it of control the only cure is delivery. Thankfully my Dr was keeping close track of my condition and was able to have my baby ready to come early and I lasted longer than they thought I would. You can have your BP checked at many places for free and if it’s higher than normal then make an appointment asap with your ob.