What is the best baby formula?

So I have a question about formula. Have any formula feeding mommas out there have opinions on the new similac pro total Comfort? My little one is currently on similac pro advance but I want something that’s a little more easier to digest. My first one was on total Comfort and he did great but they put the hmo stuff in it now just wondering how it is.

Talk to your childs peds about the switch dont do it urself it could mess up their stomachs

Similac no matter what one I used backed up my children and was hard on their tummies. I’ve used Costco brand for both my boys and they were/are regular with no upset bellies and all the ingredients you need for a healthy baby. Plus you get a pound of formula for 16 bucks.

honestly costco’s omega brand formula does a good job with my colicky nephews!

I had to use similac sensitive for my kids. Since our store only got similac that’s the only kind I tried with them

We used Costco brand formula for our daughter and she had no issues. And at 17.99 per container as apposed to 35.00 it was good on our wallet’s too.