What is the best baby formula?

See a pediatric allergist to rule out a dairy allergy or milk protein intolerance.

Try 2% or lactose free whole milk hurts my kids bellies too

There is also toddler formula until you’re able to take them to another doctor or specialist. This might help in the meantime and keep the little one comfortable. I would see another doctor though so you know what you’re dealing with head on.

My doctor told me to change to 2% milk. They thrive on it. For get milk shakes. Your child has a allergy to something in whole milk. Even better try lackadid free milk. You will see a big diffference. Some new baby Dr’s don’t get the allergies the little people have. Also kids yogart works wonders. You can get them in kid forms. Happy shopping, happy kid, happy mommy. Good luck. Oh I learned the hard way. I raised my grandson who is 30 now and a great guy. All stuff in milk and some foods kids have an allergy too. But try yogart and 2%milk. It works.

My son was born 5 weeks early and was in the nicu for a week. His stomach can’t handle normal milk. I have to give him soy or almond.

Try soy formula then transition to soy milk. Eventually very slowly transition to skim milk in increasing proportions till fully skim milk. Repeat with 2% milk and perhaps progress to whole milk by the same process.

Fresh goat milk mixed with himemade carrot juice and distilled water. Or just start giving him sweet potatoes. Green. Beans cooked carrots. Cooked celery. Blend and put in ice trays and freeze then thaw a couple of cubes warm and feed

I had to but my daughter on goats milk limit Apple juice and cheese yourgrt and then even in cooking we changed to lactose milk

Try lactaid. Just my experience but my youngest was the same and lactaid was the only one she was able to drink until about 18 months

Our doctor had us switch to 2% milk and add some prune juice.

Id go get testing to rule it all out… My daughter has a milk soy protein allergy

My son I believe gets an allergic mild rash on belly area to regular whole milk. Wal-Mart Drug Mart if you have them and other places sell LACTOSE FREE Whole Milk. Try this. It still gives nutrients as far as I know. Water down pediasure if you are highly concerned about nutrient intake in the meantime. Or toddler formula. Almond milk did nothing for my baby he didn’t take to it and doesn’t offer all the nutrition my understanding I coukd be wrong… Soy never tried so Idn. But he transitioned well from Alimentum to that and they suspected milk protein or lactose but never clarified which. I still don’t know if Im doing it right but I do know lactaid milk??? Smells FUNKY like an hour after opening and he doesnt do that well. I buy Wal-Mart’s brand of lactose free whole or dairy something in blue and red quart. Hope this well helo you. He still struggles to want too many bottles vs solids some days but I think this was a good move

Soyalac… only thing that worked with mine.

Goat milk has smaller lactose more protein and calcium. He might just be having a hard time digesting the milk, my son was the same way. I breast fed for the first 6 months switched to formula and he could only have sensitive similax everything else made him sick and super consitpated. When I started on milk it was hard on him but I tried goats milk and he did well. But what worked for me might not work for you.

Lactaid has a whole milk

Maybe try switching him to lactose free milk

Chamomile tea * I swear by it. My son is 2mos old with a milk allergy, he cried Day and night, didn’t sleep, and spit up constantly until I started mixing chamomile tea with his formula and drinking it so it’s in my breast milk.
Look up babies magic tea - I make it instead of buying it. It’s chamomile tea, fennel seed and cumin seed. It took 2 1/2 days for it to start working for him. I only give him an ounce at a time but they can have as much as 8oz every feeding if they will drink it. It’s natural and caffeine free, plus it’s extra liquid that they are getting so it hydrates them. I make 8oz and chill it in the fridge sealed, add it and warm it as needed. Usually lasts us 2 to 3 days depending.
Seriously give it a try.

Or proteins digestion problems. My granddaughter could break down proteins can eat soy, gluten, dairy eggs and was only one formula she could take that was ok somewhat. I just found out my adopted daughter can not disgust proteins and I have had to make her a Vegan at 19 years old dairy free soy,oat free only grain she can eat is Rice. Only milk would be Rice milk. Gluten free. She has thyroid disease from brain, low T3/T4. Cranberries and OJ don’t bother her must drink h2o. As long as she doesn’t get proteins she can say some words and functions on a 3-5 yrs old level.

This happened to my baby. People will say try soy but don’t even bother!!! Go straight to hyoallergenic. Similac Alimentum or enfamil nutramigen. Also ask yorr doctor for Zantac for acid reflux. Trust me mama. TRUST ME.

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Both my sons had the same problem they wasn’t allergic to milk but they was sensitive to it and needed lactaid milk instead of whole.

I struggled with similar issues with my son, still do. He is 5 now and is on laxatives everyday, much happier! His appetite is better and he is not as anxious anymore. His docs say he will hopefully grow out of it. Long term constipation issues can cause Encopresis. In short, the kids develop a negative association with passing stools and they start withholding them. My only wish is that I wish we knew sooner so he could be put on a laxative. One bad poo and it causes months of set backs! As a baby it was really hard. Our doc recommended adding extra water to his formula mixes, and then to his milk when he was weaned off bottles. He liked the taste of hot chocolate so we were able to get him onto chocolate movicol in his hot chocolate of a night before bed, this helped, but he then got turned off that one and we moved to using a chocolate flavoured parachoc liquid (not to be used at bed time due to the paraffin). He now is back on movicol. We adjust his dosage as needed. He is much happier and eating more. Get onto it! Don’t be afraid of laxatives, be afraid of painful constipation issues that teach his baby brain to withhold! Talk to your doc about it x Encopresis - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic

Goat milk , our oldest daughter , had issues . switched her to goat milk from one til two years old . slowly introduced cow milk . she’s almost 30 , and can drink milk just fine. Most doctors don’t recommend cow milk until over 2

My daughter always had harder poops and I’ve been giving her pear juice since she was 6 months old and it helps but I was also told miralax, (never tried it myself) but I also only use whole milk for a nap then vanilla almond milk to drink during the day and that seems to help also!

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There are so many milks available these days from non pasturized, to Almond milk…I am surprised the doctor has not recommended anything for you.

Try 2 percent milk or 1percent .

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Sounds like milk protein, same as my daughters. We switched to goat’s milk!

Mom put Karo syrup in the bottom of bottle

Is there anyway the little one is lactose intolerant

I had the same problem with oldest when she was a baby. Had a doctor say i would rather have a constipated baby then a retarted baby. I was highly pissed when i left that office. Got another doctor. We changed milk our self . they have different ones and try a little karo in the bottom of the bottle. Also my second child if she had a problem i gave her grape juice. Or let her soak in a bubble bath for about 5 or 10 mins with me . just long enough to relax.

My grandson was diagnosed as milk intolerant from birth. He was prescribed Neocate he now has Coconut milk or Almond milk as he is intolerant to soya as well.

My son had the same and we switched to almond milk. Stopped the problem almost immediately

Dairy intolerance. 100% been dealing with it since birth with my son. Don’t do cows milk then, especially if they only tolerated sensitive formula. There are multiple other milk alternatives with higher fats that you can use in place of cows milk. If your baby’s a decent weight and is healthy you don’t necessarily need the fat from the whole milk. Look for high fat alternatives. No dairy.

Try lactaid first. Then almond milk. Then goat milk.

At that age he could be on weetabix it’s high on Viber an will loosen the bowel. Mix with a baby milk like follow on or next step up… my little girl was on cow an gate depending on the countries this is what we have in the UK, she went off all bottles at 7 months, she wouldn’t take cows milk full fat becus she hated it so I gave her skimmed milk in the likes of porridge an weetabix an it never dine her any harm in not getting the milk of what she needed. She was on solid foods from she was 4 months old obviously mashed an soaked in gravy she wasn’t missing out… anyhow maybe he’s choosing to go off all milk an is just constipated causing him to be upset all the time… take lactolose it will help soften his poos to make it easier too go to toilet

Try Ripple. It has the same protein content as milk with less sugar, no dairy, and 32mg DHA per serving. It’s the dairy that’s giving him belly issues. My daughter is the same way.

Get a second opinion from another pediatrician!!

Stop giving him cows milk :woman_shrugging:

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My pediatrician said milk can cause constipation. I dont give it to my son often. Hes 3. He has constipation issues. Hes on miralax 1x a day and it helps regulate him. Hes been fine since.

Human Breast milk is best for babies 100% natural …Human milk for humans…cows milk for cows…cat milk for cats , goat milk for goats !!! Etc…

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I would see another doctor.

My oldest had this problem. We ended up having to use miralax daily for him. He is 15 now and still has this issue. He still drinks whole milk because he likes it. I think knowing that the Similac senstive worked for him, maybe try almond or cononut milk or soy. Just see if it helps. Typically intolerance to milk causes diarrhea but not always.

Change doctors and he may be lactose intolerant try other types of milk my sister was that was until she was about 5 could only have goats milk

Change doctors to specialist, if constipated try warm water in a bath with baking soda, this is what was recommened recommended to me by my pediatrician,you could also go to soy milks.

We use almond or lactose free , also lots of water , Apple juice I would use a suppository for now to try to get him cleaned out and doc can prescribe a stool softener for a few days , probiotics help with regulating bowels

Put my child on Soy milk

Many years ago when babies were switched from formula to milk, it was suggested to Try half milk half water. But, you have to get them to go regularly so try the moral ax.