What is the best baby formula?

My son was born 5 weeks early. He was born perfectly healthy. He never took well to any formula except Similac Sensitive in the hospital. The others made him projectile vomit. He just turned one and we have swapped him to whole
Milk. He isn’t digesting it well. He has been having hard rock stools that have zero moisture in them, vomiting, cries all day and night. We have tried juice, warm baths, limiting the milk to strictly to the amount recommended by pediatrician, the pedi-lax, prune juice, fruit purées, water. Almost anything you can think of. He has been seen 2 times by his pediatrician within the week he has been having this issue. The doctor says so quickly constipation however I just know if I agree. He won’t mention testing him to at least check. I’ve taken him in multiple times because he hasn’t improved and I’m just heartbroken and desperate to make my baby feel better. He can’t sleep very well he is so uncomfortable. Has anyone ever experienced this? If you have how did you address this? Was it lactose intolerance or milk protein allergy? We have considered alternatives for milk to try because we are so concerned with how whole milk has turned out for us. Any advice helps!


Milk protein allergy, we did goats milk. Worked awesome, then she out grew it

Quit giving him milk. It’s not needed. He can get calcium from food sources

We have been dealing with the exact same issues for at least 9 months

My daughter did same thing, switched to almond milk and was perfectly fine

My son had this, and they told us to get goat milk. And it was amazing for him!

We did lactose free milk for my grandson.
Regular milk upset his tummy, projectile throw up, constipation, gas, etc.
The lactose free was so much better. He’s 21 months now and we tried regular milk again, about 3 weeks ago. So far, so good.

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Try almond or goats milk? Coconut milk or cashew. But almond would be a good one.

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My daughter was on the sensitive and her twin brother was on allimentum. Neither took well to whole milk and were on lactaid until after they were 2.

My doctor told me to not introduce whole milk first. But i know people who have done goats milk and it has been great for their baby.

Try 2% or even 1% milk…my 2nd daughter had to have the sensitive formula also and when we switched her to whole it was too much fat to digest and as soon as we switched her to 2% she did great much less fussy

Try lactaid, none of my kids took to whole milk.

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My son was a 33 weeker and needed similac sensitive.he had the same issue with milk so we switched to lactaid and he does great on that

It’s milk protein allergy. The milk is obviously making him sick.

Have you tried lactose free milk? Because the vomiting sounds like my son. He has bright orange diarrhea if he had regular milk, although everyone handles it differently.

My son has symptoms of dairy allergy as well as lactose intolerance, I’m lactose intolerant and his dad is allergic to dairy. Our children don’t absolutely need (cow) milk. There are plenty of foods they can eat for calcium, so if the milk is giving your little one digestive issues, it’s fine to stop giving milk. If you want to you can try goat milk or nut milks, but not having any kind of milk is fine too.

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Nestle nido powdered milk…

Try an alternative milk…Almond, Cashew, Soy

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Try carnation milk ,my grandson was allergic to all baby milk and I put him on carnation no problems after that

Try goats milk. Closest to ready milk without the harsh proteins in cows milk

I had the same problem with my daughter and she was premature I tried to do the switch to regular cow’s milk and due to her being premature her stomach was not ready so until she was too she was on toddler milk it’s basically just like formula and then I did the switch at 2. I also started to having the same problem after I went back and I went down to 1% and Benefiber in her night time milk since I’ve added the Benefiber and gone down to the 1% I’ve had no issues

My daughter doesn’t really like cow’s milk. She was mostly breastfed, we supplemented with some formula while I was at work. I just went back to formula and she’s happier. I don’t try to push it. She still uses some pouches. Do whatever works for your baby and don’t worry about it

Try…Almond, coconut or cashew milk.

My little one had to have similac alimentum and whole milk does him the same way! So i know how you feel, so since i get 1% since im pregnant and get wic i just give him the 1% and we drink the whole… Bc it does him the exact same way. Constapated so hard he pukes and it doesnt settle very well!

To each 8 oz bottle add a tablespoon of dark karo syrup.


Try a less fat milk. That fat is hard to digest. I know that whole milk is recommended but try 1% or 2% and see if digestion is better then introduce whole milk. Our daughter was on sensitive formula to and this is what we had to do.

Try soy milk or that new milk that has the missing enzyme

Try almond or rice milk.

Old remedy try teaspoon of white karo surp in his bottle used it when mine were baby’s

Almond milk is awesome

I know fed is best. However you can feed your child. Fed is best. Of course. Im just saying breastmilk is a miracle… you can do things to produce more milk or start manually producing again. So many things you can do with breastmilk. And its amazing for your baby. I know as long as they are fed that’s great! But i personally think that breastmilk is the most amazing substance you could give your child xx out of all the milks and different formulas out there. Breastmilk is made specifally for a baby and changes day to day based on the needs of your baby! No other substance is alike when it comes to breastmilk. hands down. Doesn’t mean you can’t use formula or whatever else you want to use!! Just means that breastmilk is soley for your baby! Pretty amazing. My boy is thriving on breastmilk :grin::grin::grin:

Just do table food and water and see if it clears uo

Try lactaid , it’s lactose free like the Similac sensitive and if you have WIC they may cover it ( they do in VA)

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My son was the same. All he could drink for formula was Simalaic Lower Iron until we put him on homo milk by the time he was a year. He will be 2 in October and has been drinking regular milk for almost a year

Lactose intolerance? Try goat’s milk!

My kids all drink almond milk.my 11 year old says we arent cows so y r we drinking cow milk lololloolol

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Same with mine. I now give her 2% Lactated milk and it helps. WIC approved it so i don’t have to pay for it

My son was like this! Lactose intolerance, try lactaid milk or a type of almond/soy milk.

My daughter has a protein allergy so no milk for her and no soy milk because it has the same protein in it. But almond milk does okay with her but there not much nutrition in it but ripple milk is really good they sell it at target. The vanilla is good. The ripple milk will make him poop alot if you give hime to much to start so try mixing it with some almond milk then slowly add more till its all ripple

Well i.a go all the way back I had to drink goats milk ( just saying) not sure if that a thing any more these day’s

Goats milk is good too

Have you tried 2 percent?

Advice, if you know the milk is hurting him, stop giving it to him. Then the problems will go away. Don’t continue to give it to him.

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Use Soy milk with the Dr’s permission.A tea spoon of castor oil every day will help with the conspitation.My mother usr to give my kids Castoria everyday but I don’t know if it’s sold here.

Soy milk! We went through alot with our little boy…even seen an allergist and Gastroenterologist to help figure out his issues what milk or milk like products were best for him! Good luck!

My son has a lactose intolerance and has very hard stool if he drinks regular milk , also was born with eczema and since switching to a lactose free diet that too has gotten better . was told not to give boys soy milk as there are female hormones in it . Leads to males growing bigger breasts etc

Try almond milk. My son was the same way and he was put on almond milk. And honestly if the doctor wont listen to your concern I would just do it and see if it helps

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I would try 2% milk and give him a multivitamin with vitamin D in it.

My brother has had the same issues his whole life so he’s had to opt for soy milk instead which is a lot better for him and doesn’t cause those issues

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I wouldn’t give him soy milk. So many issues with hormones in it. If you consider an alternative, I would go with lactose free milk, or almond milk.

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We gave goats milk to our little one. She had a much easier time digesting it. Another of our girls was not able to have any dairy until after she turned 2. She outgrew it! You could still give the formula that’s working too.

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Soy, goat, or almond milk!

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Sometimes ya just have to be assertive. You tell the Doctor what you want to happen. Your son is suffering and he is doing nothing. Try seeing a pediatric gastroentoligist. Constipation is not normal. If he is not willing to help find another dr…Sometimgs ya just have to be a bitch to get what you want.

If you are worried about a lactose intolerance maybe try Lactaid milk.

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My son never could tolerate milk. He had to do soy after 1 year old still.

What about putting back on his formula just see if it helps till dr or you get to bottom of problem it won’t hurt to try good luck

My son was constipated and we just went to 2% milk

Try an alternative milk…?

Mine was 6 weeks early. Had to continue with formula for a little longer about 8 more months but after that he was fine. Maybe it has something to do with them being early. He is 16 now and completely fine. The other 2 were early too but were strictly breastfed so the transition went much smoother. I never produced enough for the first one.

My kids stayed on soy milk to about 5 or 6 years old. It took years to get them on normal milk. I think even now they’re adults they should still stay off cow’s milk. It caused mine to have very painful tummies and made the very grumpy and miserable. It’s not worth the agony it causes. Go back to what was working.

Anything with cow’s milk made them ill

karo syrup tablespoon


My daughter and 2nd son had to have soy milk cuz of that

We gave same issues with milk so she is on toddler formula at 16 months its alot easier on her poop… we do pear juice to help loosen it up…

He is lactose sensitive. Switch him to lactose free whole milk. My daughter went through something similar. She was on Similac Sensitive since 2 weeks old because the regular formula made her scream 24/7 because of the gas pains. We switched to whole milk on her 1st birthday thinking she would be fine. Next thing you know she’s either constipated or had straight up liquid poops for a week straight. She was super gassy, fussy, she was spitting it back up… I took her to her doctor, told her what was going on & that I had the same issue as a baby (I asked my mom & my sisters children are lactose sensitive) & she diagnosed her as lactose sensitive. We have her on Lactaid now (usually the Great Value brand because it’s a bit cheaper) & she has zero issues with it.

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Almond milk, my son’s lactose intolerant and Almond milk was a life saver

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My first son was like that. He drank lactaid milk. It worked well for him

Exactly Autumn Jean Vanderpool my grandmother told me that and it works great.

This exactly happened with my now 5 year old son and turns out he has a cow milk protein allergy and so we switched him over to soy and worked like a charm! He later tried Almond milk and loved it and that’s what he has till today… anything I cook for him such as mash potatoes or Mac and cheese I just make sure I make it with the almond milk. Hope you find answers soon. :pray:

Goat’s milk will be a miracle, I’ll bet. My kids and grandkids all were raised on it and they did beautifully.

My daughter was the same way with whole milk. We switched to 2% and it got so much better

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Try 1% or 2% milk. Surprised tbe dr didn’t recommend that


Switch to lactose free milk. Or even almond milk (as long as he isnt allergic to nuts of course). Neutrale has a lactose free milk and its great. Even go down from whole milk to 2% or 1%.

We had the same problem with our daughter after she stopped breastfeeding. When we switched her to whole milk we switched her to lactose free. It was an easy transition for her. Hope you guys figure it out soon.

Did u try the glycerin stuff??

Years ago my daughter was put on goats milk. Problems gone

Brown sugar an water.

Try half formula half milk may be easier that way to switch over ?

Soy formula. Don’t give your baby cows milk or almond milk just yet. Not nearly the amount of nutrients needed.

My daughter was the same way. We switched to 2% then 1% then almond milk but unfortunately it was the same until I tried enfagrow formula.

I gave my children goat milk. I can not remember the lactose free milk product. One had projectile vomiting never with the no lactose product.

Try soy milk or lactose free

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Lactose free ice cream is so good costs more but it’s worth it.

Had one child with some of those symptoms. He tolerated goats milk

We switched our daughter to almond milk because of her hard stools and give her Miralax when she consumes products with milk in them.

Almond milk…don’t keep giving him milk if he clearly can’t tolerate it

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Try toddler formula, goats milk or lactose free

Lactaid is all my daughter could drink for the 1st few years after formula.

Just rember he will need vitamins unless they are adequate in the milk you are using

Pear juice, switch back to formula untill his stomach is ready , parachoc to ease constipation… see a gastroenterologist instead of a normal paediatrician


I would try soy milk or lactose free milk to help

My son had this problem, we just didn’t give him milk. You can get all the nutrients in milk from other things, hes as healthy as can be. He also did outgrow it, a little after his 4th birthday we started trying small amounts to see how he reacted and hes been fine since. Hes about to turn 5 and drinks milk every day without issues.

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See an allergist… In the mean time stay away from dairy.

He is probably allergic to milk. There are so many alternatives that were Not available 73 years ago. Try each alternative for about a week until you find the right one with the calcium content high. When preschool, kindergarten, and regular school come along be careful! There are teachers and administrators who will sabotage your child and you. Also I have found plain oatmeal with Apple’s and raisons or pineapple added help! Good luck!

We slowly introduced milk…we did most of the bottle with formula and a little milk and just increased milk week by week


That happened with my daughter my doctor had me give her almond milk and that worked for us. I still had to limit her dairy intake tho she could only have 1 danimal or yogurt a day and have a string cheese. But untill she was 2and ahalf or else she would still get constipated. She has been drinking regual milk for a month now and is better and is very healthy and is at the right weight for her age. Almond milk should help. Dont keep giving him milk some babys dont have the same digestion.

Try karo syrup, helped my grandson.

Have him allergy tested and see a gastric enterologist

My daughter was like that i ended up going back to formula and weaning her onto whole milk, so over 2 months we did 3/4’s formula 1/4 milk, then 1/2 and 1/2, 1/4 formula to 3/4’s milk and then finally just the whole milk she never had any issues with milk or dairy at all again. I figured the imeadite switch probably messed with her tummy


Try goat milk the Lactaid in it is smaller and easier to digest