What is the best baby bathtub?

First time mommy due in 7 weeks. We have just about everything we need except a baby bath tub. Recommendations please! There are so many on Amazon!


I had baby tubs with my kids and never used them. I won’t get one this time around, waste of money for me.

Non shower with you or on kitchen sink waste of money for us also

- YouTube this in any baby tub


I have a blooming bath flower and use it in the kitchen sink. Much better than a tub!!! You could also probably fold a towel and put it in the sink to keep from being too slippery but I love my flower!

It’s sooo much easier to just get in the bath too and hold them. Both my kids hated the tubs. I tried several.

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Don’t spend alot on one. They do not use them very long. Years ago I bought the one with the jets and heater and all the bells and whistles. This time around I have a 2 month old and I got one that fits right in my sink. Or recently I have put it In the tub. The moby softspot… it’s like a plush pillow that just fits perfect.

I have this one and LOVE it!

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Lol to be honest. Never used a tub with my first. She bathed in the sink till she could sit up. I used a towel cause it seemed to dry faster. I didn’t even bother buying one with my 2nd (due May 12th)

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This is the one we had (but it was NOT that expensive when we bought it 2 years ago lol). We used it until she was about 7 or 8 months old, and then she would just sit in the big tub on her own.

I have a bathtub but it kills my back to bed over the tub for his bath.
Just use the kitchen sink!

I used the blooming bath flower and after a while I even laid it flat in the bath tub and just had a little bit of water and would use a cup and rinsed her and it was easy to avoid her ears and get everything washed. I used it like this until she was big and strong enough to just sit in the tub. This way was good for her neck and head as well so her head wasn’t rolling around or neck crouched forward. You can wash it in the washer and dryer too and it’s soft and cute!

I would just skip that and bathe baby in the kitchen sink. I’m on kid #3 and we’ve barely used the baby bathtub with any of them


Just get in the tub with em! You can’t submerge them in water anyway till after the umbilical chord stump falls off.

I always found those tubs cumbersome. I used a trick my aunt taught me. (Her kids are my age.) Lay a folded towel on the bottom of your regular tub. Only fill the tub up to the point that the ears aren’t submerged. Lay the baby on the wet towel. Worked great for both of my babies. And that way both my hands are free to wash instead of using one to keep the baby in place in the baby tub.


Don’t worry about the bath tub! Get some sleep…your going to need it! Good luck with your first baby!

I have a tub. I just bring her in the shower with me… so much easier in my opinion. You’re gonna get wet anyways might as well do two birds one stone.

Just reliving bathing my daughter in a pot lmao

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The flower for the sink.

The schnuggle!!! This thing is amazing!!! I used this for the first 15 mo with my daughter and now using it with my second! I had him in it as soon as his cord dropped off! It’s so easy to use

I found baby baths were not worth the money. They outgrow them so fast and I just preferred either bathing in the sink or tub. When using a bathtub I found this to be awesome

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I just wiped her down like the hospital taught me and once her stub fell off, I’ve been bathing with her in the tub ever since

Kitchen sink or just pop baby in the bath/shower with u or dad :slight_smile: baby baths are a waste of money and an instant bad back lol

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Agree, towel in bottom of the kitchen sink…

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The bath flower!!! Look it up!!!

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I would just bring my kids in the bathtub with me and then have their dad take them to dry them off. Much easier plus no bathtub laying around getting in the way

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Dont get a tub they are a waste. I recommend the Flower you can put in your kitchen sink and bath baby there. Target carries them in the store if you have one close to you.

Love this one we have used it for both of our boys

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Cheap Walmart one borrowed from a friend!
Went thru 6 babies :slight_smile:


I found just a cheap one that was the mesh type stuff at a yard sale, cleaned it up real good and used it like 5 times lol

Baby tub from walmart for like $20🤷🏼‍♀️ nothing special.

Blooming lotus flower or baby my baby

I love this bath flower thing I got on amazon. You use it in your kitchen sink so it’s really helpful when they are small u don’t have to be all bent over the bath tub. It’s really cushioned.


Kitchen sink with bath towel in bottom for comfort.

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Don’t bother. You don’t need onr

I never bothered with one. I put a towel in the bottom of the sink. Once she could sit up on her own I used the bathtub

My husband and I just shower together to wash our son. We have a baby bath tub and have never used it. He’s almost 9 months old.

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Puj tub…soft foam and so easy to store because it opens up flat

Wasted money spent… Just get the bath seat that they lay on… My opinion…

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Waste of money, I already showered with and took baths with them.

I used our kitchen sink for the first month🤷‍♀️ worked out great

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I just ordered this for our baby due in 6 weeks:). Looks much easier then bending over a bathtub and a little
More comfortable for baby.

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Use a laundry basket. Best thing ever!!!

Angel care bath seat!