What is the best baby formula?

I have a 6 week old baby girl and I have been looking into Costco’s Kirkland formula. The things I have researched have been good and they said it’s made in the same place as similac. I was wondering if anyone uses this formula and it if has been good for your little one.


I used it for my 3rd kid and she didnt have any issues!

We used it for our older son and it was fine, he had no issues. If this one needs formula we’ll be using it again.

I used it with both my kids never had any issue

Used it for both of mine no issues. It also sells really well, alot more than the enfamil they sell

Idk about that specific brand but I used an off brand with my daughter 2-3 years ago from day 1. When you have to pay for formula it’s hard to buy name brand unless you really have money and we all aren’t that blessed. I talked to numerous dr’s and everyone was completely fine with it as well. My daughter just turned 3 this week and she’s beautiful, smart, healthy and amazing! As a mom sometimes you just have to make the best call for your family so do that and don’t let anyone make you feel guilty about it.

I use Enfamil from Costco as the 2 packa way cheaper thwn Wal-Mart target hyvee. For smaller cans but my daughter is on a lactose intolerance formula and haa bad reflux and her stomach could tell the difference

I use parents choice. Same things same nutrients and everything as similac. Only the price is better.:blush:

I’ve been using it for my 6 mo old since he was about 2 months. He loves it and has always done great with it. Plus it saves us sooo much money and hassle. We buy 3 on our monthly Costco trip and we’re good for the month :blush:

We used it for my daughter. It was cheaper and the only one that didn’t upset her tummy. We also bought diapers from there up until size 3 because it was cheaper. By size 4 Walmart diapers are cheaper for the amount you get.

With all my kids I just used whatever was available being off brand or brand depending on what coupons I had available or WIC. It’s all the same just branded differently is what my doctor said

We did it with my daughter. She’s 11 months and did fine with it. Even our pediatrician said it has all the same ingredients and saved us money. ESP bc you can order it cases at a time

There’s nothing wrong with it, very little ingredient difference between it and similac

I used the Kroger generic gentlease for my girls and never had any issues. They are all held to a certain standard, so I wouldn’t worry about it!

We’ve been using it since my son was about 6 months and it’s saved us so much money! He likes it and has no issues on it :blush: