What is sleep regression?

My little one is almost 18 months old and going through sleep regression. He’s been refusing to nap at any time of the day, but sleeps through most nights. He’s over tired and fighting it. I’m in need of any advice from mothers who have been through this.

My daughter went through the same thing she would fight ANY sleep whether it was naps or bed time. We use calming lotion right before bed and white noise

Keep his routine the same and stay consistent

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We enforced ‘rest time’ nap seemed to send him into a tizzy. He had to relax for a show, usually he would pass out. Or do something that will use extra energy. Sometimes if all else failed we took a ride in the car.

Just stop forcing nap time…if he’s falls asleep a little later in the day only let him sleep for 30-45 minutes and then wake him up